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Multiculturalism and Major Legislation in Diversity Management Assessment 3 Answer

multiculturalism and Diversity Trimester 2-2020

Assessment 3: Reflective Essay (20%) 

Students are required to write a 1000 to 1200-word reflective essay on discussions, learning, group processes & activities in class & group tutorial.

Students are encouraged to take weekly notes to assist them in choosing what they would like to reflect on from classroom discussions and activities. You can focus on 1-2 reflection topics of your choice as long as it is relevant to the unit content and online activities.

Your essay should include at least 8 (scholarly) journal articles that you have read and/or textbook references. The format of your journal will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials.



Diversity management plays a crucial role in this modern era of globalisation as most of the companies today are very much willing to implement diversity within the workplace. Acquiring global talent can help an organisation in different aspects and also companies can enhance its brand reputation and image by applying diversity within the working environment. From the learning, I have observed that diversity management includes multiple aspects such as ethnicity, racial differences, multiculturalism, and so on. With the help of this reflective essay, I can showcase my level of knowledge and key competencies in the diversity management aspects. 

Major legislation in diversity management

Various companies are now opened its arms in Australia due to which it is obvious for those companies to manage diversity crucially and tactically in order to prevent discrimination in the workplace. In regards to this, Australian government bodies have developed Anti-discrimination laws that have to be considered by companies operating in Australia. Some major laws are the Sex Discrimination Act 1984, the Age Discrimination Act 2004, and others. According to some studies it is found that the age Discrimination Act is enforced by the Australian government in order to prevent stereotyping behaviour of people towards old aged people (O'Loughlin et al. 2017). I can argue that it is not acceptable that an organization or any people discriminate against others concerning their age, sex, or anything else. Also, it is found that some people represent discrimination as an inability of people to do a certain task (Brown, 2018). This perceived behaviour in Australian professionals are thwarted the society. 

Henceforth, I can say the government authorities need to foster the legislative actions more strictly and develop some law through which this type of offense can be restricted. However, it is found that some Australian corporations are trying hard to recruit old age people to showcase their approach towards diversity management (Taylor et al. 2016). In regards to this ethnicity plays a significant role in respecting others' differences who belong to other countries, sex, traditions, and others. A national group is most of the time denoted by ethnicity that can help people to identify the demographics of a person (Casey et al. 2017). However, it is not recommended at all that people discriminate against others due to their differences. 

The impact of ethnicity is of utmost significance on the behavioural pattern of people. In Australia, aboriginal is a tag that helps people to identify the ethnic backgrounds of others. However, I can argue that physical appearance, geographical information varies from a person to another one. Colonization is also influenced by the ethnicity of people. Other utmost important factors in diversity management are racial differences. In the early 19th race is very famous and had become very popular as people have come in contact with different people. I have observed that race can be helpful to locate the background of people but it cannot develop the social construct of the human being. That is why in real life many people are suffering from discriminatory experiences. I can say that this has a major impact on the aspects of globalisation and also on the aspects of modernization. 


One of the greatest influential factors in diversity management is multiculturalism. For implementing diversity within the workplace an organisation needs to recognise the aspects of multiculturalism and also required to respect everyone's cultural differences. Some books on Islamophobia describe the impact of Islamophobia on the culture of Australia (Abdel-Fattah, 2017). Victims shift preparatory concerning the atavistic behaviour of humans. The ethnographic fieldwork is also quite responsible for the same. I also observed some events in some research papers that describe the approach of people to manage or anticipate complexity in everyday life. The complexities are regarding the same are stereotyping behaviour, misunderstanding, and so on. According to Metz et al. (2016) in the 1990s the frequency of immigration was incredibly increased. Not only in Australia but also in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries were also faced a lot of immigrants. 

On the other hand, Ali (2016), drawn upon the ‘War on Terror' that exceptionally raised in the era of globalisation. Australia was gone under some significant metamorphosis that nurtures the system of the nation. I found that cultural pluralism needs to be fostered critically in that era for anticipating those challenges which are very dangerous in terms of social enhancement. From multiple studies that are accomplished in Australia regarding multiculturalism showcase the racial attitudes and behaviours of people that are very beneficial to recognise the potential of multiculturalism in the country (Haag et al. 2020). The aspects of multiculturalism are very crucial in terms of philosophical and sociological aspects. 

I found that ethnic pluralism is a part of this Multiculturalism. This can take place within an organisation on a large scale or even it can happen at a lower scale in some nations also. Therefore, multiculturalism or ethnic pluralism can be defined as the capability of a nation to deal with the plurality of culture efficiently and effectively (Koerner & Pillay, 2020). However, I observed that from one nation to another nation concept of the philosophy or aspects of multiculturalism very typically that have a major influence on the social aspects of that country. 


The aforementioned discussion is very much effective to recognise the impact of discrimination on the reputation as well as the approach of the country. Every country needs to focus on the aspects of diversity management in order to portfolio its approach towards the prevention of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, age, gender, and so on. Therefore, I can conclude that every company within a nation needs to aware of diversity management and also implement this approach into practice for accumulating global talent towards the company. People from different cultures, religions, Ethnicity can help higher authorities to do something new and innovative that can help the company to push the business to a greater extent and also to implement sustainability in the organization. Lastly, it can be suggested that everyone not only in workplaces but also everywhere should show respect to the differences of individuals to enforce globalisation and modernisation nowadays. The discussion over diversity management is very significant that helps me a lot to recognize multiple aspects and also to identify major legislation of government bodies that are developed to mitigate issues related to discrimination. 

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