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NUR1120 Response by Australian Federal to Current COVID-19 Pandemic Assessment 3 Answer

Assessment 3: Written Assessment Task overview

CourseNUR1120 Health and Illness
Assessment name
Assessment 3: Written Assessment
Brief task description
Identify and describe the response by the Australian federal and state governments to the current COVID-19 pandemic relating to the five action areas of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) outlined below.
750 Words in total (150 words in each of the five sections) + or – 10 % for each section. Word counts include intext citations.
Course Objectives And
CLO 1. Demonstrate an understanding of health and illness across the lifespan within contemporary health care approaches in Australia (including health promotion and illness prevention) and identify determinants of health which may influence the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities;
Course Objectives And
Graduate Attributes
CLO 2. Demonstrate an understanding of purposes for utilising a holistic care approach when promoting health and supporting individuals who are living with illness;

CLO 3. Demonstrate an understanding of a collaborative health team approach when promoting health and supporting individuals who are living with illness;

CLO 4. Demonstrate ethical research, enquiry and writing skills by locating, retrieving and utilizing appropriate literature from a variety of sources to examine significant health issues within Australia;

GA 1. Well-informed individuals with discipline-specific expertise and industry knowledge relevant to their profession or area of study;

GA 2. Critical, creative, thinkers who can integrate and apply knowledge and relevant skills, including research and digital literacy skills, to analyse and evaluate ideas, concepts, theories and problems, and offer insights, innovative approaches and solutions;

GA 3. Ethical, engaged professionals and citizens who engage in non-discriminatory and safe practices and consider the local, global, social, economic, legal and environmental influences on, and impact of, their attitudes and actions;

GA 4. Employable, enterprising professionals who are confident, self-directed, know how they learn, and are resourceful, resilient, and adaptable to change.
Task information

Using ONLY the resources provided in the ‘Resources available to complete task’ section below, consider the following five action areas of the Ottawa Charter for health promotion (1986) in relation to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Write short answers (150 words) in paragraph format that identifies and discusses the responses that have been initiated by either the Australian and/or your own state governments in each of the following areas:
  1. Building healthy public policy (150 words)
  2. Creating supportive environments (150 words)
  3. Strengthening community action (150 words)
  4. Developing personal skills (150 words)
  5. Re-orientating health services towards prevention of illness and promotion of health (150 words)
Task detail
Assessments should be presented using:
  1. Double Line Spacing
  2. Times New Roman, 12 point font
  3. Use APA 7th formatting style. The first line of each paragraph is indented. The reference list starts on a new page with the heading References. References are listed alphabetically and have the second and subsequent lines indented
  4. Subheadings are required for each question.


Response by the Australian federal and state governments to the current COVID-19 pandemic relating to the five action areas of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986) 
Building healthy public policy 

In building a healthy public policy, the process is to make the people aware to increase control and to have a step to improve their health. As identified, how strongly the public policy needs to be placed during the COVID 19, depends on the knowledge, determinants and it goes beyond health care. In response to COVID 19, the healthy public policy is "social distancing" and to have the "handwashing” policy. To implement it within the agenda of policymakers across the sectors, it is important to work together to resolve the health consequences of the decisions and to accept their responsibilities for health.

Health promotion policy is identified as the complementary approaches and covers the legislation, fiscal measures, taxation, and based on the organizational change. Identified with the action that leads to health, income, and to hold the social policies that can foster greater equity. To have the joint contribution of safer and healthier goods and services and how to have healthier public services, along with the enjoyable environments (Coronavirus, NSW., n.d.)

Strengthening community action 

Health promotion works to promote in strengthening the concrete and have an effective community action to build the set priorities based on the decisions. It is a step to have the planning strategies along with holding an implementation ways to achieve a better health. The purpose of strengthening the process holds a key to the empowerment of communities and how to have the set ownership and control depends on the endeavors and destinies. For the COVID 19, particularly the community action was the "social distancing", "lockdown" and closing out the social gathering places. 

Community development helps to identify approaches to exist human and material resources to enhance self-help and social support. The policies and the adaptability should be based on the flexible systems that can strengthen the public participation in accordance with the direction of health matters (Official Australian Government, n.d.).

Developing personal skills 

Health promotion aims to develop the interpersonal and the personal skills, that can help to bridge the social development and communicate relevant information constructively. It  includes the education for health, and even the enhanced life skills. It is a step to collaborate and increases the options available to access the people that can exercise more control and to have better health and better set environments, which can create the choices conducive to health.

The step is to enable people who can learn, throughout life and it is essential to prepare themselves at all levels and include changes to cope with chronic illness along with the injuries. It is important to facilitate school, home, and work along with community settings. Action is to collaborate during the COVID 19 crises time such as educational, professional, commercial, and based on the voluntary bodies and institution to instill the personal skills were hygiene, sanitization and to maintain personal distancing, politely, and with courtesy.

Creating supportive environments 

To have supportive societies it is essential to have a complex and interrelated environment. Health cannot be distinguished from other goals. The inextricable links can be based on the links of people and their environment constitutes that can be as per the socio-ecological approach to health. It is essential to have the guiding principle globally and cover the nations, regions, and communities to further encourage the reciprocal maintenance with the natural environment. For the COVID 19, the collaboration of the health practitioners, police force, and the government actions have helped in rebuilding the supportive environment to prevent the spread. A supportive environment is a systematic assessment, which includes a rapidly changing environment and to have the key technology, work, energy production, and urbanization to benefit the public at large. To attain the changing patterns of life, work, and to have leisure holds a significant impact on health depends on the work and leisure (Coronavirus, Queensland., n.d.)

5. Re-orientating health services towards prevention of illness and promotion of health 

Reorientation of the health services can prevent action towards the responsibility for health promotion includes the health services that can be used among individuals, community groups and having a health professional, health service institutions along with the governments. 

It is important to work together and to have the set source of health care system that can determine the pursuit of health. It is important to have the set health sector and cover the health promotion direction that can go beyond its responsibility that can identify the clinical and curative services. Reorienting health services aims to have health research and to integrate professional education and training, which was observed during the COVID 19. It is essential to have open channels existing in between the health sector and broader social, political aspects that can work in collaboration with the economic and physical environmental components (Official Australian Government, n.d.). 

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