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Promotional Health Care Project: Aboriginal Children and Maternal care

Health promotion grant proposal

Weight: 45%

Word Length: 2500 words

Notes: Written assessment - Health promotion grant proposal

There are 2 options for completing this assignment.

Option 1

Design your own health promotion project for a specific population.

If you currently work in health promotion in your health or community service you are encouraged to explore a project proposal that is relevant to your service and the populations in your service catchment area and meets the strategic directions of your health service as well as relevant state and national health targets. If you take this option we encourage you to discuss your ideas with relevant people at your work place.

Option 2

Design a health promotion project based on the aims and overall briefing of a larger regional project

This option is suitable for students not employed in health or community service that has a health promotion focus. Your regional Primary Health Network has put out a call for submissions for funding projects in your area. Your task is to choose one of these projects, and design a health promotion project that forms a smaller component of the overall project.

To complete this option, locate a PHN on the interactive map available at Primary Health Care Research and Information Service (PHCRIS) and identify an aspect of health promotion relevant to that PHN.

As the PHCRIS website is being updated and not currently available, please us the Australian Government Primary Health Networks site instead.  To use this site click on Contacts and this will take you to links to the state PHN websites. These will have information on their various health promotion priorities and you can base you proposal on one of these.


Whether you choose option 1 or 2 you should follow these guidelines in preparing and submitting your assignment.

You have been asked by your health service manager or unit manager to lead the development and design of a health promotion program and write a grant proposal to submit for the upcoming round of funding. Grants of up to $20,000 are available and the projects have to be completed within a 12 month time frame. You are expected to showcase your proposal to; The Health Promotion Planning Committe who will then assess the proposal prior to submission.  Please note, that in practice the instructions usually say that proposals submitted beyond the deadlines will not be considered.  So plan ahead, manage your time wisely and submit on time.

Preparation: you should be thinking about this project as you complete Modules 1-3. Module 4 is designed to assist you in preparing the bulk of your assignment. Within Module 4 you will complete a number of templates that will help you design your project and write your grant. 

In your assignment you are expected to

  1. Consider a particular community with which you are familiar
  2. Use a template to complete the assignment you can choose one from planning and evaluation wizard, or select one of your choosing (if you select one of your choosing it must include sufficient scope to include the following instructions).
  3. Follow the hyperlinks below for specific elements that are included in each of the 3 major sections of the proposal.
  4. Your project proposal should not exceed 12 pages (Keep in mind that funding bodies specify size of proposals and are strict in enforcing them. They get many more proposals than there are funds to award. So they use the criteria of  submission length as one of the indicators to reject the proposal if it goes over the limit.)
  5. Ensure that you make the case for your project and include essential elements as recommended in the Primary Health Care Planning and Evaluation Wizard 
  6. Include a detailed project plan and evaluation plan (must be achievable in a 12 month timeframe)
  7. Include a budget for the proposed project (must be realistic and not to exceed $20,000)
  8. Include a reference list: and
  9. Follow standard academic and professional report/proposal writing conventions.



The promotional health project is based on Aboriginal Children health care and marital care. The project is all about the prevention of child abuse and their neglect. This health project is founded in this in Sydney. It is mainly a national, independent and charitable organization. The mission of the project is to prevent the child abuse and it is needed to neglect as it ensures safety as well as the wellbeing of Australian Child. 

The project can seek to motivate and it empowers the adults for bringing for the changes which it prevents the child maltreatment in order to promote the conduct as well as the dissemination within the sound research. It is informed that there are public awareness and the attitude for the children(Australian High Commission ,  2018). It also advocates the changes within the legislation as well as the public policy as they put the requirement and the rights for the children first. The promotional programs as well as the services as they can effective which support the vulnerable children as well as their families.

 This project also promotes for the maternal issues of Child Health Bureau among the Aboriginal community. The mental health of the community is due to the absorption of the global economy and it is linked with the higher rate of depression, suicide, violence within the communities(Australian  Institute of Company Directors (AICD), 2018). The project is thus benefitted for all types of people within Aboriginal people.

The name of this project is “be Healthy and be fit for Tomorrows”. This program is a collaborative partnership with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau or MCHB. The project makes its commitment to attaining the optimal physical, mental along with the emotional health of the children and their families. The MCHB can access for health care with the families and children. The grantees will support successful planning as they evaluate the initiatives.

