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Planning Meeting for Discussing Product Features of Samsung French Door Fridge Assessment Answer

I need brief explanation on this table of contents. For meeting we have to select one topic on any products or services. 

Table of contents:

1. Introduction

2. Preparation of meeting

   2.1 Purpose of meeting

   2.2 Meeting style and structure

2.3 options for meeting

2.4 meeting participants

2.5 meeting invitation

2.6 Meeting arrangements

  ( Meeting requirements form)

3. Meeting agenda

4. Action to conduct meeting

5. Minutes of meeting

6. Follow up meeting

6.1 outcomes and performance report

6.2 next meeting

7. reference


Manage Meeting

(Samsung Refrigerator)

1. Introduction

Meetings are an important way for people to come together for a common purpose. This guide offers basic tips on making your meeting productive, effective and inclusive. Meetings draw people away from their daily tasks and into a closed, influenced environment. As the organizer, you have the attendee's attention. It's up to the organizer to use that attention wisely (Cooren, 2013). The preset report provides an elaborate plan on meeting which is organised for discussing about the product features and efficiency of the Samsung French Door Fridge to evaluate its marketing plan. The meeting is organised with the aim to create opportunity and space for your team to get together to plan actions, events and new ways to move your campaign forward. The meeting has helped in developing the overall goal, building community and undertake direct actions.

2. Preparation of meeting

A big focus is making sure everyone affected by the issue can have their say if they want to, and be fully engaged in what's going on. This helps make the meeting a good experience for different people and brings a wider range of perspectives into your discussions and decisions. An elaborative discussion on the Samsung French Door Fridge is essential to assess it marketing strategy and offer suggestion to ensure that it reaches its goals. 

2.1 Purpose of meeting

The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the features of Samsung French Door Fridge for the purpose of effectively analysing its marketing strategy and suggests recommendation so that it can reach out to the majority of customers and thereby increase the sales. The ultimate strategic focus of the meetings is implement productive discussions about planning the product roadmap. There would be discussions on features, colours, deadlines, budgets and other non-strategic details.

2.2 Meeting style and structure

Style of the Meeting-Formal: Information sharing for decision-making regarding the marketing plan of Samsung French Door Fridge


  • Welcome by the chairperson 
  • Minute taker notes the names and any changes 

Apologies for absence 

Creation of an accurate list of attendees on the day which would include the following aspects: 

  • Substituting-Persons who are present on behalf of some other members  
  • Not arrived-name of persons who are yet to arrive  
  • Apologies-Name of the people who are absent  
  • Present- Name of people who are present in the meetings 

Main Presentation

To keep attendees fully engaged, corporate leaders there would be different visual aids. In this case, one projector shows the presentation, while the other displays a transcription of the meeting. A secretary also keeps minutes of the meeting. This way, anyone who missed the meeting can read the minutes to learn what happened.

Matters arising

  • A quick review of the features of the Samsung French Door Fridge and the benefits it provide 
  • A review of the current market demands and competitor’s positioning 
  • A confirmation that agreed actions have been completed 
  • An update from an item(s) in previous minutes

2.3 Options for meeting

  • Online Meeting: Communicating over Skype is also an option in this case  
  • Offline Meeting: Communicating face-to-face in an office or meeting room

2.4 Meeting participants

As the current meeting would discuss about the features and marketing strategy aspect of the Samsung French Door Fridge, so different participants would be involved from different department for offering significant knowledge as well as utilising them for developing effective plans: 

  1. Chairperson: The chairperson is the ‘leader’ of the meeting. Charged with organising the whole pre and post process of the gathering. In this case, the tutors would be responsible for assessing the product quality and assessing the ideas provided by the students
  2.  Facilitator: A meeting facilitator should maintain the focus of the agenda; ensuring that the meeting is progressing well and according to plan.
  3. Minute-TakerThe minute-taker records the meeting’s minutes, noting down all of the key points that have been discussed
  4. Market Researcher: The market researcher would provide all the required information about the selected product which in this case Samsung French Door Fridge
  5. Students:  They would be responsible for brain storming ideas and developing effective plans for marketing. 

