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Teaching Strategies and Approaches for Gifted Children in Early Childhood Assessment Answer

Assessment Format: Essay words: 2000

Reference style: APA Format

Write a descriptive and analytical essay about the range of teaching strategies and approaches that you could use and adapt when working with gifted children in early childhood. 

Under this choose a few teaching strategies and approaches and describe them. Do not only write what are the strategies but you need to describe them as well like how it works and why is it important.  


Teaching Strategies & Approaches for gifted children in early childhood

Due to the student’s belongingness from the low socio-economic status, has consecutively played a bigger role in influencing education.  Apart from the students facing the common problems like stereotyping, facing prejudices the low social economic group also have to face the some of the key challenges, which are beyond the classroom, such as the disparities from the people and institutions belonging from the higher authority, teaching impacts on the students and how it is reflected overall. The teachers and the management teaching style, judgments, and actions can cause barriers in influencing in teaching styles and strategies (Younger 2019). As we are born in the world, we are given a set of well-designated status levels belonging to society. Socioeconomic status (SES) is identified as how the social and financial level of individuals has unrest in society (Prieto-Ayuso, et al, 2019).. Due to the socioeconomic status which has been on birth and during the early years of life the key leanings, influences, mindsets are often influenced by the financially responsible is on account of the early development (Tinanoff, et al, 2019).

Teaching Impacts on the Low Social Economic System (LSES) group-:

Impact on Cognitive Development

The early childhood children, belonging from the SES impacts have to be understood, as to how they are progressing with the cognitive and language development. Due to the cognitive learning development, it is necessary to have a key ability to think and relate with the concepts, topics, along with the recesses. To understand how there can be a complication, based on derived complex ideas and how the student is exposed to simpler ideas during the early years (Armstrong, 2019). Subsequently, it is necessary to follow and be courteous, to the. The easiest way and how there can be a considerable impact, that can be linked to the wider choice during the good early childhood education program. Such programs can be normally being privately owned and can also be using low or no money (Banks, 2019).

A young child can be taught in the basic language which is easy to relate and absorb by young minds. It would help to understand the cognitive abilities and how they are commanding.  The basic words are learned by the parents, then the teachers and their peers. The SES would be low educated, low development in communicator, and even have the improper vocabulary. The other impact is the lack of cognitive skills of children is of attaining good health. A lower SES would have to manage with a good healthy pattern to make the child grow and function brain-wise. 

Impact on Emotional Development

The role of the SES plays a vital role in overcoming the emotional development in children and young family violence, leading to high stress, more distress, and causing the high levels of anxiety. It would lead to the following of the high ways to handle stress and anxiety and even cause inappropriate behavior (Bildiren, 2019).

Few Teaching Strategies

Getting to know 

It is important for the teachers to know more about their students, such as beyond their names, backgrounds and the culture and focus on the key aspects like of the needs, learning styles, having gained from the previous experience and/or knowledge, and working constructively over the circumstances, in recognizing the talents, knowledge, mindsets and even developing a bond with the gifted and successful LSES students. In a large set of the classroom, students can be understood, beyond their backgrounds and teachers, instead of segregating them, based on the socio-economic groups and the cultural ethical backgrounds, the main target would be to understand student capabilities such as high level of numeracy, showcasing a high intellectual, creative, artistic, or leadership capacity which goes beyond the face-to-face contact (Bozhkova,  et al, 2019).  To understand the gifted children's capability, numerous education techniques, like testing, putting pressure on students to excel and even encouraging, motivating, and making them remember, with similar life-based examples can be some of the tactics. It is essential for the students to go beyond the classroom, open up about the working techniques, think beyond the way, it can bring the challenges, open up through the communication and embracing diversity, can help the teachers to judge and understand the key capabilities of the gifted LSES groups. The strategies recommended and required, to scope out of developing some knowledge and relating with the student respects.

Transparency with the students and communicating often

A teacher should be a good listener, empathic, and even should use the assertive teaching strategies, to teach, guide, and focus on the one set goals.  To focus on the key set learning, identify the challenges, talk more, and develop an interpersonal style that can help to communicate with the students. It would help to understand what is required and what can be interpreted with (Ehrlich et al, 2019). The teaching strategy, while understanding the gifted low socio-economic background children, is to listen first understand the questions and what they wish to share and consecutively related to the findings, that could help to listen to the students and identify the stories. It is also necessary to look beyond the children's backgrounds and the weakness, while communication and offering transparent and open advice. 

Free materials and Assessments

As a teacher, while the assessment ate important, which should be standardized to understand what the student’s capabilities are and how the LSES students would perform during the competitive exams? The strategy would be to assess, evaluate, and even make the students perform openly. If the LSES students do not have access to the course materials, the student can either be provided online free materials, free distribution printed materials, supporting through the library books and the other free, low priced provision, can help the students to feel encouraged, motivated and even improve themselves (Ersoy, 2019).

The other teaching strategies which can be adopted are the-:

To ask a lot of questions with the curiousness and to approach them constructively.

To relate with the progressive own approach while evaluating the assignments.

To focus on the free vocabulary and even prefer the adult conversation and it would be original ideas.

