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MNG00272 Analyzing Operational Requirements For Three Conference Scenarios Assessment 1 Answer

Business event management

Assessment 1 - Essay 30% 

Write a 1500 word essay in which you analyse the spatial and functionality operational requirements for the three different conference and exhibition scenarios outlined below:

1. A small conference with workshops and forums: 100–200 delegates, 10 exhibitors,conducted over two days.

2. A medium sized conference conducted over 3 days with opening plenary session and 6 to 8 concurrent sessions each day; and social networking activities: 600–1500 delegates, 50 exhibitors.

3. A major international 5 day conference with plenary and concurrent sessions and social networking activities each day, closing gala dinner and award ceremonies: 3500–5000 delegates, 400 exhibitors. 

Please do assessment 2 with the help of ass.1 

In assessment one there are so many comments ,please resolve the all the comment’s

Assessment 2 - Case study report 30%

Choose a destination such as a city or region to focus on and within that destination, select avenue that meets the requirements of the small conference from scenario 1 in Assignment 1.

From the same destination select a different venue that meets the requirements of the medium sized conference in scenario 2 from Assignment 1.

Then from the same destination select yet another different venue that meets the requirements for the large conference from scenario 3 in the first Assignment.

For each selected venue critically analyse how its spatial functional design relates to the operational requirements discussed in Assignment 1.

Important note: A real life destination and actual venues within that destination should be used in this assignment.

This assignment should be structured as a 1500 word report inclusive of the following sections:

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction: stating what will be discussed in the report followed by an overview of your chosen destination as a business events location and your rationale for choosing it.
  • A description of the method you used in findings suitable venues
  • Explanation of chosen venue and critical analysis of how venue spatial design meets operational requirements for each of the conference scenarios:

Conference Scenario 1

Conference Scenario 2

Conference Scenario 3

  • Conclusion
  • Reference list: Use Harvard system of referencing
  • Appendix: which might include floor plans for chosen venues, photos of the venues, and other evidence that demonstrates why your chosen venues are suited to the needs of each conference

A minimum of 5 references should be cited including at least 4 academic references.


Business event management 


Sydney one of the beautiful city of Australia and the connectivity of the country is very good (Cityofsydney,  2020). There will be three different types of event will be organized and for each of the event, a good venue is needed. However, the requirement includes delegate numbers, event structure, requirements for their travel, parking, catering, and access to transportation and technological needs. These all the requirements needed to be fulfilled by the venue and these all aspects have a greater impact upon the success of the event.

In this report, a methodology section is provided where the requirements will be described in the proper manner and the finding section will help to elaborately understand different aspects of three different scenarios in the proper and extensive manner.


Sydney is one of the most technologically upgraded as well as the beautiful city of Australia (Santamouris et al. 2017). The culture, community, accessibility of the pubs and bars for the refreshment of Sydney is really vibrant. Even, there are lots of galleries, parks, hotels which made this place more beautiful (Cityofsydney,  2020). 

In order to select the venue, internet and different websites of Australian tour and travel industry has played an extensive role. Websites like conference venue essentials and executive centre helped to carry forward the venue selection part in a hassle-free manner (Conferencevenueessentials, 2020). Even, there are lots of options for selecting the other necessary aspects like catering, accommodation, parking, additional service and technical facilities.

ScenarioNumber of delegatesStructureDurationSocial activitiesInternational event
A200Small conference and 10 exhibitors 2 days NoNo
B1000Opening plenary session which has 8 concurrent sessions per day with 50 exhibitors  3 days YesNo 
C5000Opening plenary session
concurrent sessions
conference meeting
400 exhibitors 
5 days Yes Yes 

 Table 1: Methodology

Source: Developed by author

The concept of plenary sessions in both the B and C scenarios is nothing but addressing the delegates as well as helping them to understand the main aim of the event. However, it is very important to have at least one big size conference hall as well as there should be a good number of well-decorated rooms for the delegates as well as exhibitors. The layout of the sitting capacity is very necessary to understand the comfort of the room and it also helps to understand the design of the room.

Scenario C demands a large conference room for properly conduction the plenary sessions with 5000 delegates whereas it is also necessary to have a large exhibition space where 400 exhibitors can be fitted efficiently. However, for scenario B it is necessary to have space where 1500 delegates can be fitted and 8 concurrent sessions can be conducted. Even, there is a need for an exhibition space where 50 exhibitors can be fitted.  In a scenario, the demand is low because of a small number of delegates.


Conference Scenario 1

For the first scenario, there is the requirement for a venue which can support the space requirement for around 200 delegates. For this purpose Ballroom 1 & 2 at the Rydges World Square was selected which is located in Sydney, Australia. According to the website of this venue, they have enough space for up to 300 guests and as a result, will provide ample amount of space for 200 guests for current event and as a result suitable for the hosting of this small event (Rydges, 2020). This venue has a main conference room as well as a small conference room and a private meeting room as well [Appendix 1]. All of these areas are accessible to the guests as well. It can be said that proper arrangement of food and accommodation is very much essential for managing the guest in any occasion (Draper, Young Thomas & Fenich, 2018). Availability of catering service in this location also helps with the deployment of any event at this location; on the other hand, this venue situated in a quiet environment and thus makes it more comfortable for both host and guests as well. As this is a small conference, hence the meeting area does not need to be large and this is where this venue comes in. As a result, this venue has been decided for the hosting of the first small conference event. The main hall inside the main building can be used for the meeting for this conference and will provide an adequate amount of space for the 200 delegates or guests for this event as well.

