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Technology Enhancements in Hotel Areas Assessment 3 Answer

Assessment 3: Report (1500 words) 40%

This assessment is for these students only: Melbourne - Hotel School; Sydney - Hotel School.

Why this assessment

New generations of business and leisure travellers are expecting a higher level of technological interaction in all areas of their lives. This expectation extends to hotels and service delivery. Modern managers need to understand how these expectations can be met without compromising the level of service they provide in their establishments

Your task

The General Manager of your 4.5-star Hotel on the Gold Coast has asked that you prepare a report relating to the introduction of technological enhancements into the service delivery processes in the hotel

You will need to research such enhancements and identify those areas of the hotel that would be suitable candidates. From these considerations, you will identify a particular operational area to focus on and propose a particular technological enhancement you believe will provide a benefit to the level of service provided by the hotel

You will need to focus on the following elements in preparing this report

  1. A contextual discussion of High touch and Low touch service delivery
  2. A consideration of those areas of the hotel where technological enhancements are appropriate based on the research of contemporary practices
  3. A proposal for one is of the hotel, identifying a particular (real) product. This proposal needs to include both the benefits and negative aspects of the idea.
  4. Recommendations providing an overview of the implementation of the proposal
Other Information about this assessment

The report will need to include an executive summary, title page, table of contents and full Harvard referencing as per the SCU referencing style. The word count (1500 words) does not include an executive summary or reference list.


Gold Coast-Report

Contextual discussion of High touch and Low touch service delivery

The use of technology has evolved significantly in the hotels' industry and there has been a shift of expectations that have been related to the products and services. As the Gold Coast has evolved significantly, there has been higher demand from the consumers who can aim to have a favorable and better online vacation though the websites, technology which can be based on consumers' plans that would be based on book vacations. Due to the growing technology, it is important how the experiences can be impeccable and in command of the client’s experience to have better services. For example, even if the Gold Coast uses the Internet High Definition TV's, the consumers would feel highly impressed and happy with the radical constant change (Lim, 2019)

High touch service delivery

The uses of high touch service delivery are the high use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and fulfil consumer expectations. For example, the ease to connect, convenience, and even record the details. The hotel guests would be obligated to use the market for better-sorted ways. Some other examples of high service delivery are the-: 

  • Online bookings
    It would be an emergence of the high online booking convenience and use the higher customer digital online experience, such as Expedia, Kayak, Booking, and using the active social media networking and digital marketing, to make the customer navigate and connect instantaneously The use of the technology can help the customers to compare and judge the services and for the hotel to understand, what are the changing trends of the customers and have the better service marketing.  It would help to overcome the stiff competition.
  • Automating check-in and check-out
    The hotel can use the automation check-in and check out ways to improve efficiencies and make a ledger records of the automatic check-in (and check-out) process.  The customers can also connect with the Gold cost Mobile app, to note the check-in and the availability along with the hotel norms and noting the guest experiences. The use of the hotels can help to create a better-needed work which can create a right balance between technology along with holding the personal interaction.

Low service delivery

  • Keyless entry 
    Gold Coast, can launce the swipe cards and can use the better forms of technology, that can be used through an app by the smartphone, and to check the bedroom details. The hotel can also use the keyless entry. The hotel can use the better Key app back that would help the customers to feel more connected, safe, secure, and even more placed (
    Wang, 2020).
  • On-Arrival Technology 
    The use of the technology can be aimed at the room use of captive audiences that can be connected through the hotel operator. It would be appropriate to choose the technology aimed at setting higher first expectations. The guests can access the in-destination activity choices and can connect with the hotel TV software and how to use the recommendation aimed for the quick dinner booking (
    Ting, 2020).  The phone app can be used to control the things within the hotel.

A consideration of those areas of the hotel where technological enhancements are appropriate based on the research of contemporary practices

Through the use of technology enhancement, the main idea is to reciprocate, what the consumers want. It can be likeliness based on the choices of the customers, which can be a capability that can be select specific room locations (45%), to use the wide scope of share information related to the in-destination activities (41%), similar check-in/check-out process (39%) and to use the appropriate basis of the service requests (36%) (Ting, 2020).

The technology enhancements can be used in energy-saving technology and the hotel operators' ways of enhancing environmental sustainability programs that can help to substantially reduce the energy.  Gold Coast also should include the environmental goals and aim to cut down the energy use by 30% and conserve the freshwater from 20% by 2020 globally. The Gold coast hotel can also aim to use the solar panels and the daylight harvesting which can further adjust the indoor lighting, and also can use the natural light penetrating from outside. It is essential to have the motion sensor technology and can use the lighting turned off automatically and how the temperature can be reduced consistently when unoccupied.

A proposal for one is of the hotel, identifying a particular (real) product. This proposal needs to include both the benefits and negative aspects of the idea.

To have the customized experience, the Gold Coast hotel can introduce the real data live app, which can help to trace, record, and even detect the customer changing needs and wants. for example, for the premium customers, a unique ID can be given and can be asked for the quick recorded messages and the feedback answers, that can help to generate a customized experience, once the customers enter. The Gold Coast can use it for the better-enhanced customer experience and provide changing needs and wants to depend on the liking and orientation(Xie, 2020).

Recommendations providing an overview of the implementation of the proposal

The recommendation for future technology improvements would be to identify the role data and the technology, that can be used for better guest experiences and even alow to connect with the hotel operators that are connecting with the data scientists that can serve the customers. In order to meet the consumer’s high expectations, hoteliers would require to know the interests, likes, and dislikes and subsequently deliver a unique customized personal experience. It would help to create a long-lasting impression and can even count on the memorable experience. The use of the data would help the Gold Coast to further provide a customized personal guest experience (Wu, 2020). As the Gold coast, creates personal data which can lead to security breaches and personal thefts. The Gold cost has to ensure, their data remains confidential and preserved in their databases, which would help to attain the personal touch required as a response from every guest. For example, the Gold Coast can provide the options of the fitness fanatic or having any sort of food allergy and can subsequently offer the free gym pass and even can provide the basket full of the free-from treats upon arrival.

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