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of the project, “Be Healthy and be fit for Tomorrows” is that it is stimulated with the innovative community-based programs which employ the prevention strategies which promote the access to the health care to the children and the families worldwide. The project funding can support the direct service projects which are not research projects(Chris & Blaize, 2019). This project can be designed for supporting the family centers initiatives and those are as follows:

1. The implementation and innovative approached has focused on the resources for promoting the community as it has been defined to prevent the child health and this development all objectives in respect to the vulnerable children(ACT Government, 2017).

2. The project fosters cooperation with the other community organizations and agencies.

3. This project involves various specialists, especially gynaecologists and pediatricians from different palaces of the countries(Burke, Shaw, & Schwartz,  2018).

4. It is needed to build up within the community and the state-wide partnerships within the professionals with the health, education and government in order to assure the healthy children as well as families(Gary, 2015).

Organization Type

The project “Be Healthy and be Fit for Tomorrows” is a private association build up by the senior and social service group of people. The project mainly targets the Aboriginal peoples in order to check the partners which can take part in this planning process. 

Target Geographic Area

The main targeted people of this project are the family members and other community members who are also associated with the Aboriginal group.  The relationships can increase the ability of the project which will address and can overcome the barriers. It also determines the existing partnerships and can find the partners which will fill up the project gaps. They can seek partners for common outcomes and goals which makes the connection with the other groups of representatives(Gary, 2015). The project is targeted with recruiting the partners for determining the benefits of the project in order to have the potential barrier. It also shares the news of the new funding opportunities with the partners and gets involves with them as earlier as the development as well as planning of the project. It is thereby clearly established and shared the responsibilities for each partner where it will communicate regularly with the partners(Thomson,  Tourangeau, Jeffs, & Puts, 2018).

Overview of Funding Request

The MCHB will encourage the organizations for developing the proposals and can build up the goals as well as their objectives. The guidelines related to the maternal issues are also taken into consideration within this project.

For that reason, the project has been granted $20000 for each year for a total period of 5 years. But it is established as the long term project. The objectives will be reviewed after 5 years of experience. The project should have direct service which can take the initiatives and the other components for establishing the initiatives. It demonstrates the potential for sustaining the financial and the federal support for the project. The project is needed to provide with 2 to 1 respective and now-matching funds. It is either in the form of in-kind and or with the other sources. It also supports the project within the years for 2 05 in order to engender the long term with sustainability. 

The budget for the first year is as follows:

Amount ($)
Fees of Doctors and Nurses
Maintenance charge
Fees of other staffs
Vehicles fees

Summarization of the specific purpose for which there are Kellogg funding

The requirements for the programs include the following programs in the project:

1. Primary care for the uninsured children and the children which is insured with the Medicaid(Australian Institute of  Company Directors (AICD), 2018).

2. The intervention and the care coordination services for the children with special health care requirements(Australian High  Commission , 2018).

3. The interventions for health promotion with the risk reduction with vulnerable families.

4. It is expanded with the perinatal care and the parent education services.

5. The overweight and the obesity initiative with the children( Oregon Health  & Science University, 2015).

6. The special health services which are mental health as well as the oral health issues.

The paediatrician and pediatric primary care provider can involve the collaboration with the Title V. The project wills the taken for the project advisory bond and evaluation plan. It is also taken into consideration of the matching funds and for the involvement of the child health issues with the target populations(Chen & Tai,  2018).

Explanation of the problem which is needed for the project aims to solve

The project Be Healthy and Be Fit for Tomorrows has proposed that there should be active paediatricians and pediatric primary care within these programs. The participation is considered as an important part within the broad array for the health care professional which is involved with this project(Open Book  Publishing, 2018). The paediatricians and the other pediatric primary care providers will play the central role within the provision as per the medical home and they can offer the medical guidance to this project. There are many applicants who can easily partnering with the paediatricians and the primary care providers in this pediatric section(GlobalSign, 2018). The partnership has offered the benefits with the planning as well as the implementation for the project. The present scenarios of the pediatric care providers are to process within the enlisted paediatrician participation. Thereby the suggestion will very helpful for further development within the role of the paediatrician s and the other primary care providers(Department of  Communication and Social Research, 2017). The project programmer and directors have recruited the paediatricians and the primary care providers in pediatric section in that sense(World Health  Organization, 2019).

It is also found that this health promoting project can grant the stress of the significance of the paediatrician and their direct involvement within the early stages of the project planning. The special cases of the project can be identified in identifying the paediatricians with the partner as they are needed to help this project accordingly(Chen & Tai,  2018).

