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PROJ6000 Project Selection Methods and Initial Documents of Amec Foster Wheeler Assessment 2 Answer

Subject Code and TitlePROJ6000 Principles of Project Management
AssessmentAssessment 2: Project Selection Methods and Initial Documents
Length1500 words
Learning OutcomesSuccessful completion of this assignment will result in achievement of the following subject learning outcomes:
  1. Understand PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups and their role, relevance and impact on project management best practice and PMI's Code of Ethics.
  2. Critically compare and contrast project management approaches and their appropriateness for managing a variety of project types, including IT projects.
  3. Apply appropriate project management (including IT project management) tools and techniques, paying particular attention to risk management.
Total Marks35 Marks


A project is a temporary endeavour undertaken to provide an expected and beneficial outcome. A project life cycle is the series of phases that a project passes through from its initiation to its closure. Project goals should align with organisational goals such as improved operations or increased revenues, reducing costs or improving efficiencies.

Before resources can be committed to a project, the reason for its proposal and the benefits it is expected to deliver need to be understood by people in positions empowered to make decisions about the expenditure of an organisation's resources. The selection of organisational projects is typically performed through a method of classification and review of the project’s business case. That method of course should be applied consistently to all project proposals.


For this assessment, you research different methods of selecting projects and examine the initiation process. You also consider the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide and, more specifically, explore the initiation documents.

Assessment 2: Project Selection Methods and Initiation Documents (35%)

In essay writing, use the given/approved project throughout this assessment.

Note: Master of Business Information Systems students must use an IT project as an example in this assessment.

As you have discovered in your learning resources, examine project selection methods that can be applied appropriately to the given project and processes to conduct these methods. Consider the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and describe the initial process group and project documents that are created or used as inputs for a new project.

Your assessment should contain 1500 words.


Project Selection Methods and Initial Documents


 The project management is the practice of managing the project team members to achieve desired goals according to the project criteria. The main challenge faced by the project managers is managing all the project tasks as per the budget and resources. The project manager uses a total five stages to create the final project according to the client demands. The project selection method is the process of assessing the ideas or strategy to prioritise all the tasks present in the project. The benefits of the project selection methods allow the project manager to measure each outcome of the project work. In this report, the researcher will be discussing the project consultant firm named Amec Foster Wheeler, who had created a successful project using the PMBoK methodology and Five dimensions of professionalism.

Background of Amec Foster Wheeler

  The Amec Foster Wheeler is one of the most popular consultancies, project management and engineering firms which has billions of customers in total 50 countries. Majority of the Amec Foster Wheelers clients are based on the infrastructure, clean energy, environment, gas and oil markets. The company had maintained, delivered and designed all the strategic assets for their customers(Hodgson, Paton& Muzio, 2015). The offering services would be extended with the help of front-end engineers. All the project managers need had been analysed the asset to improve the project process.  The company had employed more than 40,000 employees. The employees who are working in Amec Foster Wheeler are scientists, consultants, project managers, marketing managers and engineers(Collins& Butler, 2019). The Amec Foster Wheeler are working together to promote the STEM approach among the children's and women. The Amec Foster Wheeler had developed procedures and specification to control different types of project related to procurement, engineering, commissioning and construction.

Best project selection method used by Amec Foster Wheeler

The Amec Foster Wheeler mainly uses the Benefit Measurement methods to select the projects and creating a more effective business plan. It is the project selection technique based on the present value. The value considered by the company is the inflow and outflow of the project cash. The Amec Foster Wheeler always uses a similar approach to manage the projects(Ellzey, O’Connor& Westerman, 2019). The company always combines the assurance framework with a comprehensive reference framework to deliver the final project. 

The project delivery team of the Amec Foster Wheeler always ensures consistent excellence project using more reputable and recognisable performance report analysis. The company uses a global project categorisation on every project to study the governance level(Kerzner, 2017). This strategy guides for the individuals to lead, execute, review and manage the projects. All the project standards need to be aligned with the IPMA levels. The IPMA levels provide professionalism,standards, competencies and process for the project which satisfies all the clients. The employees working in the Amec Foster Wheeler can access the company's academy to improve their won careers(Caramia, 2019). The company can use theacademy to attract, retain and develop talented employees for their project. 

