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Strategic Campaigning Planning for British Heart Foundation Assessment Answer

Public Relations Campaign Plan PRESENTATION: 15+ SLIDES WITH SCRIPT + References in Harvard style

Your presentation script should either be included as notes in power point or in a separate word document (2 pages at least).

TASK: You will act as consultants and prepare a communication plan which tackles a challenge OR opportunity for a chosen charity, government or not for profit organisation to include prioritised stakeholder mapping, and key messages with a rationale. Firstly, choose charity, government organisation or non profit organisation of your choice from the UK.

What you need to do:

  1. Use the four-step campaign planning process to structure your work – please see below 
  2. Choose a (real) not for profit, charitable or government organisation from the UK on which to base your plan 
  3. Identify a real opportunity or challenge and develop your own plan in response to this.
  4. Don’t forget: a useful problem statement summarises what is known about the problem situation:
  5. It is written in the present tense  - describing the current situation 
  6. It sets out the situation in specific and measurable termswhat, where, when, who, how, why...
  7. It does not imply solutions or place blame

Keep in mind

  1. Defining the problem (or opportunity) – it provides the foundation for all the other steps in the problem-solving process. Creates the perception that something is wrong or could be improved. It involves probing and monitoring knowledge, opinions, attitudes, and behaviours of those internal and external publics concerned with and affected by the acts and policies of an organization. In essence, this is an organization’s intelligence function. 
  2. Planning and programming - information gathered in the first step is used to make strategic decisions about program goals, target publics, objectives, action and communication.
  3. Taking action and communicating - implementing the program of action and communication tactics designed to achieve the specific objectives for each of the publics to accomplish the program goal(s). 
  4. Evaluating the program - involves assessing the preparation, implementation, and impact of the program.

Four-step campaign planning process

Four-Step Process                  Strategic Planning Steps and Campaign Outline 

1.Defining the Problem     The Problem, Concern or Opportunity

                                                What's happening now? 

                                                2.Situation Analysis (Internal and External)

                                                What positive and negative forces are operating? 

                                               (SWOT analysis)?

                                               Who is involved and/or affected? 

                                               How are they involved and/or affected? 

2.Planning and                   3.Campaign Aim

                                              Campaigning What is the desired situation? 

                                              By when? 


                                             What is the overall action and communication plan for achieving the campaign goal

                                            What is the budget available to implement the campaign?  

                                            5.Target Publics and Objectives

                                           Who—internal and external—must the campaign respond to reach and affect? 

                                           What must be achieved with each public in order to accomplish the campaign goal?

3.Taking Action and         6.Action Tactics

Communicating               What changes must be made to achieve outcomes stated in the objectives?

                                           7.Communication Tactics

                                           What message content must be communicated to achieve outcomes stated in the objectives? 

                                            What media best deliver that content to the target  publics? 

                                          8.Campaign Implementation Plans

                                          Who will be responsible for implementing each of the action and communication tactics? 

                                          What is the sequence of events and schedule? 

4.Evaluating the 

Campaign                         9.Evaluation Plans

                                          How will the outcomes specified in the campaign aims and objectives be measured? 

                                         10.  Feedback and Campaign Adjustment

                                         How will the results of the evaluations be reported to campaign managers and used to make campaignchanges?


Speaker Notes

SLIDE 2The British Heart Foundation is UK based eminent charity organization operating in the field of funding heart and cardiovascular research and disease operations throughout the UK. This assignment presents a strategic campaigning planning for the organization for helping it overcoming communication issues faced in case of communicating the fundraisers of the organization. A four-step campaigning process has been applied for developing te overall campaign for achieving its operational objectives.

Slide 3- As an eminent charity foundation working for funding research on heart and circulatory oriented diseases and associated risk factors, the operations of British Heart Foundation is largely dependent on financial grants provided by a number of organizations and charities, which is a great financial assistance for the organization. The DWP (Department for Work and Pensions), CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau), National Debtline Agency and Money Advice Service are among the organizations or agencies providing grants to British Heart Foundation. However, the organization faces significant problems in case of planning and maintaining effective communicative interactions with these grant providing agencies and institutions.

