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PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control: Change Control Assessment 1 Part B Answer

Subject Code and Title
PROJ6003 Project Execution and Control
Assessment 1: Change Management (2 parts) Part A: Module 1-2 Discussion Forum
Part B: Change Control
Part A: Individual
Part B: Individual/Group
Part A: 750 words
Part B: 1500 words/student
Learning Outcomes
1. Draw on tools and techniques of sourcing project data, develop a range of processes and measures to manage scope, change and quality on complex global projects.
50% (Part A: 15%; Part B: 35%)
Total Marks
Part A: 15 marks Part B: 35 marks


During project execution, project managers ensure that project work is completed as specified in the Project Management Plan and according to project requirements. Requirements may change throughout the course of a project. Changes need to be controlled, ensuring all of their impacts upon the project are managed effectively and are incorporated into existing management plans and project baselines.

The process of directing and managing project work requires project managers to take on numerous responsibilities and to exhibit characteristics such as attention to detail, constant communication and effective leadership.


For this Assessment refer to the assessment case study found in Key Learning Resources.

There are two parts for this assessment: 1 Discussion Forum (Part A) that prepares students to write a Change Management Plan (Part B).

Each student will construct an initial response in approximately 500 words to the following questions and post on the Module discussion forums. Students will be graded individually on how students demonstrate/share project change management theories and contribute to the general discussion of the topic over weeks 2, 3 & 4 as well as their 250-words written response. The initial and responding posts must be submitted by the end of Module 2 (Total 750 words).

Part A: Module 1-2 Discussion Forums

Managing Project Changes

Why is change management a necessary component of project management? Consider the given case study, critically analyse and identify key issues that could lead to any necessary changes in the project. What processes or strategies do you think would work best to perform the identified change requests from the case study?


Part A  Complete your posts by the end of Module 2.

Part B: Change Control

Based upon the given case study, in groups or as an individual, develop a report on change control. In the report:

  1. Identify changes required for the case study. Critically analyse their impact on scope, time, cost, quality of the project and the techniques used to manage them.
  2. Explain what processes are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes necessary from your analysis of the case study.
  3. Identify and discuss options to satisfy each change request and any risks associated to the options.
  4. Complete the change request/control form provided or one that is used from a workplace.

The written part of your change control report should consist of 1500 words/student.

If you work in group, nominate a group leader and this group leader will submit the assessment on behalf of the group.


Part B: Change Control

1. Analysis of changes required and its impact of change on scope, time, cost, quality of the project and the techniques used to manage them

Cost (AUD$)
quality of the project
the techniques used to manage them
Application of Hortonworks software 
 Hortonworks is an advanced software that can be applicable to the Melbourne Police department. This software will transform all types of data from the Hortonworks platforms. The main benefit will be that the users will be able to interact with the data in multiple ways, and there will be no chance of losing data.
 Minimum 3 months will be taken to train the employees and adapt them to the new software
 The maximum cost will be 2.60 per hour. 
 The application of Hortonworks will be able to hold huge data with perfection, and the Melbourne Police can track them. Naturally, the project will be of high quality.  
 Training is helpful to develop the skills of the employees (Newcombe et al., 2019). Special training will be given to the employees so that they will be able to operate the new software, ‘Hortonworks’. 
Change in the management style (not being reluctant to changes)
 In many cases, the success of a project depends on the success of the leadership (Clevelan&Cleveland, 2020).  Transformational leadership will be applied to the new project. The project team members can work in a friendly environment under the transformational leader.
 2 months time will be taken to make the team members be friendly with their lenders.  
 The total cost for training and other activities will be $1,500.
 The team members under Melbourne police can work more flexibly, and hence, the quality of work will be high. 
  • re-engineered its business processes
  • The leader will set a good example to encourage them.

 Change in the culture
 A change in the culture in Melbourne Police department will change the attitude, behaviour and tendency of all the employees to embrace the new change.
 The cultural change in Melbourne Police will take 3 months. 
 The approximate cost for this will be $1,000
 Reformed culture will develop a sense of diversity among the employees and then foster positive outcomes for a long time. The employees would learn to share their knowledge with one another in their department.
 Cultural training is necessary from the officials at a higher level in Melbourne Police. Further, the reward for fulfilment of target will be provided to the members. 

Table 1: Table showing the required changes

(Source: Self-created)

2. Explanation of the processes that are involved in submitting a request to deal with the changes necessary

A change request is a system through which some alteration is done by a team member or other higher official in a project (Heagney, 2016). During a project, this type of change happens when a need comes for better outcomes in the project than before. In this case study of the Melbourne Police, the existing project is not implemented effectively, and hence the project is not delivering profitable outcomes. The pioneers of Melbourne Police have thought that new software in place of LEAP software to reduce the percentage of the crime. The new software will be able to track the data in a sophisticated form, and also the tasks will be completed within the stipulated time through proper implementation of the new software. The following are the processes to submit a change request:

Request for materials

In the first stage, the concerned persons in the Melbourne Police department who are interested in such change have to keep their proposal in writing form and mention the reasons for such change. They will also mention the benefits derived from such change. Through such an explanation, the other team –member can determine whether such change would really benefit the project or not.

Whether the change is inside or outside the scope

Alignment between the new change and the scope of the project is necessary (Yeow, Soh & Hansen, 2018). The pioneers of Melbourne Police will consider what new will come through the change in the project and what with the actual impact of change in the project. In this case, the pioneers will see how far the new change will secure, hold and provide regular data for mitigation of crime.  If the change is out of scope, the budget will be exceeded, and there will be wastage of time.  

