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PROJ6000 Personal Reflection on Project Management: Study on Amec Foster Wheeler Assessment 4 Answer

Subject Code and TitlePROJ6000 Principles of Project Management
AssessmentAssessment 4: Personal Reflection
Length1500 words
Learning OutcomesSuccessful completion of this assignment will result in achievement of the following subject learning outcomes:
  1. Understand PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups and their role, relevance and impact on project management best practice and PMI’s Code of Ethics.
  2. Critically compare and contrast project management approaches and their appropriateness for managing a variety of project types, including IT projects.
  3. Apply appropriate project management (including IT project management) tools and techniques, paying particular attention to risk management.
  4. Critically reflect on the leadership styles necessary to succeed in a range of project management situations, including in IT project management, and their personal capacity to succeed in those situations.
Total Marks20 Marks


At the beginning of your learning journey on this subject, you were encouraged to reflect on your learning experience and knowledge obtained from the learning modules through discussions and participation. This assessment will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning, document lessons learned, identify global project management, including IT project management, practices you hope to adopt in your career. In short, your reflection is a tool for developing knowledge and professionalism in all matters relevant to you as a project manager and leader.


By the first half of Module 6, you will be required to submit a 1500-word reflection of your learning throughout the subject using the given/approved case study.

NOTE: Master of Business Information Systems students must use an IT project as an example in this assessment.

Your reflection should include project management knowledge you have gained throughout the previous learning modules in this subject and appropriate use of additional resources related to this assessment.

Based on what you have learnt in this subject, describe project management practices, implementation and competencies of the project team that result in success and/or failure in the given project. In particular, you should reflect on the importance of teamwork and leadership in project settings. Critically analyse how you could enhance or improve the success rate of the project.

Include references to readings and additional resources discovered.



Extensive application of project management practices allows accomplishing predetermined project objectives while considering collaboration, teamwork and leadership skills. Project managers are required to learn and emphasize such practices under project acceptance criteria, agreed on parameters and limited resources by incorporating technical and managerial skills. Amec Foster Wheeler gained enormous flexibility and reputation for its extensive excellency in engineering and project management services. Availability of highly qualified expertise, transformative leadership skills and AMP certified industry-specific best practices have amplified the company's competencies and corporate image. Amec Foster Wheeler Academy is a subsidiary of AFW that allows individuals to learn project management practices within real-world scenarios to gain competencies based on individuals' pre-assess capabilities. AMP certified capabilities, organizational norms and industry-specific regulations incorporated within career development programs to significantly improve individuals' professional and personal skills. This systematic empirical framework extensively describes the necessity of assessment-based training programs and discusses various distinct project management practices including Continuing Professional Development  (CPD) and Personal Development Review (PDR) that helps learners to acquire expertise through experimental and classroom learnings. 

Best Project Management Practices 

Within its corporate training program, AFW has incorporated a systematic empirical framework that encloses AMP certified capabilities and career achievement criteria with high-end specifications to maximize individuals' professional opinions and scientific knowledge through career path tools. As self-assessment and capability evaluation are fundamental characteristics of project managers, the company introduced the Personal Development Review process to assess individuals' creative insights and imagination capabilities (Anjum, 2020) Personal Development Review refers to an organised framework that allows managers to evaluate employee's learning and knowledge sharing capabilities, and provides concurrent suggestions and future development scopes while identifying development opportunities, reviewing progress and planning futuristic development contents (Raison et al. 2017). It provides a comprehensive checklist that encompasses AMP competencies, organizational norms and behavioural attributes which helps learners to evaluate self-efficacy and area of expertise. In contrast to AFW's career development project, implementation of proactive PDR can help to categorize learners based on their level of competence and personal attributes to amplify premeditated goals. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) defines an organised training practice that facilitates and encourages learners to effectively manage and deliver project deliverables under the agreed parameters. It is extensively used to track and record personal skills, knowledge and experience under a portfolio documentation set. CPD is a self-directed and documented process that allows individuals to focus on reflective analysis, and assists to create standardised self-development goals through both formal and informal learning (National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, 2018).  PDP is extensively used in project management certification programs and corporate skill development initiatives to record and reflect on learning and development. Within the given scenario, AFW has incorporated PDP within its corporate settings to encourage and recognise participants as per individuals' creative insights and brainstorming sessions. Such activities will improve individuals abilities to assure timely response and collaborative efforts. 


Within its core competency assurance stay, Amec Foster Wheeler has incorporated PDR to evaluate participants extensive area of expertise and created a centralised embedded control system to allocate requirements for each area of project management. As the company significantly relies on engineering capabilities, strategic planning and longtime relationship-driven approaches to mitigate occupational needs of clients, this systematic empirical framework can assist AFW to produce top talents through systematic and customized skill development courses in various positions of business. Effective implementation of PDR also influences learners to assess individuals interests and responsibilities and allows gaining job-specific knowledge and experience through a holistic approach (Phrapratanporn, 2019). The fundamental purpose of the assessment-based training and monitoring program is a diverse workforce with multiple areas of expertise and skilled employees to mitigate generic business requirements. Moreover, the inclusion of the CPD process within the centralised competency development program can be an influential initiative to amplify collective organizational goals as it allows individuals to develop concurrent professional and personal skills while participating in real-world projects (Sweet, 2018). Such a fact-driven initiative significantly motivates employees to evaluate individuals decision-making capabilities and helps to minimize occupational threats and project failure constraints. A centralized CPD has been confined within AFW's career development program to diversify workforce and employee engagements by leveraging trustworthiness, transparency and accountability. The prime objective of the underpinned practice is to provide the utmost importance of individualism and gives ample opportunities to experience real-world business scenarios (Maher et al. 2018). The employees need to incorporate adequate knowledge and skills from the intensified programme while learning regarding project constraints, the necessity of collaboration and regulatory compliances. 

