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Reflective Blog-Leadership And Ethical Behaviour Assessment Answer

Master’s in Marketing

Subject: Leadership and Ethical Behaviour

Reflective Learning Log - Instructions and Format

Describing event or experience
Describes the event or experience in adequate detail including the context whilst also indicating why this event or experience was chosen

Reflective thinking
The reflection explains the student’s own thinking and learning processes, as well as implications for future learning

The reflection is an in-depth analysis of the learning experience, the value of the derived learning to the student, and identifies the enhancement of the student’s appreciation for the discipline

Making connections
The reflection fully describes connections between this learning experience and other learning experiences including life experiences and future goals

The RLL follows all elements of the suggested format

500 words per Topic

Topic 1

Lemoine et al. (2019) identifies approaches to moral leadership and discusses elements of servant leadership, authentic leadership, and even ethical leadership to highlight their analysis. To what extent do you believe that these apparent variations are helpful when discussing and analysing moral approaches to leadership, or, as some would suggest, these distinctions should be consolidated into one overarching approach to analysing such leadership? Explain your response.

Topic 2

Gurdjian et al. (2014) identified 4 reasons as to why leadership-development programs fail. Do you believe that ALL four of these shortcomings need to be addressed or are some more important than others? Explain your response.

Topic 3

Heifetz & Laurie (1997) provide insights into what they have determined is ‘adaptive work’, especially in the context of the challenges facing organisations, with a heavy focus on the organisational changes issues which this brings. This also presents challenges for leaders who are leading organisations through this adaptive framework. How would you summarise the importance of Heifetz & Laurie’s adaptive work scenario from a leadership perspective and why is it important?

Topic 4

Reeves et al. (2018) suggest that “Business leaders need to master the art of shaping systems, rather than just operating within them.” P.. 84

What do you see as the potential risks to an organisation of leaders focusing their efforts at the operational side of the business rather than on the more strategic aspects of the business?



Article topic 1: 5 Steps Leaders Must Take in the Age of Uncertainty

Describing event or experienceWhile reviewing the topic, I have gained key information regarding the risks, which corporate leaders face while managing their organization, and be active influencer in broader systems. I comprehended that in the era of high risks due to changes in global economic policies, political realities affect corporate decision-making negatively. However, it is analyzed that use of innovative leadership paradigm might help leaders to improve operational business functions and shape extended system successfully (Reeves et al. 2018).                        
Reflective thinkingReflecting on this topic, I am able to improve my learning skills, which could help me to foster better academic and professional career. By reviewing the topic, I have interpreted that use of latest leadership practices is helpful for individuals to manage any kind risk or uncertainty in the era. It has also increased my research and analytical skills by the help of which I could derive the effect of the business uncertainties in the overall business operations. The topic review has helped me to realize comprehensive range of leadership functions or practices and evaluate its effectiveness for leaders to manage business and community as a whole in the era of uncertainty. Being a student, I could be able to apply the knowledge in improving my learning experience and driving strong growth in my academics. The analysis of leadership functions has been helpful for me to develop creativity in undertaking my tasks to improve academics.
AnalysisWhile reviewing and communicating about the topic with my co-students, I was faced with certain issues. I usually get nervous while speaking in audience. Therefore, this weakness disrupted me to interact with my co-students regarding the topic. Additionally, I have been unable to critically analyze the topic and derive the negative phase of the leadership programs, which is likely to create a negative effect on my learning experience. Lack of critical thinking skills might create pose adverse implications on my career. Nonetheless, I also gained positive reviews from my lecturer regarding analysis of the topic as each factor in the topic was effectively highlighted the queries were met which is effective in forming decisions. During the topic review, I got to know that I have effective decision making and analytical skills, which has helped to derive positive side of every aspect. It is very crucial for improving learning experience.
Making connectionsWith respect to my weakness, I could develop certain strategies for improving my skill and strengthen my learning experience. In order to improve my communication skills, I could engage myself in public speaking sessions and undertake effective listening classes. It might help me to lead my team members effectively. Furthermore, I need to develop my critical thinking skills to analyze information I gain in my academics effectively thereby manage team issues while undertaking academic projects together in future. In order to improve my critical thinking skills, I could develop key strategies. I could enrol myself into brainstorming activities, ask genuine to questions to my lecturer regarding specific topic as well as engage into group discussion with my co-students in order to resolve issues and think matters of decision in an analytical manner. These skills play an important role in my learning career and are like to develop effective leadership skills in me so that I also could be able to manage risks in my life and career effectively.

