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Record On Communication-Oriented Methods For Business Growth Assessment 1 Answer

Assessment 1
Assessment type: Individual Assessment- Communication Diary 1,500 words

Purpose: This assessment builds your oral and written communications skills and gives you real life understanding of the challenges and rewards of effective communications. This relates to learning outcomes.

Value 25% 
Task details: 
At work, and personally we are bombarded with business related messages on the daily basis.
These messages come from a range of people/companies and may be through any number of formats including radio, television, email, telephone/mobile, computer, face to face meetings or even hand written notes. They may be communicated to everyone, everyone at work,people in your team or just to you.
Some of these massages are memorable (for the fright/wrong reasons) and others are not.

Questions:  For this assessment, you are required to keep a diary for four(4) different types of work/personal/study related communications you receive.
Submit a record of the communications you receive in a word table, using a below headings..
a. Date
b. Mode(e.g Radio, Phone, Email,  Television)
c. Type (e.g Advertisement,  Payment request and donor collection)
d. Style(e.g Humorous,  Friendly,  Apologetic)
e. Effective (i.e Yes or No)
f. Why or Why not effective (free text)
2. Choose two of these communications that you feel were well constructed or were able to get the messages across and analyze why this was the case.
3. Choose two of these communications that you feel were poorly constructed or were able to get the messages across and analyze why this was the case.
4. Recommendations
5. Conclusion
6. References.



In today's modern era, growths in businesses are achieved through various communication-oriented methods. These broadly include emails, text messages, visual advertisements, audio advertisements, face-to-face meet-ups, and other co-related forms (Lund et al., 2010). It has been found, especially in the last few years that email marketing and digital marketing are exponentially increasing, with an increase in consumer-oriented demands. For this purpose, businesses these days, are trying to approach their niches more comprehensively by poking them with continues business-related messages. (Sweeney et al., 2014) Although not every method turns successful, the agenda behind these messages involve certain factors which significantly helps businesses to grow. These include brand awareness, the flow of information, awareness about "sale", and sometimes, even to grab the consumer's attention for varied reasons (Carlson et al., 2013). Further, to maintain and figure out how these messages are conveyed and what intention do they have, below is the table which will bifurcate between the four different types of communications that one receives. These will broadly include criteria such as type, model, style, effectiveness, and others. The review will later figure out two most influential and two non-effective messages along with appropriate justifications on behalf.

Communication Diary

Types of Business-Related Messages
Reason- Effective/Non-Effective
Offers and Deals
10th Oct 2020 
The campaign targeted my recent searches on Amazon and thus, made the message look more expressive towards generating my needs for availing the “exclusive offers and deals”. 
Event Information
16th Oct 2020 
Text Message
The message was a bit humorous and friendly towards the musical choice that made me click the link mentioned in the text message.
Polls and Service
27th Oct 2020 
Social Media
Online Survey
Such online surveys are booming nowadays due to which the effectiveness and the perception towards such advertisements have decreased.
Healthful Tips
3rd Nov 2020 
Text Message
Subscription Request
Such business-oriented text messages are predictive in the beginning. The message demanded to procure a “subscription pack” due to which the effectiveness was found missing.

Effective Types of Business-Related Messages

Amongst these business-related messages, the email on "Offers and Deals" and the text message regarding the "Event Information" was found most compelling and well-constructed to achieve the respective agendas. While the email was highly focused my recent Amazon searches, the text message’s friendly approach made me found them more effective amongst all. Concerning the email regarding offers and deals, the structure of the body was crisp and catchy, which made the overall experience of the journey throughout the mail effective. The “Subject” of an email plays an essential part in justifying the importance of opening and reading that mail (Mullender et al., 2013). People these days receive a lot of business-oriented emails which makes them feel that they are being approached in ‘hawkish’ manner. In order to avoid such perceptions, businesses are required to focus more on the consumer's point of view. (Nikitovic & Garabinovic, 2018) Considering the email that I found most effective, the subject itself echoed “80% off” that made me open the mail and hence, purchase the product that was saved in the wish-list. The new era of digital marketing has enabled organisations to get overviews about what the customer demands, as per the demographic locations, and hence, turns it into an opportunity for businesses (Obradovish et al., 2012). 

