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Significance Of Time Management And Team Working And Leadership Assessment Answer

Assignment Brief

Select a topic we have covered in the module, and using this knowledge and your own further research, ,produce a short reflective essay (maximum 750 words) on the tapir_ Remember to provide a clear question or title for your essay and also provide a clear introduction in your opening paragraph - set the scene!

Within your essay, you will need to provide an overview of the topic, demonstrating your ability to.critically evaluate the literature, and connect this with your own experience, In addition are also expected to set out your lessons learned, and actions for the future.

Example essay question/ title:   What your opinion, is the importance of motivation theory and how would the knowledge you have motivation theory in this module and from your own research help you in your career as an


A review of Leadership theory and concepts; and reflection based on my own experience of leadership and how this can help my future career as an Engineer. 



Professional skills refer to competencies of mentoring; conflict resolution, leadership and project management are value-added proficiencies critical for career growth. This reflective essay will evaluate the significance of time management and team working along with leadership as a core competency to work effectively in job areas. 

Analysis of teams & time management (Review based on my work experience in Nigeria)

The experience of working as the engineer within the architectural sector of Nigeria has helped me enhance my time management skill and team working along with leadership. I got the offer from the IBBL (International Business Bureau Limited), Abuja, Nigeria and was excited as well as not scared to make mistakes as I have been open to learning the newest skills. I have learnt that for effective team working, it is critical to have a positive attitude and people form teams to develop close relationships. I agree with Nasaruddin and Rahman (2016) that teams are formed to satisfy the need for belongingness, make a contribution which is highly recognized and appreciated. In Nigeria working as in the teams, I have learned various construction works and design projects, several project stages, things entail within the task and common project inception information for completing work. The different architectural duties I have carried as work experience has offered me with skills, expertise and knowledge to undertake architect in an efficient manner. I am consent with Zuo et al. (2018) stating that forming teams within engineering careers, particularly project teams, the manager has an important role to select the correct mix of people and operating to turn the staffs into the effective teams within less time possible. In reference to my work experience, I have also gained leadership skill in leading a team, planning work and collect feedback for developing project design. There have been several leadership skills needed within the workplace which include active listening, empathy, strategic thinking expertise, flexibility and creativity (Zuo et al. 2018). Along with this, I have applied my competency to convince others and inspire teams to complete construction work in a productive manner. The teams, workers or people employed in project design have been ready and open to support me within all possible way. I have understood that influencing team performances on accurate, fair informal feedback and efficient internal communication are key to productive working. The successful working on architectural plans and designs has been achieved as the result of high influence performance drivers including informal feedback, focus on strengths within formal reviews and performance standards are maintained (Olmedo 2016). In my working as the team leader, I have tried to element the performance killer like focus on personality weakness within formal reviews, informal feedback and manager making rapid modifications to staff's projects. In addition, the continuous supervision from the superiors has benefited me to relax at certain duration after reporting and quickly affect the modifications and lessons studies on the design. In context to Adair's three-circle technique to avoid issues within managing groups, the task need including decision-making, information seeking, evaluating; individual needs of training, counselling, goal-setting must be satisfied (Dias 2016).  For efficient performance of the design project teams, I have also made efforts to meet the group need of standard seeking, peace keeping and encouraging performing well my offering appropriate rewards. 

Another skill I have learnt is time management plays a critical role to have the majority of the projects being effectively checked and ascertained on consistently within the case of any design changes or construction. Demirkesen and Ozorhon (2017) supported time management in the construction industry is beneficial to eliminate cost-overruns along with time delays within the completion of the project. For me, the time management has offered a beneficial outcome to have profitable partnerships between contractors, construction, clients and field workers. I have maintained a check on guidance from the superior associates of the teams prior to making any assumptions, especially related to project contractual. The team development approach by Tuckman through stages of forming, storming, norming and performing as remained advantageous to engage every staff within the working process as well as achieved work deadlines (Natvig and Stark 2016). With the developed group of teams, professional members, as a leader I have undertaken a critical role towards solving the conflicts in short duration so the projects works are finished within provided deadlines. By continuous observation, I have learned to deal with several superiors within the contract with the organization, learnt to apply architectural software for three-dimensional designs. 


I can conclude that work experience relates to operating within the IBBL organization of Nigeria, I was elated to have the opportunity to depict a few theoretical knowledge along with applying them within real-life circumstances. For effective time management and team working, I have tried to not procrastinate and forget useful information provided by seniors of the project designs.

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