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RES 800: Impact of Employee Training on Customer Satisfaction

Subject Title: Research Methods

Subject Code: RES 800

Assessment Title: Research Questions and Literature Review

  • Analyse ethical issues and considerations and their relevance in applied business research.
  • Apply research theories and methodologies to assist in developing a business research proposal.
  • Succinctly communicate arguments that reflect a synthesis of literature and business research concepts

 Word count: 1100


I. Background or introduction to the issue 

a. A brief problem statement 

The tourism industry offers services, which deliver entertainment and leisure services to people. People travelling need accommodation and therefore, different hotels focus on providing a variety of services at various quality levels. However, several factors are there that influence the buying behaviour of the guests, such as service quality and overall performance of the employee (Fah & Voon, 2016). The importance of employee training lies here. Employees often fail to meet the standard of service quality, as expected by the guests that lead to customer dissatisfaction. It affects repeating the visit to the hotel negatively.

Further, the competition in the Australian hotel industry is becoming fiercer from Airbnb and service apartments. Hence, the major success factors for the industry has become building a strong base of loyal customers by accessing to the flexible and multi-skilled workforce (Ibisworld, 2019). Thus, hiring and training employees has become key to gain customer satisfaction in the competitive business environment for Park Hyatt Sydney, which is a luxurious hotel, located in Sydney Harbour (Sydney, 2019). 

b. A group of objectives 

  • To define the concept of employee training and customer satisfaction
  • To identify the employee training issue in Park Hyatt 
  • To establish the relationship between employee training and customer sat faction concerning Park Hyatt
  • To deliver some recommendations to Park Hyatt 

c. A group of research questions 

  • What are employee training and customer satisfaction?
  • What are the staff training related issues faced by Park Hyatt?
  • What is the link between staff training and customer satisfaction? 
  • What are the recommendations for Park Hyatt?

II. A mini literature reviews

a. Definition of employee training

In the present time, the hotel business is based on competent and qualified staff. The survival of a hotel depends on the qualities, knowledge and skill of employees, who influences the service quality directly. Hence, employee training is a vital aspect of hotel business that involves increasing staff productivity by arming people with experienced skills, valid thoughts and professional knowledge. It is the process of providing employees with all the necessary information required for performing the job efficiently and making them understand the value of the post (Yang, 2010).

b. Definition of customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is one of the significant factors influence business success. It is explained as an overall analysis following the total consumption and purchase experience with product or service. It establishes customer experience about the way a company offers its products and services (Khadka & Maharjan, 2017). In the words of Ilieska (2013), in the situation of market orientation, customers remain at the focus of organisational operations. Understanding the changing demands of customers is an essential condition for the best integration and determinants for manufacturing and strategic marketing. 

c. Theory of employee training 

Skinner’s theory of reinforcement focuses on the learning attitude of an individual and recommends that the trainee will repeat the approach that related to a constructive result. The theory proposes that training and employee development programs must be allied with the business objectives so that a positive outcome can be expected. It also supports the process of rewarding employees by salary hike, awarding certificate and promotion after the training is over. It influences employee behaviours positively and their interest in further practices (Asadullah et al. 2018). According to Hanaysha (2016), four standard processes of behaviour modification are there. In continuous reinforcement, expected behaviours are influenced by effective results like praise or raise.

Thus, employees learn how to change their behaviour at times for eluding hostile consequences.  

d. Theory on customer satisfaction 

Assimilation theory is developed considering the dissonance theory of Festinger that postulates that customers compare their expectation with their experience cognitively. The concept of post-use evaluation of customers is presented in the satisfaction writings as the Assimilation theory. The theory infers that buyers tend to avoid dissension by bending perception regarding an offered product to align it with their expectations (Cho & Fjermestad, 2015). However, Simon & Thomas (2016) criticised the concept in theory and opined that although the argument talks about the link between satisfaction and expectation, it does not point out the way disconfirmation of the prospect results in joy or disappointment.

e. Importance of employee training in gaining customer satisfaction 

The higher-standard hotels such as Park Hyatt emphasise on providing complete and qualified services, which help customers and travellers enjoying the actual service for decreasing their stress and pressure. In this context, Hill & Brierley (2017) stated that customer satisfaction could only be ensured when there are satisfied employees. The determinants of employee satisfaction include management relationship, rewards, wages working environment, employee training and work environment.

As per the viewpoint of Martyn & Anderson (2018), with technological advancement, it has become critical for adopting modern technology for improving guest satisfaction. For using the techniques, properly, employee training is mandatory. In the hospitality sector, the dynamic of customers are changed by technologies. Here, the ability of the staff regarding effective management of emotional elements of customer interaction has become essential. It can contribute to guest satisfaction. It requires offering intensive training to the employees.

III. Research design and conduct: 

a. Selection of methodology 

The mixed research method means both quantitative and qualitative method will be used. As stated by Palinkas et al. (2015), the application of a mixed research method helps to avoid the shortcoming of applying a single process. Thus, it improves the quality of data collected and generates a better quality outcome.

Thus, both primary and secondary data will be collected.

b. Choice of research instruments 

For the quantitative research, survey questionnaire will be developed containing multiple-choice questions. Further, for gathering qualitative data, interview questionnaire will be developed, including open-ended questions.

c. Sampling technique and sample size 

For the selection of the sample size of 40 employees of Park Hyatt Sydney to participate in the survey, a simple random sampling method will be used due to its convenience and cost-effectiveness. Next, for the interview, non-probability sampling will be used for selecting four managers of Park Hyatt.

d. Data collection method 

Primary data will be collected through survey and interview. For the collection of secondary data, different sources such as books, websites, articles and journals will be accessed.

e. Choice of analytic technique 

The quantitative data will be analysed through calculating and presenting them using MS Excel. Graphical representation of the outcome will also be considered. The qualitative data will be analysed by applying knowledge and understanding of the researcher.

f. Research limitations 

The time constraint will be a limitation for the research, as the researcher will have to complete all the tasks within a limited timeframe. Further, granting permission for surveying and interviewing the employees and managers of Park Hyatt Sydney can be a challenge for the researcher.

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