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Understanding of Pullman Organization Culture, Structure and Strategy Assessment 1 Answer

Assessment 1 Outline

Assessment title: HRM StrategyAssessment weighting: 30%
Assessment type: EssayWord limit: 2000

DUE DATE: 8/03/2020
Assessment instruction
Human Resource Management can play a multitude of roles within an organisation positively impacting its overall success.
Review a previous workplace with reference to the organisation’s, structure, culture, strategy and their interrelationship with the Human Resource Management function within the organisation.
Assessment format
Essay format with CDU Harvard (Author Date) style referencing.You must provide an:
Introduction Body
  • Analysis of your organisation’s structure, culture and strategy through the use of relevant journal articles.
  • Analysis of the impact human resource management has on the organisation’s culture and strategy.
  • Provide evidence and information to substantiate your analysis, inclusive of organisation specific examples.
  • Summary of key points
  • Self-reflection and recommendations for improvement




In the organization like Pullman hotel, the main focus is on the customer service and guest satisfaction which are the vital component for the hospitality of the business. The organization aims to use the human resources which can collaborate the organizational goals and objectives. Depending on the other industries, hospitality products are not the tangible services, but at the same time, they are intangible services that can obligate to deliver by the staff. Managing the human resources,  the organization can improve the organizational performance and also help in getting a competitive advantage that can help to grow in the global market (Nguyen, 2017). Organizational culture is a set up that can help to collaborate the human resources and eays to handle the resources in an efficient ways, such as how the power of authority can be used  to handle the resources, redirect them towards the goals and balance the powers. Overall, for the organization the human resource works in  improving the overall enforcement, focuses on aligning it with the organization culture. Through this way, the organization can redefine its goals and organize themselves to sync in the given environment The purpose of the essay is to focus on the better understanding of the Pullman organization culture, structure and on the strategy (Kim, 2019), The  hotel Pullman company has aimed to create a better understanding of the HRM framework and how to balance the organization culture, structure to have an effective  strategy. The Pullman over the years have progressed to create the Schein three levels of the cultural phenomena within its culture model have integrated the Johnson and the Scholes.

Pullman Organization Culture

Pullman HR planning is more focused on the organization's culture and how it can get the right number of people at the right time and how to get the right jobs done at the right time. Depending on the other identified ways, how the system of the matching people can work inline to the system of organization values and it is an effective way to balance the department goals towards the main organization goals (Alma, 2019). The Pullman Bangkok G is known as one of the 5 stars boutique hotel which is located in the Silom road. As the hotel is located near to the center of the heart of the city, it has to differentiate its products. The company is known for its strong reputation and culturally rich orientation, the customer’s services and the quality of the products, are also better (Johnson, 2018).. The company has also expanded its operations to the various branches and operates at a global service. Due to the HRM strategy, the company has ensured to enforce standardized products and services along with the quality of the employee's services (Sparks, 2019). Pullman’s organization has a corporate mission of achieving the core objective and how the employees can match with the expectations to deliver the outcomes. For example, as the Pullman has a formal structure of the hierarchy, the power of authority and direction has to be decentralized, rather than centralized, as the top to bottom and bottom to top communication works in an effective manner.. The organization vision is to ensure, that the employees requirements and needs are met (Zheng, 2019).  For this approach, the organization combines the employees goals with the organization vision, to achieve the overall growth and strategy. Subsequently, it is important to focus on the number of positions and blend the newly hired people as per the organization culture (Cho, 2006). For example, when in the Gulf countries, the Pullman, would not only  hire the domestic people but would also focus on customizing the culture which is a mix of the Pullman company culture and also on the country, in which they are operating, The HR plays a vital role in understanding the number and allowing the employees to sit at the topmost hierarchy in the organization, around which the decisions can be made and the resources can be collaborate with the better HRM strategy to expand (Awadari, 2019).

Organization strategy

Schein’s Organizational Culture Model also provides points of reference to create cultural change. According to Edgar Schein, it’s sensible to have discussions with as many employees as possible ways to discover the underlying backgrounds and aspects of the organizational culture (Alma, 2019). 

As per the Schein's Model of Organizational Culture, the theory suggests how there can be a concept of the culture that can provide a rich orientation and can aim to progress dynamically. Over the years, through the dynamic model, the company has progressed to formulate work, culture and employees part of the organization's culture, which can benefit the entire organization. Over a period of time, the dynamic model also aims to include the key learning that can help in balancing the group dynamics. The organization can work to overcome the major issues whether it is external resources or internally integrated (Elliot, 2019).  The Pullman hotel is more focused on the quality and how it would effectively integrate the people within the organization. The HRM strategy helps the employees to adapt as per the organization. The organization HRM strategy is focused on enriching skills, expertise, and also meeting the required demand, inline to the additional requirements (Johnson, 2018). The company HR also has to function in accordance with the employee’s ways of the integrating the skills and how it can be handled in accordance to the company situation. The action plan of the company is to focus on the HR situation such as training the employees, improving the quality of the services, focused on the hiring the experienced employees who can provide culturally rich planning, recruitment, and selection, training and development, performance, and rewards while handling the employees. The company can also focus on personnel management that can effectively manage and train them to get better performance (Chowdhury, 2016).