The “Event Information” message was highly crisp and well-oriented that made it turn effective to develop consumer-relationship more appropriately. Generally, individual these days receive texts regarding payment reminders and subscription modules. (Iribarren et al., 2017) Still, this particular text message matched my musical taste due to which I clicked on the link mentioned at the end of the message. Bulk messaging is not a new concept that is adopted by businesses; it was found in the early 2000s when text-messaging was booming the marketplace. Several network providers even made the idea look more significant through availing free-messaging concept, but after 2010, when social media started booming, the relevance of text-messaging started decreasing (Chitiveli et al., 2012). From the past few years, the idea has only lasted due to business, payment and study oriented flow of information. These include bank transactions, online transfers, notification on order placing, and other similar essential messages. (Vaidya, 2017) Bulk messaging is a vital aspect of direct marketing due to which the structure of the message written becomes the most crucial part. The "Event Information" that I received was concentrated towards making the reader feel comfortable and vital to make a decision. While most of the text-messages are failing because of their insufficient approaches, this particular message made me take action after going through it. 

Non-Effective Types of Business-Related Messages

Further, the “Polls and Service” and the “Healthful Tips” messages were found no less than a ‘hawkish approach’. With the advancement in social media marketing, the businesses are now approaching people without dignifying or analysing their niches. Although polls and services category businesses don't have any particular demographic targets, the attempt of approaching everyone together makes them fail miserably (Farrenkopf et al., 2011). While going through the social media advertisement of “Polls and Services”, I found it difficult to tune my relevance with the information they were seeking, due to which it became non-effective. Social media, nowadays, plays an essential role in everyone’s life, and businesses have a massive opportunity in front of them to gain their baseline structure for their organisations (Chaffey, 2019). While specific tools and software enable any individual to become designer, the message and copywriting remain a factor to consider more efficiently. Every consumer follows the concept of WITFO (What is there for me?), concerning which the relevance of advertisements are favourably judged. Thus, to turn the polls and service trials more effective, businesses are suggested to persuade a perception from consumer's point of view, rather than approaching them inappropriately. (Steevensz, 2016) Such attempts may even lead to unnecessary troubles as consumers have the right and opportunity to “block” such as advertisements and pages. 

Lastly, considering the “Healthful Tips” text-message, the message was highly predictive at the beginning as it clearly stated “subscription package”. Such types of messages are just business-oriented and not consumer-oriented due to which an individual finds it irritating most of the time. These types of messages are sent to objectify their agenda of selling more subscription packages (Kannan, 2017). That is perhaps the reason that consumers find the approach more inappropriate to give it a shot. When I received the text message, the structure clearly stated that it regards my health concerns, and that is the reason when I opened that message. After reading the first few lines, the word "subscription" came in front, beyond which I was not interested in reading anymore. The beneficial tips are supposed to care about the customer's health more significantly due to which their relevance increases efficiently. Even if businesses are approaching their clients with subscription modules, they should instead give them a choice to either subscribe or enjoy the free benefits. Hence, the “Healthful Tips” text message was not significant enough to justify the customer’s benefit in it. 


Further, for the above types of messages, that is “Polls and Service” and the “Healthful Tips”, below are the recommended suggestions:

  • The businesses should positively focus on the WITFO concept to justify their messages more comprehensively. In order to enable the customers to take actions, benefits and motives are required to be clearly explained briefly in the first few sentences. Copywriting agents and individuals work on a priority basis to justify the high CTAs (Call to Action) (Lezzi, 2010). Thus, such Polls and Services oriented businesses are recommended to adapt copywriting methods and approaches to dignify their structure more appropriately. (Evgenii, 2018)
  • For the “Healthful Tips” text-message oriented businesses, it is highly recommended to adopt a sustainable approach in their modules. For that purpose, firms are first required to justify their demographic niches and then run their bulk messaging marketing tactic accordingly (Schwab, 2016). The individuals should not feel uncomfortable and irritated with continues text messages. For that purpose, the businesses are suggested to run bulk messaging every week, rather than traditional approaches. (Gunelius, 2018)


To conclude, growths in businesses are achieved through various communication-oriented methods which include emails, text messages, visual advertisements, audio advertisements, face-to-face meet-ups, and other similar processes. It has been found, especially in the last few years that email marketing and digital marketing are exponentially increasing, although not every method turn successful, the agenda behind these messages helps businesses to grow. The personal diary has significantly echoed that how various types of communication results variously. Hence, out of all the communications and messages discussed, two have been found as most effective, while the other two has been found significantly destructive. Thus, for the destructive messages and approaches, various recommendations are suggested which might help the businesses design their structure of practice more comprehensively.

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