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PROJ6000 Personal Reflection on Amec Foster Wheeler Company Assessment 4 Answer

Subject Code and TitlePROJ6000 Principles of Project Management
AssessmentAssessment 4: Personal Reflection
Length1500 words
Learning OutcomesSuccessful completion of this assignment will result in achievement of the following subject learning outcomes:
  1. Understand PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups and their role, relevance and impact on project management best practice and PMI’s Code of Ethics.
  2. Critically compare and contrast project management approaches and their appropriateness for managing a variety of project types, including IT projects.
  3. Apply appropriate project management (including IT project management) tools and techniques, paying particular attention to risk management.
  4. Critically reflect on the leadership styles necessary to succeed in a range of project management situations, including in IT project management, and their personal capacity to succeed in those situations.
Total Marks20 Marks


At the beginning of your learning journey on this subject, you were encouraged to reflect on your learning experience and knowledge obtained from the learning modules through discussions and participation. This assessment will provide an opportunity for you to reflect on your learning, document lessons learned, identify global project management, including IT project management, practices you hope to adopt in your career. In short, your reflection is a tool for developing knowledge and professionalism in all matters relevant to you as a project manager and leader.


By the first half of Module 6, you will be required to submit a 1500-word reflection of your learning throughout the subject using the given/approved case study.

NOTE: Master of Business Information Systems students must use an IT project as an example in this assessment.

Your reflection should include project management knowledge you have gained throughout the previous learning modules in this subject and appropriate use of additional resources related to this assessment.

Based on what you have learnt in this subject, describe project management practices, implementation and competencies of the project team that result in success and/or failure in the given project. In particular, you should reflect on the importance of teamwork and leadership in project settings. Critically analyse how you could enhance or improve the success rate of the project.

Include references to readings and additional resources discovered.



 Amec Foster Wheeler company provides solutions to the business performance that will drive the main performance of the project and through the asset life cycle. The Amec Foster uses from concept to decommissioning across a different range of industry segments that include the power and process, downstream gas and oil, midstream, upstream, infrastructure, mining, clean energy and general industrial sectors. In this assignment, I will be studying The Amec Foster Wheeler business has automated over 250,000 kilometres of pipeline. The team had able to cover more than 25 countries that are deepening their expertise and capabilities to create an automated system in the pipeline. All the evidence in the present contract had won with the TCO for supporting all the world largest industrial automation process. 

Project Management practices


PMBoK is mainly the The PMBoK utilizes complete norm of rules and phrasing to deal with a specific task work. The PMBoK comprise of different instruments to deal with a project work using the necessary tools of the PMBoK and APM technique which had empower the organization to create automation system for maintain the pipeline (Yunet al.,2016). The APM accreditation will help to make the best model for venture the executives. The organization had made their competency checks utilizing the affirmation of project framework. The organization utilizes the PDR audit or report to outline all the required task selection methods and initial documents by staff individuals for a specific task. The PMBoK will help the task chief to convey the undertaking as per the given time and financial plan. Without the nearness of the solid board, a gathering won't have the option to look like the undertaking according to the targets. All the position allows and enables the entirety of their  venture colleagues to achieve their best work.

The Wood's system was the independent provider of the consultancy, control and automation services to varieties of the industries which includes all the gas and oil, power, paper, pulp and chemicals. The company we're working a lot in the discreet manufacturing industries like automotive, aerospace and logistics on the global scale.  The capabilities always cover the process in the automation system to the main security framework. The automation business in the engineering company is becoming a highly demanding system for all the business firms successfully (, 2020). Both the control and automation were growing more steadily and had reached critical clients which allowed the companies to compete globally for any project size.  

The company always maintains, delivers and designs all the strategic assets for their customers by offering more unique services to their client firms. The consultancy firm had pushed its boundaries to deliver the best innovative automation system and engineering design to monitor the pipeline. The consultancy firm had used all the measurement methods for studying the total financial requirement of the given project successfully. The cost-benefit ratio is one of the most effective systems to communicate all the core value chosen in the project work as per the given terms. The cost-benefit ratio would measure all the invested cost against the return value after the completion of the project (Kussunga & Ribeiro, 2019). The consultancy firm even uses all the economic model that describes all the difference between the costs and revenue generated invested in acquiring total profit in the project work. The scoring model provides all the flexible ways of comparing all the projects to focus on all the financial constraints of projects.

Project management implementation

The company could get adapted with the downstream automation experience, which allowed the market to win significant achievement in the project work by combining with the upstream business. There is great need of momentum with the present project portfolio that consists of different medium or small size project that coupled with two large projects that had been resilience the current process. The brand Wood had secured all the new contract for providing MAC contract service to the company TCO for the future growth of the pressure management project (Larionov, Nikitin & Filimonova, 2017). For the business to be improved, Amec foster had used their 20 years of hard work to up in a position to execute the job of any size. 