Consideration of risks in the change

Risk is one of the common factors in project management (Morris et al., 2020).  In this stage, before the implementation of the change, the Pioneers of Melbourne will consider the risks that can come in the proposed change and will think over the strategies to mitigate those risks.

Approval or rejection of the change

In this stage, the proposed change will be approved by the team members of the Melbourne Police. The approval or rejection of the proposal will depend on the majority team members. It is suggested that minimum additions will be kept in the change request. 

Course of action

If the project is approved, the higher officials of Melbourne Police will update the new change with plans, schedules and documents. After the update, the project manager will communicate the new change and will delegate their tasks.

3. Identification and discussion of the options to satisfy each change request and any risks associated with the options

Options to satisfy
Risks associated  with the option
Application of Hortonworks software
Involvement of stakeholders in the new change. Stakeholders are one of the core elements in a project, and their suggestions are also valuable for a change in the project (Aaltonen&Kujala, 2016).In this situation, all the stakeholders of Melbourne will be involved to extract their suggestion and opinion for change implementation.
Investment of  financial capital
All the stakeholders will be called in a meeting to extract their opinion over the new change. The stakeholders are the higher officials of Melbourne Police and ministers.  
A bank loan will be taken to gather financial capital.
Resistance from some higher officials will be the main risks for which delay can be caused in the implementation of the new software.

There is a financial risk if the new software fails.
Change in the management style (not being reluctant to changes)
Knowledge development of  the employees
Increment of budget
Knowledge of the team members is necessary to implement a change and also to operate the new software, and therefore, training is necessary for team members.
Increased budget is necessary for the training of the employees.
Inadequate knowledge after training is the risks for the implementation of the change.
In case of the failure of the implementation, there will be wastage of money.

Change in the culture of Melbourne Police department
Delays to the schedule of the project to reform the culture
Recruitment of some new skilled  team members who have reformed culture
Cultural training will be provided even if it takes more time.
Through an interview, the new candidates will be recruited.

Financial loss is one of the major losses in a project (Yum et al., 2020). Delay in a project can cause financial loss, and it will hamper the project outcomes.
All the financial and other resources will be proved to be vague if the new employees’ culture cannot influence the project positively.

Table 2: Table showing options and risks for changes

(Source: Self-created)

4. Change request template


Project Title: change control Date Prepared: 

Person Requesting Change: Project Manager                  Change Number:  1            

Category of Change:

□ Scope
□ Quality
□ Requirements
□ Cost
□ Schedule
□ Documents

Detailed Description of Proposed Change

In the last 10 years, there have been significant changes in project management (Wysocki, 2011).  The entire changes in Melbourne Police project are based on three parts - Application of Hortonworks software, Change in the leadership and Change in the culture of Melbourne Police department, respectively. All the necessary steps will be taken to implement the change.

Justification for Proposed Change

The former project was not implemented properly, and hence; effective outcomes were not coming from the project. Apart from this, the data were not secured and sufficient to detect the crimes. Delays in completion of the project were also a matter in this regard. Hence, to mitigate all these issues, the new project is being implemented. 

Impacts of Change

□ Increase
□ Decrease
□ Modify
Description: The new Hortonworks software will be able to hold huge data and can track the daily report. Transformational leadership will get the work done by the project team members through a friendly and friendly way successfully. The reformed culture of the people of Melbourne Police department will be more cooperative to share their knowledge with one another.
□ Increase
□ Decrease
□ Modify
Description: This project implementation is the modification of the former project.


□ Increase
□ Decrease
□ Modify
Description: The change request is mainly to develop the project activity and increase of the project task to reduce the rate of crime by police of Melbourne. The change is approved by most of the project team members.
□ Increase
□ Decrease
□ Modify
Description: The cost of the project, due to higher technology, has increased from $50 million to $60.5 million.
□ Increase
□ Decrease
□ Modify
Description: The schedule of activities and time has also been changed with the change of software.
Stakeholder Impact
□ High risk
□ Medium risk
□ Low risk
Description: The stakeholders have been engaged to discuss the change in the project. Resistance from some major stakeholders, like the higher officials of Melbourne Police, can be a risk for the implementation of the proposed change. A project manager has to be familiar with triggered risk, residual risk, and secondary risk and mitigated risks (Heldman, 2013).
Project Documents: The project charter and project change form have been filled up for such new change. The consent in writing from every project member has been taken in regard to this new change.


Above all, considering all the aspects of the project, this can be said that that the new project will be highly benefitted to detect the crime and thus, the percentage of the crime can be decreased at a significant extent. It is to suggest the Pioneers of Melbourne Police that they are required to be within the limit of the stipulated budget for the implementation of this new project.


Disposition          □ Approve□ Defer                          □ Reject


All the plans have been made after considering the positives and the risks involved in this implementation of this new project. The increased cost of the budget in the next project will contribute to the targeted outcomes of the project. The approval from most of the members of the Melbourne Police proves that they will embrace the change and will work flexibly.

Change Control Board Signatures

The CEO of Melbourne Police 
The CEO of Melbourne Police will change the necessary infrastructure to incorporate the new software. He or she, with the help of the HR manager, will recruit a skilled leader to train the employees in the organization and inspire them. 
The CEO of Melbourne Police
The President of the Board of Director
The President of the Board of Directors will consider the proposed change with the alignment of the budget and then will give his or her consent with signature. 
The President of the Board of Director
The  Executives in the Board of Directors
All the Board of Directors will justify the new change and will give their approval for the change with new software in Melbourne Police with their signature
The  Executives in the Board of Directors

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