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Traditional and Modern Views on Marriage, Love, and Sexuality Assessment Answer


Task: Modernity has created a large range of new challenges for our society. Please find a current example of one such challenge and use one of the following key ideas to describe and explore the issue that contribute to the challenge:

- Social Construction

TOPICMarriage, Love, and Sexuality

Questions relating to the following key ideas

Social Construction

QuestionHow does the social construction of beauty reflect and affect the society from which it comes? Explore the increase in cosmetic surgeries for both men and women and how this relates to our society’s changing ideas of beauty and gender constructions.

write an essay on the topic of ‘Marriage, Love, and sexuality


Marriage, Love, and Sexuality


Modernization has given a new definition of marriage, love, and sexuality. The purposes of this assignment are on the Marriage, Love, and Sexuality, and understand the modern perspective and comparing it with the traditional framework. Through the essay, it would help to identify the modern role in shaping up the marriage, sexual and love beliefs in the modern environment. As identified from the framework of the Leeds –Hurwitz (2019), who has described in the chapter “Social construction of reality” about the communication theory is to relate with people who can jointly construct their understanding depending on the world (Pg 15). But eventually, the modernization has played a significant role in gaining a changing perceptive, attitude, and behavior in marriage, love, and sexuality. Through the assignment, the traditional and the modern views of the modernization can be interpreted through the changing perspective and having a broad mindset in the relationships (Cloudier, 2019).

Social Construction Theory

The social construction theory has been founded by the sociologist Peter L. Berger and Thomas Luck man. The theory states how the social constructionism is actually a changing perception of drawing the people to have the engaging knowledge globally. While holding new views and the changing perception, the theory holds a new social construct, which can help to perceive as per the views on the basis of the shared assumptions. From the social constructionist perspective, the main things are the perception drawn by facing the core reality that can help to identify the shared assumptions. Social constructionist perspective helps to provide a broader mindset as to how things can be taken for granted and what can be done to achieve the objective reality and identify socially constructed views depending on the changing perspective of the society (Faulkner, 2019). As per the theory of social constructionism, it identifies how an individual feels drawn to the natural beliefs and in reality they are not. Instead, the theory helps to understand what are the key reflections based on which an individuals are viewing things as. The social constructionists follow the three key points which are the-:

Knowledge Is Socially Constructed

As per the modern ideas,  knowledge can exist in between the human relationships and it is a matter of choice that can help to derive the social processes and can evaluate on the basis of historical and cultural contexts. It is important to hold the truth depending on the confinement and how it can be central to the discipline. The truth may not hold legitimate than any other (Döring, 2019)..

Communication Theory 

Communication is central to the theory,  marriage, sexuality, and in love, depending on the love, rules, and how it has shaped up. It can be a choice, and depending on how to hold language constraints that can have a broad perspective of what experiences one can hold on to. 

Social Construction Is Politically-Driven

Based on the choices of how the individual within the community, adjusts as per the social, cultural, along with political consequences. The individual within the community can accept, situation, and also follow a particular framework of the truths, values, and realities. It is also a choice, that can derive the power and privilege and having a set respective  (Nichols, 2019). The modern perspective of marriage has a broader view of the comparison to the traditional approach. For example, traditionally the marriage foundation was strong and how the rules, roles play a vital role that have shaped it.

 Modern marriage is a choice and in comparison traditionally the marriage is purely based on the peer (or cult) pressure. The modern perspective of the marriage is free from the risk stigma, from the physical attack, and follows less communication from the families due to the more financial power and having more choices. While traditionally the couples always had a choice to transition together during their course of life, having broad mindful and passionate choices but throughout, they breaking marriage and being in the second marriage, was considered to be a social taboo.

 The modern approach, is distant from the marriage framework and also a choices to transits together or not, depends on the circumstances, scenarios, and compatibility factors. It is no longer a social taboo to break the stereotype and also hold the companionship in the open framework. In the modern perspective of sexuality, there are more liberal views and also how there are an openness, broadness, and adaption to the western culture. Traditionally, even discussing one owns sexual problems or the experiences, was considered to be taboo. For example, being Lesbian and Gay was considered to be a sexual disease, and often, such people were legally punished or were treated. The same does not hold true in the modern perspective, as the people have changed their perception, they are more educated, hold a board views and have liberal thoughts (Psychotherapy Networker, 2018)..  For example, discovering one's sexuality before marriage is a sign of the open views and the broadness shared (Burch 2019). Another example of how the people are approaching the matter, such as homosexuality is no longer a taboo as in most of the countries they have legalized the same sex marriages.

Discovering love and having liberal views is now a new socially construct viewpoint. It is due to the openness and having independent view, having a love and following it, is a matter of the choice (An open affair with freedom, February, 2018).  In modern times, love has eventually become more casual and it is due to the independent views, having a social and the financial power (Harris, 2019). For example, love marriage is a new concept  depending on the choices and comparing it with the traditional times, there has been less tolerance to the relationship. Traditionally, being in love means sacrifices and also it has limited views of how to risk one own choice and lead a life. In the past, it was also a passing thought, that love is all about the happiness to satisfy oneself and continue relationship irrespective of the challenges and hiccups faced. In comparison, the modern approach, of the couple does not hold the values and respect in the same manner. 

The concepts of marriage, love, and sexuality have become a recurrent theme that is now free from any sort of social foundations, fears, and even some conventional ideas (Mrunal. 2019). The innermost workings of human interaction can is limited to the unconventional ideologies, but it is holding a more liberal views n the value of the relationships (Nichols, 2019). The manipulation and subversion is a choice, but depending on the restrictions, limitations, and also ideologies, the modern concept of the marriage, sexuality, and love has become free from the central ideas of the emotional leverage. Families have become small, and the marriage is now more viewed as the companionship of the “emotional along with the physical needs of the individual”. Depending on the individual values, ideologies, and having a set belief in the old conventional thoughts, marriage and love may last or not. 


Modernization has given a new way to think and have a broader perception of marriage, love, and sexuality. It is due to the changing ideologies, theories, and how it can approach the modern-day marriages, love, and sexuality. It discusses the everyday scenario of how marriage, love, and sexuality would have the brooder views. As per the social construct theory, the changing approaches and values are due to the broader perception and holding a liberal views. In the modern views, the love, sexuality and the marriage do not have similar ideas and values, which was traditionally followed.

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