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One Personal and One Clinical Journals: Communication Skill and Pain Management Assessment Answer

journals (250 wds each) one personal and one clinical

Thought of these topics 

Personal: communication skill

Professional: pain management


Clinical (Professionals)

Situation Description

When I was posted in the acute surgical ward, I came across a patient who was admitted with severe abdominal pain. In the ward, he was shouting and crying with pain. When I approached him to establish a nurse-patient relationship and introduced myself, he grabbed my hand to ask for a pain killer. I rushed to the senior nurse and asked for pain killers. To this, she enquired me about the patient pain chart as he was given morphine an hour ago. Soon I realized that I have not studied about case properly and rushed out due to my sense of sympathy.


I was feeling embarrassed as I was not able to answer any of her questions, also I felt that pain can be felt due a series of factors like culture, experience, mood, beliefs and personal ability. Hence, we should rely on scientific evidence (Daniels et al., 2019).


This was the first encounter with an acute pain patient, I realized that all opioids including morphine regime require careful monitoring of a schedule (Natesan et al., 2016).


The patient was given morphine as part of the pre-operative regime. The choice of the drug needs to be evaluated based on probable side effects hence require strict dosage compliance (Kwanten et al., 2019).


After the situation, I realised that instead of rushing to the senior nurse, I should logically try out other empirical things like looking at the drug chart.

Action Plan

I reflect on understanding the role of the nurse in the pain management which should be based on strategic evidence-based information.


Situation Description 

When I was posted in the baby club of the community center, I got a chance to interact with kids and their mothers. There was a group session on the importance of dental hygiene. I have prepared well for the session so that information can be reached to everyone. The session got down well where most of the mothers praised my presentation. It was followed by question and answer round where everyone was happy with my clarifications.

Feelings and Thought

I realized that communication skills play an important role in our day to day interactions. Although I was anxious before the starting of the session. I worked hard to prepare the plan and ensure a thorough flow of information through verbal and non-verbal communication (Kourkouta & Papathanassiou, 2014).


Despite initial reservations and apprehension, the presentation has boosted my self-confidence. It made me realize that eye contact, nodding to the answers and two-way exchange of thoughts has benefited me in excelling the presentation (Wanko-Keutchafo et al, 2020).


To achieve any result communication is the essential element. Both listening skills and effective communication allows nurses not only in the professional field but personal life also to synthesis the information required for the successful outcomes (Nsiah-Asamoah et al., 2019).


Effective communication skills are crucial for articulating the knowledge we have gained regarding the subject.

Action Plan

The session has helped in personal development and made me more confident. In future whenever I will face the similar situation where I need to deliver health promotional presentations, I will make sure to communicate effectively. 

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