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Non-Verbal Communication Assessment Answer

Non-Verbal Communication

Being able to recognize and interpret both verbal and non-verbal cues communication with others is an essential critical thinking skill. In this assignment, complete the following:

  1. Find and embed a YouTube video that highlights non-verbal communication (paste the URL link into your post).
  2. Discuss the non-verbal communication that is presented in the film and how we use non-verbal communication in similar ways.
  3. Describe the role of critical thinking in this process


Non-Verbal Communication

The video highlights, how to use the nonverbal cues and how to maintain effective ways of handling the behavior and the image. It is necessary to maintain eye contact which is an effective way to handle how others are speaking to others. The role of critical thinking in this process is to understand what kind of the body movements are there, the speaker postures, how the speaker is having to connect through eyes, gestures, action plans contacts to have the set facial expressions such as the happiness, sadness, anger along with the surprise, fear, and disgust. It is important to understand the cues such as lack if interest, showing some sort of resistance and discomfort. Subsequently, the focus is on the facial expressions to convey emotions and be considerate about one own personal space (Nonverbal Communication- Gestures, n.d).  It is necessary to have a better command over posture. The video shows the non-verbal communication such as gestures, body behavior, having paralanguage,  proxemics, having a set command over the body movements.

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