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PROJ6016 Disaster Management for LPG Division at Gulf Petrochemical Assessment Answer

Subject Code and TitlePROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C
AssessmentTwo  Status Report
Length1000 words
Learning Outcomes
  1. Chart a course for a substantial industry project
  2. Ensure the project bridges theory and practice
  3. Integrate technology into learning environment
Total Marks10 marks


In the course of this subject the student will be responsible for bridging theory and practice while undertaking a substantial body of work above and beyond their normal employment duties. The student will prepare a daily log of their activities and present to the academic supervisor at fortnightly intervals. The academic supervisor will then provide formative guidelines and feedback to the student so they can ensure the overall subject objectives are met.


In preparing your assignment, ensure you include the following:

  • a daily log of activities as part of the project;
  • a description of the tasks that have been achieved on that day;
  • an explanation of the outcome and how it is related to the project; and
  • supporting commentary and reflection.
  • Project status reports that demonstrate the capstone project’s progress and how milestone have been accomplished.

The student should construct a pro forma that they will use to fill out their daily logs. Each time the log is submitted it should include the logs of the previous submission. It should be continuously submitted to Blackboard, overwriting the previous submission.


PROJ6016 Project Management Capstone C

Risk and Disaster management for the LPG Division at Gulf Petrochemical services and Trading

Executive Summary

 The main aim of the progress report is recording all the project tasks had been accomplished by the team members and project manager. The project initiation date is 7th May 2020 and the completion date are 22nd June 2020.  The given time needs to be followed for managing all the project tasks. The status report of the project work is being provided in the Appendix A. The progress report would be prepared as per the project plan and the main report will be submitted on 22nd June 2020.

The progress report needs to be discussed to study the overall progress of the tasks:

  • Design Stage process
  • Time Management
  • Quality Management
  • Estimation of the cost


The progress report is the document that mainly explains the overall completion of the project work. The progress report always outlines all the activities that had been completed by the project managers, and the number of milestones had been reached during the progress of the project work in future. The main purpose of the progress report is informing the customer's, associate or supervisors about the total progress of the project work in the given period. The progress report can be used as the lesson to improve the next upcoming projects in future. The project work would include disaster management plan for the Guld Petrochemical services. The project had been initiated on 7th May 2020, and the report would be submitted on 22nd June 2020.Progress period of the project work

Figure 1: Progress period of the project work

Design Stage

The design stage of the progress report has a total of five phases. The design process will analyse the phase 2 and phase 1 for making the risk matrix:

Goal: The main for the particular phase is providing a design brief which includes review of the accident report, reviewing site, preparing risk matrix, reviewed by the other project managers , planning risk mitigation strategy and construction of communication plan

Challenges: The main problem faced by the researcher to design progress report is communication with other project managers to discuss about the repair required in the pipeline system after the disaster. The inspection will occur using the HSE/FOR.9000 and a risk management expert would evaluate the risk present in the disaster. However, making a strong communication is highly important for the project manager to navigate the disaster management project for avoiding fatality form the communal disease 

Output: The brief of project design is being prepared in appendix B are taken into consideration :

Requirements of Gulf Petrochemical Services and Trading :  The Gulf Petrochemical  had undertaken different project managers  from the cross functional departments. The project managers needs to create a risk matrix  to tackle the communal disease later on.

Requirements of project managers:   A trainer to train the employees to use the risk mitigation methods against any disaster. The review of existing risk is extremely important for the project managers. Needs to create a communication plan for navigating the project tasks.

Risk matrix, risk mitigation plan and communication plan:  The risk matrix includes all the analysis of impact in terms of catastrophic and critical situation. Risk mitigation plan will be used to tackle the identified risk using the risk matrix. All the activities need to communicated using the prepared communication plan.

Phase 2: Concept design phase

Goals: The main goals of phase 2 and phase 3 is assessing the risks that are being involved in the company’s customers, employees and site. The project manager needs to rate and evaluate overall risks involved in the pipeline system like leakage.

Challenges:    Promoting the government to provide safety measures for the petroleum firms to protect the underground pipeline from any type of disasters. The presence of techno genic accidents and catastrophes could change the site of the Gulf Petroleum. Restriction of using or changing the composition of the natural resource.

Outputs: The main output of the present concept phase are:

Communication Plan:  The communication plan is one of the crucial approaches to provide helping hand to all the stakeholders that examines all the information. The communication plan defines the specified information to deliver the project work. The communication channels could be used for delivering the main information (Qazi & Akhtar, 2020).

Risk Matrix:  The risk matrix is the matrix used for assessing the overall level of each risks involved in the tasks.  The main mechanism of the risk matrix is increasing the risk visibility and assisting the decision-making process regularly. The downside risk could be calculated as the great harm in the products. The risk matrix is one of the most useful approach to reduce the total harm present in the project.

Review of accident report: The accident prevention had always improved the overall causes of the accidents. The accidents cause needs to be determined by the Gulf Petrochemicals responsibly. The supervisor of the Gulf petrochemicals needs to perform the accident investigation by accomplishing the work without any undue interruption and delay.

Drafting the cost estimation: Given in Appendix D

Cost Management

The main components of the project are shelter, food and materials bought from the local market. Present in Appendix D

Unit Rate
Amount US$

Review the Accident Report


Site visit and review


Preparing the risk matrix


Review by other project managers of the company


Plan the risk mitigation strategy


Chartering the communication plan to employees


Total Amount


Table 1: Summary of the cost estimation draft

Time Management

The first milestone had represented the time management plan. The first milestone report is provided in the table :Illustration of the time management

Figure 2: Illustration of the time management

Milestone 1
7th May 2020
Review accident
Right on track
Check Appendix B
Milestone 2
21st May 2020
Making risk matrix

Check Appendix B
Milestone 3
28th May 2020
Reviewing other project managers

Check Appendix B
Milestone 4
11th June 2020
Planning risk mitigation strategies

Check Appendix B
Milestone 5
18th June 2020
Communication plan

Check Appendix B
Milestone 6
22th June 2020
Submitting final report

Check Appendix B

Table 2: Status of Milestones 

Quality Management

Quality management plays an important role in project work. The present design checklist starts on 7th May 2020. The task presented in the first checklist to make sure every data had been gathered during the first phase.Illustration of the quality management

Figure 3: Illustration of the quality management

Checklist for project design
7th May 2020
Risk Matrix
Project on track
Check appendix B

Risk Mitigation Plan

Communication Plan

Table 3: Status of the first design checkli

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