Article topic 2: Leading virtual teams

Describing event or experienceDuring reviewing the topic, I came to know that handling virtual team is a complicated task and the leaders have to go through a wide range of practices for managing team of members located in different areas together with communication technology. Activities like establishing trust via communication technology, fostering diversity, managing work cycle virtually, and developing validity play a key role in managing the activities virtually (Malhotra et al. 2007).
Reflective thinkingAs I opine, the most important practice of leadership while managing virtual teams is management of work cycle and meetings as it might face different kinds of mechanical and network issues. Poor network in communication might hamper performance quality (Agahheris et al. 2019). The second most key practice is maintaining diversity in team. This practice contains series of time-consuming and complex tasks like virtual sub-teaming and rotation of sub-team members (Malhotra et al. 2007). Moreover, maintain trust and analyzing performance using communication technology is also a critical task as technical issues, might cause failure in performance evaluation, which could affect decision-making (Marlow et al. 2018). Lastly, managing team’s external visibility and rewarding team’s performance is important also in managing the motivation level of the virtual team members and reporting out virtual steering committees by local bosses. Ranking these practices of leadership has helped me to analyze the individual importance of leadership practices, which is helpful for me to enhance my learning experience
AnalysisWhile reviewing the topic, I analyzed that I am able to assess the importance of leadership practices and rank it well. It states that I have effective decision-making skills, which help me to decide which practice is more important for leaders. In addition to that, I also gained positive experiences in analysis of the topic as I could rank the leadership practices by providing reliable reason for my decision. This reflects that I possess effective reasoning abilities which is helpful for me to improve my learning experience thereby flourish in my academics. It is also helpful for me to ensure sound professional career. In future, I could prioritize and apply these practices on my team members for managing tasks effectively. Furthermore, I face certain weaknesses in reviewing the topic. Ineffective critical thinking skills of mine have disrupted me to analyze more on these skills which could have helped me to improve my learning experience.
Making connectionsWith respect to analysis of my experience in reviewing the topic on leadership associated with virtual teams, I deduce that I lack certain skills, which is likely to hamper my scope of learning. However, I could adopt key strategies to enhance my reasoning skills. It shall help me to improve my relation with co-students, lecturer and other people in future related to my career. It might also help me to drive sound career success, form decision effectively and develop creativity. To ensure these benefits, I could engage in key activities. I could start playing mind games or games requiring reasoning skills, question on decisions I form, read fiction, talk to myself in front of mirror, ensure daily journaling as well as attend online workshops for improving reasoning skills.  Incorporation of these activities by me for development of reasoning abilities is likely to help me to foster sound professional career in future in my desired field of job.                                     

