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NSB231 Care Plan Case Study: Nursing Problems Assessment Task 2 Answer


Assessment name:Care Plan Case Study: Nursing Problems
Task description:1. For this essay you are required to select ONE (1) case study option:
  • Option 1: Case with an acute presentation of illness, or
  • Option 2: Case with a chronic illness.
The case studies are available on Blackboard under the Assessment 2 tab.
Carefully review your chosen case study and apply your knowledge of evidence-based nursing practice and the clinical reasoning cycle to plan person-centred care by answering the following questions using academic writing style.
  1. From the chosen case study, identify and discuss TWO (2) current problems which are directly impacting the patient’s health.
  2. For each problem, identify TWO interventions. At least one (1) intervention for each problem must be entirely nurse initiated and led. When discussing collaborative interventions, you must focus on the role of the nurse in that intervention.
  3. Justify your chosen interventions in comparison with current and relevant evidence.
  4. Discuss how you would evaluate the effectiveness of each intervention.
NB. Responses to all questions above require you to integrate peer reviewed, current and relevant evidence from valid reference sources to support your academic writing.
What you need to do:The 1,800 word essay should include the following points:
Introduction (approximately 100 words):
  • Identify the case selected, provide an overview of the condition experienced by the patient and identify your TWO (2) current problems.
Body (1600 words - approximately 800 words for each problem)
  • Establish how the assessment data led you to identify TWO (2) current problems. In doing so demonstrate your understanding of the relevant pathophysiology that explains the link between each chosen problem and the relevant assessment data in the case study.
  • For each problem identify TWO (2) interventions aimed at resolving the identified problem. ONE (1) intervention for each problem must be a nurse-initiated intervention.
  • Justify your chosen interventions by explaining what is involved in implementing the intervention, why it is suitable, and any special considerations relevant to the case.
  • Outline the method of evaluating the effectiveness of the interventions and expected evaluation criteria/data. Discuss how you would determine that each intervention is improving or resolving the identified problem.
Conclusion (approximately 100 words):

  • Summarise your chosen interventions and how they addressed your patient’s identified problems.
The following points must be addressed in your work:
  • You must discuss at least ONE (1) nurse-initiated intervention per problem in your essay.
  • Collaborative interventions must include a discussion of the relevant nursing responsibilities associated with each intervention.
Note: Intravenous fluids, medications and oxygen are considered prescribed (collaborative) interventions.
  • Assessment and/or monitoring are not valid interventions.
  • Your essay must contain current and relevant references (from within the past 7 years as per APA referencing requirements). You may reference textbooks, but at least half of your references must cite current evidence using relevant peer reviewed journal articles.
Length:1,800 Words +/- 10% (including in text references and excluding reference list). Words in excess of this will not be marked.
Estimated time to complete task:Approximately 30–35 hours
How will I be assessed:7-point grading scale using a rubric
Presentation requirements:Instructions for the assessment task:
  • Submitted in electronic format as a Word document only via Turnitin
    • Headings, bullet points, tables and appendices are not to be used in this assessment
  • Use QUT APA Referencing
You MUST include the page number or page range that indicates where you located the evidence or synthesised the evidence to support your key point in the citation. Failure to do this will result in a reduced grade in the rubric. Note: markers will be checking references to see that you have accurately represented the source.
What you need to submit:
  • You must submit ONE (1) Word document consisting of a coversheet, your essay and reference list. Essays submitted in any other format will not be marked.
  • For students submitting work that has been granted an extension, you must include a copy of your approved extension at the start of your submission as part of the Word document.


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