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Reflective Journal 1 on Nursing and Healthcare System in Australia Assessment Answer

Journal 1 - write something on nursing and healthcare system in Australia



As a registered nurse and part of the Australian healthcare system, I was made understood to evaluate the patient in a holistic approach assessing the social and cultural wellbeing of the patients. While being in the maternal care unit, I came across a pregnant female who was little anaemic and not able to express her emotion. During the conversation, she becomes anxious and agitated. Her speech became tense and repetitive. She was extremely tearful and frightened. Later during counselling, I came to know that she has been abused at her home. She was not taking a balanced diet, vitamin supplements and also not been regular for her ultrasound scans (Bhanbhro et al, 2020).


When the patient was crying coherently, I felt to be empathetic toward her, however, I also stressed out looking at her pregnant condition.


A patient should be considered as a holistic dimension encountering not only her physical sign and symptoms but also the social determinants of health (Braveman & Gottlieb,2014).


The social determinant and economical background should be considered as a part of patient treatment and all the required aid should be provided under the Australian healthcare program. 


A patient can be vulnerable to various environmental exposure at home, community or the workplace level. Hence totality should be viewed in term of assessment of the patient (Koshy et al,2017).

Action plan

In future, if any patient will come to me, I will analyse the patient in terms of totality not mere physical understanding of the disease condition.

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