Competencies of Team and role of competency in project success 

The fundamental purpose of the underpinned career development project of Amec foster wheeler is to create a standardised and sophisticated workplace with job-specific top talents while focusing on future requirements and consumer-centric visionaries. The underpinned project is designed and developed by Amec foster wheeler professionals and leveraged AMP competencies and best project management practices to assist employees to nurture creativity and innovation-seeking mindsets. Within its corporate disclosure, the company has engaged three AMP certified training providers including 20/20 Business Insights, Future Learning System and Cranfield University to cover the widest range of portfolio development initiatives. Amec foster wheeler also exclusively included subject matter experts, business analysts, operational managers, PM and other multistage project teams to diversify learning and development opportunities. As project management confines various agreed parameters including finite timeframes, limited resources and regulatory compliances, it incorporates a systematic and interdisciplinary framework to complete the project within allocated time frames to ensure productivity and profitability. Inadequacy to complete allocated tasks within triple constraints including quality, time and budget, the company can experience significant reputational and financial losses. To diminish such occupational threats, effective implementation of CPD infused PDR processes can be beneficial for AFW to gain competitive advantages and high flexibility. Such fact-driven perceptions and selective hiring can reduce employee turnover alongside costly human errors, compensation packages and project vulnerabilities. 

Importance of Teamwork 

The essence of teamwork is inevitable in project management practices to acquire desirable results while mitigating regulatory compliances, project uncertainties and employee satisfaction attributes. Great and proactive teamwork can facilitate organizations to ensure timely delivery, improve organizational capabilities and responsiveness towards project uncertainties, and assist to create a vibrant and dynamic work environment where individuals' integrity, freedom and employment prospects are protected and cheered (Chang et al. 2016). Team collaboration is the cornerstone of project success as it facilitates organisations to adequately address various distinct and technical project complications, and helps to achieve premeditated corporate goals while considering professional and personal well-being of the team members. In contrast to AFW's career development program, the project will ensure efficiency, transparency and productivity, and organizational culture of diversity, continuous improvement and inclusivity can be created.

Importance of Leadership in Project Settings 

The presence of quality leadership brings prosperity within any underpinned project as effective implementation of leadership skills can be significant to improve organizational capabilities and performance, and can assist to reduce complexity and vulnerability by streamlining operational and financial services. For me, various distinct leadership skills including communication, critical thinking, planning, collaborative sharing, flexibility, decision making and Human-centred Design thinking attributes are necessary to be included by prominent leaders to ensure project success (Marnewick et al. 2020).  Such skills are necessary to learn, and managers are responsible to articulate an organization's mission and vision to its simplicity to provide concurrent knowledge and experience to engaged team members. As AFW adequately incorporates a career development programme for selected recipients, in my opinion, it will help to produce potential and reliable leaders based on individual competency and brainstorming capabilities.  

Critical Analysis of Project Success rate 

The assessment-based career development program is an influential initiative that will create future leaders and expertise to effectively manage and maintain the company's functionalities and futuristic progress. As Amec foster wheeler extensively reliable on its self-sufficient capabilities and resources, proactive provisions in skill development initiatives can assist to sustain talent acquisition and retention policies (Walker et al. 2017). As modernised commercial contractual agreements and globalized business settings are becoming more prominent and integrated, the company must incorporate a skilled workforce to streamline day-to-day operations and maintenance programs. Through its training programs, the company can evaluate and entitle the key competencies of individuals. However, as individual interest and preferences vary based on various distinct attributes including job positions, growth opportunities and high-end specifications, rigid organizational norms and inflexible organizational requirements can put learners in various difficulties. Stress, physical and emotional discomforts can be occurred due to intensified training and scheduling attributes. The company needs to consider the emotional well-being of employees alongside maintaining work-life balance and aesthetic values (Hoegl & Muethel, 2016). Within its core programme, the company must provide adequate knowledge regarding conflict resolution mechanism, eliminate biases and traditional prejudices including discriminatory activities, favouritism and untruthfulness articulations to maximize organizational efforts towards sustainability and egalitarianism. 


Project management refers to a systematic empirical framework that encompasses process, methods, techniques, skills, knowledge and experience which are integral properties of modernized project management practices. Leadership and assessment-based training and monitoring initiatives have become an emerging trend within globalised commercial ventures as it allows resolving technical, demographic, cultural, psychographic and socio-cultural limitations. Alongside project management practices, individuals can learn behavioural and cognitive traits to improve decision-making abilities and collaboration. As Amec foster wheeler is determined to provide customized skill development solutions for pre-assess employees, the company must proactively follow up individuals' progress, learning preferences, interests and responsibilities. Within its corporate settings, the company also needs to assess individuals performance, and performance-focused recognition and rewarding schemes can be significant to ensure productivity and profitability. Moreover, implementation of PDR, CPD and AMP competencies can be significant to improve personal and professional skills while enhancing top-down management practices and leadership opportunities. 

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