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MNG03236 Focus on Self-Reflection to Identify Personal Traits Assessment 3 Answer

MNG03236 Tourism & Hotel Professional Development Assessment 3

2.0 Self-awareness

2.1 Personality

What insights have you obtained about your personality, for example from the Myers-Briggs Type indicator and /or the Big five personality model

2.2 Values and Motivators

O What are your most important attitudes, values and motivators? 

2.3 Emotional intelligence

O What are your emotional intelligence abilities?

2.4 Leadership  

O What is your leadership aspiration and potential (or demonstrated ability)? 

2.5 Power and Politics

0 What are your approaches to power, politics and influence?



Executive Summary

Through this assignment, the main purpose is to understand one own opinion, leadership styles, personality traits, attitudes, values, and the motivators value that can help to understand overall individuality. As the individual, one should be aware of the personal traits and how to fine-tune own self with the adaptive attitude, behavior, and personality to bring out the best course of action.


The purpose of the assignment is to focus on the self-assessment and the self-reflection that can help to identify one own personal trait, behavior, and even the life orientation. As per the Myers-Briggs theory it is an assessment of the psychological types which have been devised by Gustav Jung and it has been used to understand one own assessment. Generally there are 16 personality types, which are often labeled as the stereotypes  (Joyce, 2019).  It has been accessed as the key central point that can help to devise the as reference points and based on which a unique personality is determined. To understand one own self-reflection and even understand how one behaves, reacts, and reflects depending on the situation can be divided into the four as below- preferences: 

  • People along with the things (Extraversion or "E"), and how one can devise the ideas and information (Introversion or "I").
  • Facts along with relating with the reality (Sensing or "S"), and can help to access the possibilities and potential (Intuition or "N").
  • Logic and managing the truth (Thinking or "T"), and having central values and relationships (Feeling or "F").
  • To devise the lifestyle which is dependent on the well-structured (Judgment or "J"), and how it goes into the flow (Perception or "P") (Fertig 2016).

As per the Myers Briggs theory, it is important to devise and construct in relation to forming a style and understand the personality type.

Personality Traits

The traits can be divided into the Intuition (N), Sensing (S), Thinking (T) and Feeling (F). While the first two are the Intuition and Sensing, which is how one perceives the other is the process that would information to the assimilation (Elben, et al, 2019). To interpret how there can be Thinking and Feeling, that can access the Judging functions. It is important to interpret how one can have a balance of judgments based on the perceived information. It would be as per the cognitive functions and it would be associated with the decision making. The people that can draw a preference and also determine the perceiving function such as sensing to put an accent over the concrete things which can surround them and further, it can create immediate, practical information which would help to relate with the senses. I aim to synchronize with the preference and also relate to the outcomes (McNamara, 2019). 

Extraversion vs. Introversion 

In my opinion, I am mediocre and fall in between introversion and extroversion. Well, I do have a close circle, with which I interact regularly, share my own close opinions, having a centric personal view, commands and further would work inline to my personal views. 

Sensing vs. Intuition

I more intuitive and even being guided with the personal viewpoints, orientation, and work as per the judgments, being intuitive I take decisions bead on the central to the decision and can help to work collaboratively.

Thinking vs. Feeling

My thinking style is broader and I listen to all and make the decision that is more stable to my needs, wants, and can influence the behavior.

 Judging  vs. Perception.

The perception is more influenced by the peer's ideas, with better judgments, and can have the decision making.

Attitudes, Values, and motivators

In my view, my own attitudes help for future constructive decisions and aim to be a better self. As I have seen how there can be attitudes which are the personal attribution and how one can embark on an independent journey. My attitude always aims for the better-structured goals, I am more focused and aims for the step by step approach. The attitude can also help to relate with the central ideas and purposes. The values are based on the norms and how it would lead to skeptical, based on the determination and having synchronization to being stubborn. I have seen have an intuitive mindset and focus on the personal strengths and the weakness can help in overall growth and development (Muldoon, 2020). My aims lie in learning new things, understanding how the new workings can work and how one can be independent but also stubborn. My motivators influence has always been intrinsic personal attitudes, values and extrinsic motivators are my own family, my peers, and also my teachers. Due to the personal influences and motivation in life, it has helped in the overall growth and life perspective. The attitudes, values, and motivators are personal guidance factors such as how there can be a personal obligation, own interests, and how they can be personal conscientious, which can help to adhere inline to the strong motivation goals (Smith, et al,  2019)  My values are always to let others grow and how there can be an overall changing perspective. As each of us grows in their life, but there can be some reactions and counter reactions, which can help us to learn.

Emotional Intelligence

My emotional intelligence is quite high and I am very intuitive. I can understand what others can believe and what can be the personal attribution to grow and how one can relate. For example, I can understand what my parents wish a career for me which is lucrative and stabilize. While being part of the course, I have also made plans for myself to personally grow and also to understand my own professional skills sets. For this I have also focused on certain professional certifications, additional learning, and even has learned few new techniques that can help me grow, do efficiently my work and even complete the task with the best ability. It can help me to develop my skills and inculcate with professional skills and can help me to grow overall. My emotional intelligence also helps me to learn towards one professional goal and focus on own key strengths and weakness that can help to personally grow in one own life (Smith, et al, 2019).


My leadership style is a transactional leader style. As I am a good listener, not only I wish to grow in my life but I also focus on other people to grow in life. Being a leader, it is necessary to be transparent, be adaptive, and even focus on other people's key strengths that can help to grow in one life (Bonaccio,  2019) I have consecutively seen how where a leader can work and also identify oneself with the teams that can bring a change to create a vision and also inspire others. I also focus on other people's goals and how they are willing to grow in one life. To change, be adaptive to the nee centric vision and also inspire, bring a command over the change, it can help play a vital role. As I think every person can grow and progress in one life, but it is a failure if one does not use the all resources in time and with the people's efficiency.

Power, Politics, and influence

I believe I do have power which can help to influence and bring a command. I do not hold any politics and also do not play with other people's minds. The influential role in my own life has always been my parents, who have guided me towards central life. The power, politics, and influence have been central to my key planning, but it has not been the motivational enough to use the resources constructively (Bonaccio, 2019). Further my power has been how to use the resources more efficiently in line with the goals and objectives of my own life. 

Problem Solving

Decision-making theory

As per the decision-making theory, the main goal to be a rational individual is to overcome the risk and uncertainty and even focus on the compilation of the best decision making that can be adaptive, goal-oriented, and also derive a rational choice. The decision-making theory likes to decide when to study when to walk around, and when top explores has helped me to understand in deciding as to when to deliver (Ciorciari, 2019).

Problem-solving factors

My problem-solving factors are the decision-maker, being judgmental, and being open to new thoughts. The rationality is to focus on personal strengths such as being intuitive, being a leader, and also focus on the key roles that can help to develop and work for a single source. Overall this has been an effective way to bring the resources.


I am aware that I have good listening skills; I can speak when it can be required, and I am ambitious, versatile, a good speaker, and even aim to bring the best decision skills after thinking deeply about everyone.  


To conclude, personality and our own attitude is all about how we have been bought up in our life. As we grow in our life, we tend to focus on values, ethics, and how one can aspire to be in one life. I have seen, that the personal defeats and the strengths are just the mindsets and how one can aspire to be, is purely dependent on the self-analysis goals. It can help to personally develop in your own life.

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