Furthermore, the requirements for technological devices such as the speakerphone, projectors can also be met as there is availability for infrastructural installation at this venue. As this venue specialises in conference meeting hosting because there are integrated PA system, projectors and free Wi-Fi, this venue will be an excellent choice for the hosting of this small event. In the recent time, providing Wi-fi and other facilities are important to grab the consumer attention because consumer are now influenced by technological emergence and they demanded such facilities in all the places (Melián-González & Bulchand-Gidumal, 2016). Furthermore, adjacent accommodation area also serves the guests visiting from outstations as well. Therefore, overall this Ballroom 1 & 2 at the Rydges World Square venue is extremely suitable for the hosting of the current small-scale event as a result.

Conference Scenario 2

For the second scenario, the requirement is a venue which can host around 1,000 delegates or guests. Furthermore, this event also requires the venue's ability to host 8 concurrent sessions and as a result, different tables will be required. Additionally, there is also a requirement for presentation equipment, PA system, the internet as well. Therefore, a venue which hosts more than 1000 guests and also provides infrastructural assistance for meetings or conferences will be required. Conference venue Entire Venue at Waterview In Bicentennial Park can host up to 1,000 people in seating and 1,500 people. Furthermore, the option for in-house catering is also another added benefit to this location. The overall size of the venue is 954 m2 and as a result indicates the ability of this venue to host this medium-sized event as a result (Waterview Venue, 2020). As this venue is also used for other events apart from the meetings or conferences there is a yard available as well. Hence, this venue at Sydney will be an adequate place for the hosting of this event.

Furthermore, this event also requires infrastructural requirements such as seating arrangements, projectors and other presentation equipment and as this venue is equipped to address these requirements, this makes this venue an excellent choice for the hosting of this event. The availability of free Wi-Fi and PA system also beneficial for the hosting of this medium-sized event as well. Additionally, the option for both in-house or external catering service is also another added attribute for this venue which will allow the deployment of a functional event at this location. Overall, it can be stated that this Entire Venue at Waterview In Bicentennial Park is a venue which will serve the purposes of this event. On the other hand, availability of a yard and strategic placement of the venue at the Bicentennial Park will also provide the guests with something to look out for apart from the conference as a result

Conference Scenario 3

The third event scenario is by far the largest event as this event will go on for five days and will also welcome around 5000 delegates along with 400 exhibitors. Furthermore, there will also be a requirement for concurrent sessions hence adequate separate seating arrangements along with multiple infrastructural availabilities related to the presentation equipment, Wi-Fi, PA system will be required as well. Therefore, for this purpose, a venue which can host international events will be required. There are multiple such conference or event hosting venues are available in Sydney and among them, ICC Sydney seemed to be suitable for this large scale event hosting. ICC Sydney in a venue which specialises in various types of events hosting and excellent venue for hosting large-scale conferences, exhibitions and seminars (Keniger et al. 2017). This is a multi-storied building and every floor contains different halls, open space and an event deck [Appendix 2]. This, as a result, aligns with the requirement for this current event as for this conference there is a requirement for multiple concurrent sessions. While the multi-storied type of current building is adequate to host 5000 guests and 400 exhibitors, availability of multiple halls on each floor, as a result, will deem helpful for the hosting of the current event.

Furthermore, apart from these, there is also a requirement for presentation equipment and internet. ICC Sydney being a conference specialised venue also offers these infrastructural services which help with the initiation of a large scale event. Also, there is also the availability of eateries within the building and as as a result also helpful for both host and the guests. There is also a floor which is dedicated to a gallery and which will also help with the hosting of sessions where around 1000 guests can participate. Therefore, overall ICC Sydney offers a complete package for large scale event hosting and as a venue this, as a result, demonstrates the viability for this venue.


Sydney is a wonderful city and there are lots of opportunities to conduct conferences with a high number of delegates as well as a small number of delegates. Even, the transportation and accessibility to anything are really up to the mark. For the first scenario, Ballroom 1 & 2 at the Rydges World Square has been chosen which is suitable for accommodating 200 delegates. The service here is also quite impressive with various facilities like catering service, PA system projector, Wi-fi which makes it perfect for the small conference. On another side to accommodate 1000 guests Waterview In Bicentennial Park has been selected where guests can enjoy in-house or external catering service with well decorated room environment.  In order to accommodate 5000 delegates ICC Sydney is selected which is one of the most renowned venue and providing dedicated gallery and modern facilities. All three venues have been chosen in this city because of its availability of good spaces for meetings and conducting conferences and hope to be suitable.

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