The main automation scope of future project growth is one of the most popular industrial automation projects. The multiyear contract created by the Amec Foster Wheeler was equivalent 700 million dollars. The globalisation strategy and providing all the exciting international projects to leverage more deep capabilities and experience to manage the complex projects (Lei et al., 2017). I had found out that the ATG focuses on the manufacturing process, which provides immediate widening to the business operations by making all the machines more automated successfully. All the synergies had been developed in the US consist of two awards in the automotive sector. The intelligent operation team controls al the ingenious compliments by developing all the strong pipeline using an automated system (Mollahoseini Ardakani, Hashemi & Razzazi, 2018).

Project management competencies

 In one of the case studies, it could be found that Colpitas catchment has local waters and small indigenous community had well resided. Total 1000 agriculture workers are harvesting crops in Lluta valley had able to get adapted with the harsh conditions. The consultancy project firm was trying their best to improve water quality. One of the most crucial project methodology used by the project manager is Kanban which acts as the agile methodology, which transfers from one procedure to another during the initiation and completion of the project (Krishnaiyer &  Chen, 2017). The Kanban methodology helps the client firm to undergo a stable progression in the project by maintaining all the procedures needs to be completed within the given time. The Kanban methodology had no characterised end or started focusing on unique work things. The allotment of the assets always encourages me to increase the total assets that could be easily accessible. Creating more detailing capacities that are available to more effective control in the given activities. Resource management plays a very crucial role in knowledge and skills. The consultancy firm uses a Gantt chart to provide progress of the activities according to the given completion time successfully.  

Reflection on the importance of leadership and teamwork

 The consultancy firm had used a stakeholder engagement strategy to communicate with various stakeholders who are supporting the ongoing project work successfully. The stakeholder plan always provides a helping hand to the project manager and manage the character of the stakeholder to make the project environment more suitable in future. The project plan is sometimes highly effective for various partners which provides a numerous chance to conclude all the tasks that had been presented in the project work (Saltz & Heckman, 2020). 

Future objectives

I will suggest that the project manager must use a logic network which provides a virtual representation of the network where all the users had a self-contained network which explains all the detail present in the tasks. Another most important that I can use to track the project work is PERT chart which estimates the project tasks according to the completion time. All the administrators can examine the WBS and undertaking all the assessment and the dangers present in the assignment. The WBS makes it more simple to sift through, and all the errands are being embraced with the moving parts. The self-assessment process always enables the project manager to record the team members skills against the APM based capabilities (Radujković Mladen & Sjekavica, 2017). The technical project competencies are mainly based on the APM contextual competencies.

Improvement of the success rate in the project

I think creating a communication plan has a significant impact on the task since it gives partners with significant data that are identified with the undertaking. The colleagues are not permitted to send superfluous data to other colleagues. The correspondence plan needs to have explicit data that will be conveyed utilising a specific correspondence channel. All the colleagues are permitted to impart utilising applications like Skype and Whatsapp (Yun et al., 2016). They should consolidate an examination for the accomplices the task administrator responds to and the frameworks for what to recollect for those conversations. The manager of the project may similarly consolidate a survey for their business, potential correspondence challenges, and risk the executive framework. I had found out that the consultancy team of the Amec Foster Wheeler consistently guarantees steady greatness 

A project is utilising a more respectable and conspicuous execution of the project by using report examination. The organisation utilises a worldwide venture categorisation on each task to contemplate the administration level (Kerzner, 2017). This system guides for the people to lead, execute, audit and deal with the ventures. All the undertaking guidelines should be lined up with the IPMA levels. The IPMA levels give polished methodology, guidelines, skills and procedure for the task which fulfils all the customers. Foundation to improve their careers (Caramia, 2019). The organisation can utilise the foundation to pull in, hold and create skilled workers for their task.  I had found out that the primary objective of the task strategy is conveying the project tasks through cooperation and taking responsibility to finish each task (Larionov, Nikitin and Filimonova, 2017). The Scrum technique separates the complex tasks into a simpler form like administration proprietor to improve the project taken by the consultancy firms. The manager of the project communicates with the team members every week to find out any problem or issues that arise in the project. The project group conveys the complex activities with the assistance of designers, specialists and software engineers. The scrum methodology consistently guarantees both the execution and observing of the project work before they dispatch it to the customers (Gonçalves Luis, 2018).


After analysing the report, I had found out that the undertaking of the project activities should be followed with solid vision and values to motivate the team members. It will clear all the barriers of the project. The preparation of the goal is the gathering of the data to achieve their best work in the requested project. Undertaking executives serve the venture individuals other than ensuring away from obligation. The undertaking director and support will need to make the method according to the requests of the customers in the activities.

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