2.5 Meeting invitation


Dear ABC, 

I would like to invite you to a meeting to discuss the product features of Samsung French Door Fridge and its marketing strategy and offer suitable suggestions. 

The meeting will take place on 20th June 2018, starting at 10:00 am and finishing at 12 p.m. It will be held at the conference room of our college. Please can you confirm whether you will be able to attend the meeting by tomorrow? 

I have enclosed additional documents which provide some background information on Samsung French Door Fridge. An agenda will also be sent to you shortly. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind regards,

XYZ (Facilitator)

2.6 Meeting arrangements

Meeting Requirements Form
Marketing and Product Review 
Meeting Name 
Assessing product features and marketing strategy of Samsung French Door Fridge
Meeting Format
The main purpose of the meeting is to discuss the features of Samsung French Door Fridge for the purpose of effectively analysing its marketing strategy and suggests recommendation so that it can reach out to the majority of customers and thereby increase the sales.
Seating arrangement 
Tables and Chairs 
Video Conference 
For some special students who will be not able to attend the meeting 
Supporting Materials 
  • Product features 
  • Details of competitive position 
  • Opinions and feedbacks of the customers

Meeting documentation 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the marketing strategy 
  • Recommendations for the improvement of the product strategy

Equipment requirements 
  • Laptops
  • Projectors 
  • Pen and paper 

3. Meeting agenda

This is the outline plan for the meeting.  In most formal meetings it is drawn up by the secretary in consultation with the chairperson (Cohen et al. 2011).

Welcome (two minutes): Welcome everyone to the meeting and remind them why they are there.

Introduction (10 minutes): Introduce yourself and share the issue that’s important to you. Ask others to do the same thing either in pairs, small groups or to everyone, depending on the size of your meeting.

Share updates about the issue (10 minutes): Share what you know about the issue and asking others to add any info they have. Feel free to use our issue guides or connect with an organizer ahead of time.

Strategy and tactic discussion and planning (20-30 minutes): This should be the bulk of your meeting. Discuss your goals and what steps you as a group will take to achieve them. Decide on concrete tactics based on your strategy.

4. Action to conduct meeting

  • Starting the meeting on time, even if people are late
  • Briefly stating what the meeting is about.
  • Developing rules to make sure that everyone follows it so that you accomplish your objectives.
  • If it is apparent that something cannot be resolved, determine what will be necessary to resolve it in the future and add it to the project timeline.
  • Presenting the data through projector to have better idea about the product so that effective recommendations can be provided 
  • Scheduling the next meeting at the end of the current one.

5. Minutes of meetings

Meeting name: Product Discussion 

Place: College Conference Room 

Date and time of the meeting: 20th June 2018, starting at 10:00 am

List of meeting participants:

  1. Students
  2. Tutors
  3. Market Researcher
  4. Minute-Taker
  5. Facilitator (Me)

Purpose of the meeting: To discuss about the features of the product Samsung French Door Fridge and its market strategy to offer effective recommendations. 

For each agenda items

Features of Samsung French Door Fridge:

  • The attractive features make the kitchen stylish
  • Right spots available for Storage purposes
  • Energy efficient
  • More storage (Canstar Blue, 2020)

Customer Satisfaction 

French Door Refrigerators: LG (872) ranks highest in customer satisfaction with French door refrigerators and is followed by Samsung (868) (Canstar Blue, 2020).

Marketing Strategy 

Samsung promotes its products in a variety of ways ranging from attending the relevant trade fairs for each of its products, to providing print brochures, posters and specification sheets.


  • Lack of innovation in promotional strategy 
  • Absence of proper social media campaign 
  • Limited consideration of the customer feedback 


  • Samsung should consider the feedback and incorporate more variety in terms colours and designs 
  • Should invest on social media campaigns for attracting customer by increasing the reach 

6. Follow up meeting

Putting together and distributing an action list summarising what was covered, what was resolved, and what actions need to be taken for issues requiring further clarification. 

Thanking people for attending and participating. They will be happy to know their time was appreciated

6.1 Outcomes and performance report

The issues have been successfully identified and suitable recommendations are provided. The decisions has been undertaken as per 

The report of the ideas provided by the different students will be provided in the next meeting.

6.2 Next meeting

1 week later 

Customer Testimonials