Article topic 3: Strategic leadership: The essential skills

Describing event or experienceReflecting on the topic, I comprehended the concept and value of the six skills associated with strategic leadership. The six leadership skills such as challenge, interpret, anticipate, decide, align and learn are helpful for a strategic leader to manage business activities as per the strategic vision as well as administer performance of the employees to ensure accomplishment of strategic goals and objectives (Schoemaker et al. 2013). I also interpreted that a strategic leader faces key threats while managing business; however, use of the skills is helpful for the leaders to respond positively towards organizational risks.
Reflective thinkingSubsequent to the review of the topic of strategic leadership skills, I analyzed that the most key skill amongst the 6 is challenge. This skill is helpful for me to act as strategic thinker and question status quo. By the help of this skill, I could be able to challenge others and my personal presumptions thereby support diverse point of view. It might also help me to identify potential risks that might occur in my learning experience. After having careful examination and reflection of problems via multiple lenses, I could be able to undertake decisive action. However, I might require open mind, courage and patience for developing such skill to improve my personality. By challenging right way, I could elicit conflicting and complex information invariably. Through proper coaching, I could help myself to invite diverse views for challenging own thinking. For improving ability of challenging I need to emphasize on root causes of issues instead of symptoms. Application of 5whys could also support me to develop such strategic leadership skill.       
AnalysisDuring analysis of the topic, I faced certain negative as well as positive experiences that are likely to affect my career and learning scope. I interacted with my co-students regarding the topic, which has helped me to analyze the importance of the skills in strategic leadership. Effective interaction of the information related to strategic leadership skills has supported me decide the most important skill which could be undertaken necessarily while managing actions. I also made maximum effort in evaluating the topic, however, limited time frame disrupted me to further analyze the reasons behind the importance of the skills in leading strategically. This reflects ineffective time management as my key weakness, which I require improving in order to further strengthen my learning abilities.
Making connectionsAnalysis of the reflective statement, helped me realize the need for improving my time-management skills to improve my academic performance and attain goals of avoiding delay in my job. It shall assist me to reflect standard quality performance to my lecturer. In order to manage time, I could engage in numerous activities. I could start my tasks, as early as possible, develop proper deadlines for the job to complete, for time schedule or time plan to complete the assigned job accordingly, focus on prioritizing work, meditate regularly for removing stress and avoid multitasking as well. Moreover, if required I could attend proper online classes to obtain effective guidance regarding how to manage time.

Article topic 4: Leadership style in relation to organizational change and organizational creativity: Perceptions from nonprofit organizational members

Describing event or experienceBy reviewing the topic I have been able to analyze the connection of key leadership styles with organizational change or creativity.  As per the views of Lutz Allen et al. (2013), the readiness message is likely to describe needs for change and develop staffs’ confidence, which they are able to form changes. I also interpreted that leadership approaches to play a key role in management of strategic changes in business successfully.
Reflective thinkingWith respect to the last topic, I opine that sincerity, trustworthiness and credibility are regarded as the key attributes of the transformational leadership. I have comprehended that since the attributes are related to transformational leadership, the transformational leaders as compared with laissez-faire and transactional leaders tend to be more likely and effectively able to form psychological climate, which inspires readiness to change. I have gained knowledge that these attributes of transformational leadership help the leaders to develop credibility amongst the followers towards the leader, which helps the leaders to inspire staffs to be motivated towards managing change in the business. While reviewing the information, I comprehended that at staff level, a successful transformational leader modifies attitudes, beliefs and the values of the followers. I also comprehended that at organizational level, the transformational leader serves as key change agents that form and apply innovative directions to employers.  Therefore, effective transformational leaders are able to drive psychological climate, which is likely to develop change.   
AnalysisBy reviewing the topic, I have assessed that whether the transformational leaders consider being more likely as compared to laissez-faire or transactional leaders for leading in such way that members of the organization consider their organization to be supportive for creativity and ready for change. Reflecting on the topic, I analyzed that unlike laissez-faire leadership, transformational leadership positively relates with psychological atmosphere for organizational change. Furthermore, I also evaluated that was adversely connected with psychological environment for organizational creativity and change While making an analytical discussion on the topic, I faced conflicting views in my co-students, which gradually developed into conflicts. Due to lack of effective leadership skills in me, I was unable to resolve the conflicts which disrupted my learning experience. Therefore, I am required to develop key skills of conflict management to improve my learning scope in the upcoming period
Making connectionsWith respect to my weakness in managing conflicts, I acknowledge that I am required to focus on effective strategies for meeting it in order to manage issues with my co-partners effectively in future. Strong focus over communication skills and competence of active listening, might help me to influence others and manage their mindset which is helpful in controlling conflicts. I need to be emotionally intelligent in managing conflicts. Furthermore, I could enroll into different online workshops for learning how to manage conflicts. I also need to maintain my level of patience, which could be done effectively by engaging in proper exercise and meditation. I need to avoid people having negative perspective and interact more with people following optimism, which could help me develop sense of positivity importance for managing conflicts.        

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