As per the Schein theory, the first rule is the Artifacts and the symbols and how it can denote the edge or the surface of an organization. It can be visible elements in the organizations, such as brought logos, archetypes, and procedures that can make the employees follow the tradition. Overall, with the employees and the ways it can be visible, it would be helpful to recognize the external parties. The Pullman hotel has the rich symbols and the employees quality services help to identify how the company can ensure to integrate the employees, their products, quality of services blending it within the culture. The Pullman hotel has focused on customizing and integrating the services, which are traditionally rich and can reflect the strong culture (Awadari 2016).

The second factor of the theory is the espoused values, which identify how there can be concerning standards values and the rules of conduct. It can be based on the organization's ways to express the strategies and how the objectives, philosophies can be linked to the public.   The problems that can be associated with the arising can be based on the ideas of managers that can outline in terms of the basic assumptions of the organization. The company has focused on the strong HR policies, values and even placing the values in the one frame. Through the rich goals, objective, and outlining the values, the organization has standardized the process.

Lastly, the Schein theory also helps to determine the underlying assumptions and it would be focused on the organization culture. It is a self-evident case and how it can train an unconscious behavior. The assumptions can be hard to recognize, but in the case of the Organization Pullman, the main aim is to focus on the rich traditional culture and how the organization can streamline the process in line with the assumptions, which is the customer needs and the wants.

Johnson and Scholes Cultural web theory

Culture is often described as the way, it can help in amending the organizational change and how it can help to synchronize the merger with the cultures clash. Overall, the organization can help to integrate the culture in the rightful frame that can bring strategic change and  help in determining the appropriate culture mix. The theory reflects how with the persistent growth, it can help to project the strategic change and can help in the process of growth. Overall with the existing culture, the importance of the existing culture has become inappropriate on how to hinder the supports progress (Alma, 2019)

As per the corporate culture, it is important to follow goals inline with the ways of how one can view the perceptions formed. The theory suggests how there can be a formulating strategy or planning change, for the organization and employees to adapt (Zheng, 2010).

The Cultural Web  theory has been founded  by the Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes in 1992, and how it can work inline to the looking at and changing that can work as per the organization culture. The importance of the cultural assumptions and practices,  would be important to identify how the organizational elements with one another, can also create the strategy (Alma, 2019).

Elements of the Cultural Web which is identified with the six interrelated elements and how it can  Johnson and Scholes relation to the "paradigm" – and identify the model that can be inline work environment. Depending on the factors that can be the can create the culture: that can determine the working, that can be working, that can be depending on the related to-:

Stories – To understand with the inside and outside that result in who and would be dependent on the can choose the immortalize that can be for the values and perceives that can be depending on the behavior.

Rituals and Routines – The relation of the behavior is an integration of the actions that can connect with the acceptable behavior. Depending on the expected evaluation of how there can be situations, that can connect to the valued by management (Awadari, 2019).

Symbols – The deepening on the company that can be distinguished in terms of logos, and how the plush the offices and how there can be formal or informal dress codes.

Organizational Structure – Depending on the structure that can be identified in terms of the organization chart, and how it would be evaluating how there can be power and influence that can be based on the contributions are most valued.

Control Systems – Identifying how the control process and how it can be based on the financial systems, quality systems, and the pore rewards based on the distributed part of the organization.

Power Structures – Depending on the real power that would be that can be based on one or two key senior executives, that can be deponent on the department. The key is how there can be the greatest amount of those can decisions, operations along with strategic direction (Nguyen, 2016).


In my opinion, HRM plays a vital role in shaping up the organization's culture. Every organization has a different paradigm of the culture to play and even for the Pullman; the role of the culture has helped the employees to evolve and even helped in balancing the power. The company has evolved strategically and placed its resources and culturally oriented towards a common goal. Overall, it has been an engaging experience which has provided a better way to inculcate the resources towards a common vision. In view, it is the organizational culture and the HRM role plays a vital role in shaping up the environment (Nguyen, 2016). The strategy is based on the rapid cultural change. People should be aware that cultural change is a transformation process; behavior must be unlearned first before new behavior can be learned in its place. When a difference arises between the desired and the prevailing culture, cultural interventions should take place. The responsibility lies with senior management supported by a personnel department. This requires a comprehensive approach. A new logo, corporate style, or customer-orientation training will not suffice. It is important that results are measured and that good performance is rewarded.


To conclude, the Pullman, organization has focused on the and how there can be framework of the human resources, that can aim  to integrate the resources and handling of the effective ways that can work upon. The hotel company Pullman company has aimed to create a better understanding and also resulting in balancing the organization culture, structure and to create a strategy. As per the cultural web theory, it is concluded that  the static environments, cultural issues can identify in an organization, the probable reasons of the low cause low morale, absenteeism, and facing the problem of the high staff turnover, which can create adverse effects inline with productivity. As per the Schein levels, the organization has strongly structured itself. The theories suggest the elusiveness is a corporate culture can help to create an impact on the organization's work environment and having an output. Depending on the research, the theory suggests how to create effectiveness in the corporate culture, and how some of the culture would not be working. Overall, for the organization the human resource works in the improvement of the overall enforcement, the focuses on the rich oriented culture and how it would help to focus on organizing ways with oneself and  handling the environment. For any organization, how it would be an integration of the culture and also theory that can focus on improving structure and on the strategy.

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