According to Freeman et al., (2015) communication problems with the grants developers of British Heart Foundation are creating a serious issue of fundraising for its organizational functions. Specifically, the organization confronts issues in receiving time-specific advice and support for finance, which is further creating grave issues in providing funds for its clients to which British Heart Foundation provides financial supports for cardiovascular research, education and care. Therefore, problem in fundraising because of failure in maintaining smooth communication with grant providers has been the key concern of British Heart Foundation recently.

Slide 4- The positive forces operating in the market involve ever-growing demand of charitable services for healthcare, particularly in cardiovascular, cancer and diabetes related areas, benefits of advanced IT, healthcare infrastructure and government supports (Freeman et al., 2015). The negative forces are enhanced cost of research, healthcare education and lacks in applying proper communicative strategies for stakeholder involvement.

As far as the issue of communication in fundraising is concerned, different levels of stakeholders are involved and affected by the issue. This involves the consumers of British Heart Foundation, the grant provides (CAB, DWP, Money Advice Service, national Debtline Agency and others), investors, employees and community. The financial and professional interest of investors and employees are affected. The community and consumers’ healthcare aspects are being affected.

Slide 5- Generation of a smooth and consistent policy of communication with fundraisers and thereby developing issue-free communication with investors for business operational growth is the desired situation here. Through effective planning and campaigning, issue-free communication with grant providers will be obtained by next 4-5 months during 2020. 

Slide 6- For achieving the campaigning goals, British Heart Foundation would implement the following steps of communication enhancement with fundraisers.

Slide- 7 Since the company is already experiencing budgetary issues, setting budgets on daily basis will be more advisable. Initially, the company will be setting a low budget for the campaign so that the overhead costs are in control. Gradually, if the campaign finds acceptance, the company will be investing more on promotional activities for enhancing the audience reach.  

Slide 8- They will be notified about the areas of concern the company is going through and the needful funding which will be needed as the revival process. 

The objectives set for the campaign areas follows: 

  • To increase the funding to be received by 20 % in the upcoming 6 months 
  • To enhance the communication level within the internal and external funding providers 

Slide 9The company shall be wary of the correct time and place when the campaign will be starting, so that it creates maximum impact. The company will also be conducting market skimming activities will be giving a better overview regarding the contribution capabilities of the fund raisers. 

Slide 10- The content shall be crisp and informative which will be attracting the audience to a wider context (Svetlik, 2017). The message will also be detailing the modes of communication that shall be adopted for strengthening the contact with the fund raisers

Slide 11- The email will be containing all the respective information about the campaigns which will indeed be distributed amongst the employees (Du et al. 2018. Emails are effective as it is a free tool and at a time it can quickly sent information to a wider section of the audience.

Through social media platforms, feedbacks can also be gathered from the target publics regarding the implementation of the campaign, depending on which the success of the campaign can also be judged (Kumar and Reinartz, 2018). Social media is ideally acceptable cause it assists in interacting with the consumers within closer proximity. The reviews given by the target publics will be justifying the campaign initiative taken by British Heart Foundation

Slide 12 - Requirement of needful resources will also be outlined within the action plan. The creative team will be setting up the communication tactics so that it creates maximum impact on the mind of the consumers (Vander Linden, 2017). The communication tactics will always emphasize on making an information delivery appealing and crisp do that it is well accepted by the target audience. 

Slide 13- Primarily, the event will be giving an overview of initiative that is prioritized, followed by highlighting of the funding issues that is resulting in operational hazards. The events will go on air at times when there is maximum traffic on the online platform. 

Slide 14- Increased incoming of funding, enhanced social media reach, effective media impressions, mentioning of the brands and enhancement of the website traffic are some of the indications of measuring campaign outcomes (Marelli, A. and Ordanini, 2016)

Slide 15The company will be making effective utilization of the MIS software for reaching the needful information to the marketing department for making alterations.

Slide 16The company will be considering both internal and external target publics. The initial budget will be kept low and the content medium chosen are social media and email. Setting of objectives, application of action plan and implementation of strategies will be resulting in successful formulation of the campaign. 

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