While teaching, the teaching strategy should be cognitively advanced and should be adequate to teach new skills.

A teacher should be sensitive to the learning environment.

To include inclusive learning classroom technique of online lecturer recorded videos, to include the easy, engaging, and the competitive curriculum detailing eve steps (Eysink 2020).

How it works & importance?

The importance of the teaching capabilities can help to derive the course of assessment that can work while understanding the inclusivity, embracing along with the integrating student diversity, undergo the working mechanism and the student’s curriculum along with adhering to the teaching, learning that can help the students. Teaching staff strategies, for example, the pedagogical delivery practices and also adhering to the engaging learning activities and also following the student diversity (Gabrijelčič, 2019).

Some of the engaging low-cost techniques and strategies, which can help the teacher and the low socio-economic group to grow and learn, are the-:

For example-Numeracy

To teach all the students including the LSES group in the early age settings about the numeracy such as how to add 2, how to do skip counting (odd and even), how to do backward and the forward counting, the teacher can draw the 1-10 counting on the floor and ask each students chance by chance to hop and do skip counting, then alternative leave steps to check the odd and the even counting strategy, for the backward and the forward tactics like move forward or backward are some of the tricks, which can help the child to recall the regency of the numeracy.

For example – Teaching simple Science

For the young child to understand how the solar system operates, what is the role of the Sun and the Moon in our system and making the child remember the Solar system names, the teacher can ask the one student to be "Sun, ask other to be "Earth" and other to be "Moon", then the Earth can rotate around the "Sun" to explain the 365 days a year concept (subsequently same for the leap year), then making the child understand how we get day and night, the: "Earth" Child while revolving around the "Sun" can be asked to also "Rotate" over its axis, to make the children understand how we get the basic functioning of the solar system. Similarly to make how the other planets operate in the system, each of the children is asked to behave in a similar manner such as the "Big Kid" can be asked to be Jupiter to make kids understand, how the plant is big, similarly for the others, to make a kid wear Red dress-to relate with planet Red” etc.

Particular Strategy

Key advice for teachers

The teacher should be considerate, progress and follow the teaching needs of the students, irrespective of the LSES backgrounds  (McKinnon, 2019)

1. Know and respect your students

The first role is to teach with dignity and respect all while teaching. It is important to correct engagingly for any hurdles, faced by the LSES students such as low communication skills, poor time management etc., which can help to embrace and integrate the skills set with diversity, knowledge, and progressive learning.

2. LSES student’s flexibility, variety, and choice 

It is necessary to follow the path of the academic standards, be considerate of the LSES student’s flexibility and even obligate in the assessment choice, to develop the variety in teaching and learning strategies.

3. To expect more, be clear and concise

TO speak in the normal course of communicative language, it should be free from any difficult words, which is difficult to follow in the oral and the Witten language style. To understand how the other is progressing with the expectations, adapt them, and even flow the successful student approach (Plucker 2019).

Strategies like how it works and importance?

The teaching techniques, strategies, which can help to overcome the knowledge gaps, the deficit conceptions of LSES students can help the potential students to grow and have a good encouraging learning tactic (Prieto-Ayuso, et al, 2019). The students need to make considerable solutions, approaches, and even make the curriculum contributions that can be effective in teaching and learning and can make the teacher's role effective, to streamline the things, and make considerable approaches (Quaye, 2019). It would benefit in the overall contributions and can help in the benefitting from the different perceptions, interpretations, and experiences that can overcome the diverse cohorts. The teacher should also have the attitude of the 'I-teach-you learn’ and also following the deductive style reasoning, learning and even challenging very core aspects to grow and aspire for the professional development opportunities to progress with the teaching.

Kinds of Pedagogical Practices for the Low Socio-Economic Background

For the teachers the following pedagogical practices can follow-:

1. Scaffold your students’ learning

Accuracy and precise taking measures, which can help the students to collaborate and understand the key essence of the particular taught educational valuable systems (Quaye, 2019).  Relate with the discourses obligated to be followed and to be necessary (Tinanoff, et al, 2019).

2. Student learning

To understand the key expertise and also progress in the overall guidance, learning, and key performance.  

3. To be a Reflective practitioner

To think, relate, reflect, and even understand how the students are progressive and if required, to take the considerable feedback from the teaching practice and the students learning. 

Quality of gifted children for young children

The term 'gifted and talented,' is denoted with the respect of the students, children who can show an exemplary achievement and the course of capability for the intellectual, creative, artistic, and showing the academic fields that can make them engaging and ready to show their talent (Younger, 2019).


To conclude, once the parents' socioeconomic status have been identified during the early development, it is important to the school and the society, to judge about anything related to the family upbringing, about the type of education they should get and on the overall their factors, such as wellbeing and socio-economic education. During early childhood education, the teachers and the teaching strategies have a higher influence on education, acquiring skills set and knowledge, which can help to lessen this socioeconomic disparity Some of the teaching strategy such as how the students are addressed in the classroom. Avoiding any classism, judgments, and working on progressively over the student's resiliency, expectations, and even fostering a healthy relationship and the positive classroom climate are some of the tactics, which can help the low socio-economic group to teach and absorb the education.

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