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Pro​​​​ject Assessment Plan of AH and B College Assessment Answer


Assessment Conditions

Assessment must be conducted in a safe environment where evidence gathered demonstrates consistent performance of typical activities experienced in the general administration field of work and in9*4*clude access to office equipment and resources. The activity must ensure that: You have access to an actual workplace (one that you are familiar with and have regular access) or simulated workplace and access to office equipment and resources (
Throughout this unit you will be assessed on:
1. Defining project 2. Developing project plan 3. Administering and monitoring project 4. Finalising project 5. Reviewing project
Follow the assessment instructions:
Your assessment will need to be professional in style, content and format, (done on a computer; maximum font size 11 points; font Arial or limes New Roman; single spacing; clear paragraphs). Please attach this assessment cover sheet to all assessment submissions.
The Situation: College Presentation Evening
You must plan, organise, and facilitate the review of an end of year presentation evening (held at AH&B College). • The presentation evening will include a show (with catwalk presentation of students' hair designs), speeches, and a presentation ceremony. • The evening needs to be catered (including food & alcohol). • Invitees include: local business identities, guest speakers (or artists), stakeholders & KOL's. • Invitations/programs/marketing materials/run sheets. • Include arrangements and operational plans for music, an MC, lights, sound and stage, college decoration etc. • Security arrangements (remember the Prime Minister will be there). • Budgets and timelines. • Legislation requirements (i.e. Can alcohol be served? Do you need a licence?). * Your assessment may include Third Party evidence Important Note: One of the guests is the Prime Minister of Australia and this project needs to be sent to the Prime Minister's office (and possibly ASIO; FED Police) for their approval. Your project is expected to be produced in an appropriate format to that of delivering a similar document to a senior government official and Director of the College.

Part 1

Develop a scope document for your project. It must include:

1. A summary of the project 2. Identify project stakeholders 3. Identify the limits of your responsibility 4. Outline how your project relates to other projects 5. Determine required resources 6. Determine legislation requirements/parameters 7. Proof of communication with stakeholders (meeting minutes, emails).

Part 2

Develop a plan for your project. Your plan must include a folio with the documents below:

1. Timelines with details of tasks, roles and responsibilities (using project management tools or software such as Gantt charts, Work Breakdown Structures) 2. A risk management plan (e.g. Security and 1-4,,rrorism concerns; liquor on the premises; WHS etc) 3. A budget 4. Proof of communication with stakeholders (meeting minutes, emails).

Part 3

Write a final project report. In your report you must include: 1. Description of how you implemented/implement the project. 2. Description of the records that you keep and where they are stored. 3. Description of any problems that emerged and how you deal with these. In particular, a description of how you monitor risks and what you did/will do about the risks that emerged. 4 Description of each project deliverable and whether or not you achieved these. You should contain a review of each outcome against your project scope and your plan. 5. Description of the processes you will use to reallocate resources on completion of the project. 6. Provide a review of the overall project process — listing lessons learnt from the project as a whole. 7 Review summary.

'''Third Party evidence could include: certificates of participation, letters from supervisors or mentors, or professional evaluation documentation.


Project Assessment Plan

Part 1

Scope of the project

Summary of the project:

The AH&B college organizes a presentation ceremony comprising several spectacular performances at the end of an academic year. The students always look upon this event throughout the year with great enthusiasm and keen interest. The program will consist of a ramp walk showcasing the talents of the students by staging the eye-catching hair designs done by them. Following the ramp walk, there will be speeches by eminent professionals from the field, the Vice-Chancellor, the principal and the directors of the college. A directorial team for this event will be formed comprising representatives from the students, participants, teachers and also from the other authorities concerned. Everything needed to make this event more successful will be thought of and to make each action more precise small groups will be made who will work on separate aspects of the project (Assessment, 2018)

Project Stakeholders:

The stakeholders play a major role in project planning and evaluating their success rate after completion. The main stakeholders for this event are the college authorities, the sponsors, the students, the suppliers, the conveners, the participants, the audience, the government and police because if they do not permit all the necessary documents the event cannot be executed, and all the special guests including the respected prime minister of Australia (Gerke& Teeter,2017). The success story of a project lies in the satisfaction of its stakeholders.

Limits of responsibility:

A project head is liable to abide by all the rules and regulations of the college, the government and the state. It is necessary to keep in mind a few limitations which should not be ignored. Such as taking permission from the college authorities before assigning any fund for some activity, always working in a calm and poised manner, should not offend or disrespect someone, should not support any activity which is against the law and order.

Relation of the project to other projects:

This project differs from other projects in many ways. This project consists of involvements from the students and also from the stakeholders, AH&B college considers the stakeholders as an integral part of the project not only as their partners, dedication is given the utmost importance while executing this project.

Required resources:

The main resources needed to organize a college event is funding from the sponsors, then necessary permits from police and government to pursue the event conveniently. A proper venue, musical setup, lighting, microphones these are the basics for organizing an event. A master of the ceremony (MC) should be appointed to make the event run in a proper rhythm. All these setups will be trial and tested beforehand to avoid any mishaps during the event (Laird,2020). Arrangements for refreshments and security is an integral part of the event.

Determination of Legislation requirements/ parameters:

While organizing an event few laws and acts should be kept in mind, the Environment Protection Act 1997 of Australia prescribed some limits for sound decibels based on the type of sound, place and time. Proper permissions should be taken from the government and other concerned authorities before arranging the musical setups (Ostrow & Wyatt-Baxter, 2016). Also, a dedicated team should work on checking the photo ID proofs of students and participants making sure no one below the age 18 can get hold of alcohol. There are four main parameters for a project that is time, cost, quantity and quality. 