These project paediatricians and the primary care providers are sometimes served as the project directors. The central role is to provide primary care in the medical home. It is essential to include the development as well as the implementation for the programs for which the program is improved(,  2019). The paediatricians and the providers will vary the level of the availability as well as the expertise which is depending on the training the work experience the individual skills. The paediatricians and the providers participate in the following activities(Thomson,  Tourangeau, Jeffs, & Puts, 2018).

1. The assessment of the development for the granting the application.

2. It is served the advisory board members.

3. The pediatric health is delivered to the other paediatricians.

4. The primary health service can be provided to the project.

5. The main contact for the Children with for the special health care as required.

6. The parent education programs or materials.

7. The health professionals or train volunteers.

8. The information for the funders with the community grown up as per the significance of the project. 

How the funding request will help the vulnerable children to succeed

1. To identify and contact the CATCH facilitators:

This program is associated with the community Access to Child Health or CATCH program as they provide service to the local child of Aboriginal people within the local areas. The paediatricians are found to frequently assist the communities by addressing such types of issues. This CATCH program will provide the technical assistance or TS and the key skills are necessary for developing the child health initiatives(Aiken, 2017). It includes community assessment and the development of the resources as necessary. The program is also designed for motivating the colleagues and the community which will build the program in evaluation. The community based programs for the local level. The paediatricians are found to guide and encourage other staff and patients and their families to be healthy all the time.

2. By following the replicate model within the paediatrician participation

The project is found to work on the process that will found the creative ways which will secure the involvement with the local paediatricians within the project. The Database is needed to update the program of the other staff so that they cannot miss anything to perform. The projects staffs are found to work within this project is mainly within the rural areas where they have to take the case the patients who do not get the project in this time(Arrue &  Zarandona, 2018). The project is required to recruit the local community paediatricians for serving the primary care medical home. The project patients will identify the paediatrician with the interest within the project health within the topic area with the mental health. The contact is needed to identify the children with the oral health issues( Oregon Health  & Science University, 2015). This several paediatrician officials with the community for describing the programs the benefits as they can offer for the oral health trainings within the effort which will increase the number with the oral health issues as it can identify the primary care visits. The implementation for the program can be referred for the oral treatment which is used for the resource as it is listed as it can provide the Healthy Tomorrow project(Georgiou, 2018). 

Outcomes that are expected to achieve

The Project outcomes are expected for these achievements:

1. It is needed to inform the chapter for submitting the proposal which is asking for writing the letter in supporting the project. 

2. It includes the partnership with the paediatricians and it is identified within the community.

3. The project is updated with updated for the chapter as especially it is involved with the proposal planning process which can be served for the project advisory board(APM Group Ltd., 2018).

4. The project can be taken for encouraging the chapter which attend the technical assistance of the program(Department of  Communication and Social Research, 2017).

Project timeline

The first budget is granted for the first year and it is considered as the 5 year project as the long run. The project will start on 10th of June, 2019. The deadline of the first phase is maintained in the period of 3 months. It is thereby needed to process the project activities with the project staffs as the knowledgeable with the experience for the project co-ordinators. The development of the program is based on the primary necessities of the children. So the first phase of maternal issues will be taken granted for next six months of period.

Does any part is requested for funding involved in lobbying

The potential members are severed within this program. The parent of caregiver or the patient will be able for attending the regular advisory brad meeting. It is needed to ensure that the parent will be under the advisory board and they are mainly participating only in the meeting when the suggestion will be given(Bush, 2016).

There are grassroots lobbying for the programs is associated with the influencing the specific legislation through the encouragements as per the help of public. They are getting contact with the specific legislation(Australian  Institute of Company Directors (AICD), 2018). It reflects the view which is according to the specific legislation and can be maintained the recipient the commitment in taking the lobbying action. The type of the communication in this project is under the call to action section.

On the other hand, the project is associated with the direct lobbying and can be designed for the legislator who is mainly the employee of the project. The specific piece of legislation is necessary with the Directors of the project. The board members are also involved in following this lobbying and the legislations(Department of Communication  and Social Research, 2017).


Therefore, the project “Be Healthy and Be Fit for Tomorrows” can be a successful promotional project which is mainly designed for the Child health and the maternal health. This program thereby influences others franchise to get associate with this project. The program is maintained their objectives for the programs so that the total fund can be fulfilled with the program. 

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