PMBoK project methodology

The PMBoK is the collection of guidelines, terminologies, processes and other types of practices accepted by the Amec Foster Wheeler.  The knowledge body of the company isconstantly growing as Amec Foster can able to discover best practices or new methods. The PMBoKmethodology had helped the company to lead its team by meeting all the challenges of the project. The team leaders of the project always provide future aspirations and visions about the global client firms they are working(Guez, 2017). The Amec Foster wheeler focuses on four key things are the collaboration, growth, improvement and achievement. The self-assessment process used by the project managers had enabled them to record all the skills against APM capabilities. Five Dimension of Professionalism

Figure 1 :  Five Dimension of Professionalism

( Source : Chenet al.,2019)

The company had created their competency checks using the assurance system. The company uses the PDR review or report to map out all the required staff members for a particular project. The support or assistance required by the Amec Foster Wheeler are coaches, courses, mentors, training programmes and line managers. All the employees are well trained to ensure consistency in the project. The company also offers its employees with experiential the CPD or "Continuiing Professional Development" always encourages the employees to discuss the objectives of the project openly(Chenet al.,2019).  It will help the project manager to deliver the project according to the given time and budget.   Without the presence of the strong board, a group will not be able to resemble the project as per the objectives. All theauthority permits and empowers all of their project team members to accomplish their best work. The Amec Foster Wheeler always follows certain stages to complete the project work. For managing all the complex project, the project manager needs to use the Agile methodology for changing the project as per client requirements(Radujković, Mladen & Sjekavica, 2017).

The utilisation of the APM strategy for managing projects

The Amec Foster Wheeler uses APM training regiment to manage the project team members. The development programmes created by Amec Foster Wheeler are co-facilitated, co-designed and delivered of the project. The APM had helped Amec Foster Wheeler to create a monthly project forum thatis being held in different Europe locations.  The APM method had helped Amec Foster Wheeler tobenchmark all the capabilities of the employees as per the industry or project standards(Cristóbal ,2017). The Amec Foster Wheeler a are customer-centric project consultancy firm which leads to high productivity rate in the project. The Amec Foster Wheeler had been one of the successful corporates of APM. 

The company had encouraged all of its employees by providing funds to every employee so that they could become individual members. The APM competence framework and Body of Knowledge plays the most crucial role in the company's main structure, practices and processes to deliver the best project. APM accreditation is one of the main achievements of the Amec Foster wheelers.  With the help of the APM method, the clients can able to recognise the importance of the project accreditations to create an independent assessment(Yunet al.,2016). The APM accreditation will help to create the best example for project management. They are providing assurances to the suppliers and customers, which allows the Amec Foster Wheeler to retain and attract the best project tool in the country. The APM framework would recognise the main commitment of the professional and organisations services to support the progress of the project(Demirkesen & Ozorhon, 2017).

FIVE dimensions of professionalism

 The five dimensions of professionalism play an important role in the organisation because they can work closely with the private and public firms stakeholders. The Five dimensions had helped the Amec Foster Wheeler to discover the widespread support and value for each team members working in the chosen project. The different dimension of the APM is Breadth, Depth,  achievement, commitment and accountability(Gupta& Pathak, 2017).Five Dimension of Professionalism

Figure 2 :  Five Dimension of Professionalism

( Source : Tsuchiyaet al.,2018)

Breadth:  The APM model uses this dimension to manage different types of projects using knowledge from primary and secondary sources. The breadth dimension would underpin all the project methods and standards in the project management to improve the project process(Tsuchiyaet al.,2018).

Depth: The depth is the second dimension of the APM competence, which provides strong guidance to the project to control all the competences. The second dimension is always being part of the project toolkit, which maps the knowledge levels and experience of each individual.

Achievement:  The third dimension helps the individual to take their careers in exciting and new directions. The achievement always recognised in every profession, and the goals are being aligned with the IPMA level 4 program(Timor-Shlevin& Krumer-Nevo, 2016). Rectifying the hard work of each team members is important for the project managers. The employees will get more motivated to bring out the positive outcome in their project works.

Commitment: The commitment is another important dimension that every project team members need to employ to meet all the project criteria successfully. The commitment will help the project manager to develop a strong plan to enhance the project careers.

Accountability:  The APM professional conduct would be outlining all the ethical practice to provide a more professional approach in the project work. All the APM members would be showing a great commitment according to the code of conduct created by the Amec Foster Wheeler. 


From an overall analysis of the report, it could be found out that the task needs to be followed with strong initiative and vision and inspiration. It will evacuateall the barricades of the projects and the objective training, and motivating the group to accomplish their best work. Task administrators serve the project membersbesides guarantee away from responsibility. With a task supervisor set up no presence of the disarray who are well controlled and undertaking all the challenges present in the project. The project manager and sponsor will have to create the procedure as per the demands of the clients in the projects.

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