Proof of communication with the Stakeholders

(A copy of invitation mailed to the Prime Minister; Australia is given below which is a valid proof of communication with one of the stakeholders.)[Refer to Appendix 1]

Part 2

Timelines with details of tasks, roles and responsibilities

Work breakdown structure

Formulating the main directorial team for the event.
This team will take all the necessary decisions and actions needed for this event.
This directorial team can be made by the voting process or by selection process by the college authority.
By forming the directorial team, the base is formed.
Small groups are made and the separate task is given.
By this way, each action can be done simultaneously and precisely.
This division of team will be based on the areas of interest of each member.
Comprising all the jobs done by the different groups, a major part of organizing the event will get done automatically.
Promotional activities
It is important to promote the event through various marketing and promotional events.
A specific team will be held responsible to organize all the promotional events.
An event will remain incomplete without promotions.
Allocation of budget
It is done by the finance team in a manner to gain optimum utilization of the estimated budget.
The finance team at first decide on the total budget get it approved by the concerned authorities and then start spending accordingly.
Proper allocation of budget is the most important part of planning an event, this will help to run the event without any monetary hassles.
Final checking by the directorial team before the event day
This is done by the main team to keep a check that everything that was planned is properly executed or not.
The main team will check the present scenario of all the jobs done and will compare it with the final output desired while assigning the job.
This is nothing but making sure that all the plans are executed or not.
The final execution of the project
All these plans will go in vain if it is not executed properly.
Everyone associated with the project should perform according to the plans.
Proper execution of all activities will make the project a successful one.
Final review of the event after completion
This will be done by the directorial team, the stakeholders and also the college authority to know about the different loopholes that were there while planning or executing the event so that those could be avoided while planning the next event.
This evaluation process is done by comparing the result desired with the result gained.
Further events will be beneficial if all the mistakes of these events are kept in mind.

Gantt chart

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Formulation of the directorial team

Making small groups and assigning tasks

Promoting the event

Allocation of budget

Final progress check by the main team

Execution of the final project

Review of the project

Risk management plan

Number of Risks
Risks observed
Description of the observed risk and how to avoid that
Risk 1
People in the event violating any law or behaving unruly for example consumption of Liquor on the premise without taking any prior permission.
This type of risk can be observed if proper security arrangements are not made, a special team should be held responsible to look after all the rules and regulations of the event and enough securities should be appointed.
Risk 2
Equipment not working properly.
This type of risk may occur if all the equipment is not tried and tested beforehand, also backups should be there for emergencies.
Risk 3
Insufficiency of medical kit
The dedicated medical team should be present throughout the day for any kind of medical emergencies so that the first aid could be done at the earliest (Arcuriet al., 2019).
Risk 4
Safety of Food / Beverages
The quality of food or alcohol supplied by the catering should be examined before hiring them.
Risk 5
Electrical faulty issues
All the electrical equipment used should have backups so that in case of any fault age also the event is not hampered in any way.

Risk management planning is one of the vital parts of planning an event if everything is planned well but all the risks that may occur are not taken into account then it may hamper the event. 

Budget Plan

This table is the estimated budget for this event, which consist of eight main headings comprising of several sub-headings, after allocating cost to all the tasks the total budget is estimated as 22249$. A budget is very important for the successful running of an event and to avoid overspending.

Proof of communication with stakeholders

A copy of acknowledgement mailed to the sponsors of the event is given here as a proof of communication with stakeholders.

Part 3

Implementation of the project

All the plans should be implemented systematically to make the final output of the project fruitful. The project should be planned timely at least a month ago and all the necessary precautions should get done a week before the big day. Proper timing is very important to make a project successful. Cost signifies estimation of budget and to allocate cost based on the importance of that particular activity. This type of event is based on quality not quantity, the quality of the final product presented by the project should be matching or exceeding the expectations of the stakeholders.

Description of the records and where that is stored

The important records should be stored maintaining a proper file both in hard copy and soft copy, these recordsinclude all the expense receipts and details of other funds. This can be analyzed from the followings:

  • Official mail and email correspondence, including letters, associations, pictures 
  • Papers if adventure social occasions 
  • Undertaking request, recommendation, brief. 
  • Accomplice contact nuances 
  • Change and distinction requests 
  • Undertaking diary 
  • Issue logs/chance logs/decisions made Status reports and summaries 
  • Procurement papers 
  • Gathering rules, rules, notes, etc. 
  • Handover/end reports

Project deliverables review

Based on all the plans and work schedules, like deciding on the directorial team, assigning tasks to small groups, promotional events, allocating cost, checking of work progress, everything was done within the schedule and made the event victorious. The review can be studied from the followings:

  • The Analyst will make a record pack from experience documentation. 
  • The Review Team will organize nice exploratory social events with Package Coordinator, bundle drives, Planner, Testing Coordinator, Administative Support Assistant for the endeavor, and so on. 
  • The wants and documentation are assessed, and a brief timeframe later analyzed against the grasped Project Methodology. 
  • Meeting arrangement advancement is performed. 
  • The PRL will talk with Project individuals. 
  • The Project Review will follow the PRL's course of action and survey questions.

Reallocation of resources

Resource allocation should be done properly to get optimum results from the resources used, after the accomplishment of the event it is important to reallocate the resources appropriately. There are the few lessons which can be learnt while organizing and executing this event.

Lessons learnt from this project

  • We should always work in a team avoiding silo mentality.
  • The budget should be considered more precisely.
  • Promotional events should be given more importance.
  • Consistency is the main game for performers. 
  • Mistakes will be there but learn from it.

Review of the project

Proper planning worked as the main ingredient for making this event a big one. Maintaining a healthy relationship among the team members was another tool which made the project a successful one. Dedication, consistency, activeness these all worked as a catalyst to make the project a remarkable one. The event was appreciated by one and all present there.

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