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MKTG7011 Establishment Branding Strategies for Pure Life Bakery Assessment Answer

MKTG8020 / MKTG7011, S1 2020

Case Study Analysis (30%)

In this assessment, you are to apply branding theories/concepts you learned throughout the unit to solve real problems faced by an actual organisation. You will be given a case study in Week 12 with specific issues/challenges faced by a real organisation. You are then to select two relevant branding theories / concepts from your seminar material, prescribed/recommended readings, or any teaching materials provided to you.

  • Formal academic writing style required;
  • Proof reading (spelling, grammar) is essential;
  • In-text scholarly citations required with consistent APA / Harvard referencing;
  • A minimum of 6 scholarly journal papers and 2 industry sources must be included in the report;
  • A maximum of 2000 words (+/- 10%) (excluding reference list, and appendix);

Recommended Structure


  • An overview of the problems / issues faced by the organisation, with relevant industry/market information.
  • Provide a brief overview of the two theories that will be applied in your paper.

Theory 1

Discuss the relevance of the theories to address the problems / issues faced by the organisation

Theory 2

Discuss the relevance of the theories to address the problems / issues faced by the organisation


Provide practical steps for the organisation as to how they can address the problems / issues identified in section (1) based on the theories discussed in section (2) and (3)




The selection of bread and utilization of warmed types of food of Pure Life Bakery have out of nowhere detonated with the quick changing way of life of the common Australian population. The unique range of food items offered by Pure Life Bakery have gained huge recognition in the breakfast menu of thousands of Australians throughout the nation. Currently, the brand is striving to enhance its brand image and develop a consolidated brand image in the Australian market. The current assignment focuses on the establishment branding strategies and recommendations for the company with the evaluation of two branding theories. 

Overview of the theories that can be implemented to develop a new brand identity for Pure Life Bakery

The theories that would be implemented to overcome the problems faced the Pure Life Bakery concerning its rebranding of the logo, new label design, new colour palette, new brand voice and new fonts are mainly Theory Of Brand Perception and Theory of Brand Equity.

Brand Perception theory is based on the purchasers' capacity to perceive the brand under various conditions, as reflected by their image certification or review execution (Adeyemi, Boolaky & Gungaphul, 2017). Brand study implies the buyer's capacity to recover the brand from the memory (Bii & Bett, 2019). As exhibited by the improvement of estimation for brand regard, customer-based brand regard was delineated for four estimations; brand care, brand collusion, saw quality, and brand endurance. It suggests the idea of a brand closeness in buyer's psyches. Brand perception has a few levels beginning from the less attestation of the brand to quality. Seen quality was reviewed and picked by customers. 

Theory of Brand Equity is a tremendous ambiguous resource that has mental and money related a driving force to the firm. The estimation of brand regard relies on the measure of the same individuals who purchase dependably (Bronnenberg & Dubé, 2017). The brand endurance, brand care, and brand clear quality is basic to keep up the brand regard. There are two exchange points of view of brand regard; budgetary and client-based. The basic point of view studies the favourable position estimation of a brand name that makes to the business.

2. Theory 1

Theory of Brand Perception

Theory of Brand perception depends on two variables quantity of product manufactured and the quality of the product manufactured. The quality control concerning the baking products pf Pure Life Baker, when recommends such highlights of the problems that they face while baking their products as mentioned above which needs to look to its nutritive worth, amassing and edibility quality, finish, appearance, and so on. The term quality control shows the cognizant control of those components which sway the tremendousness of the properties of the products (Burns & Gunton, 2018). The average Australian consumers are mpw leading towards breads and other baked products that have specific health attributes including omega-3 fatty acids, high fibre and calcium-added white bread, linseed and soy the combination of which have allowed bakery businesses to raise the status of bread products from commodity to functional foods (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, 2016). Nevertheless, to speak, it merges each condition of creation viz. genuinely from the quality control of unpleasant material to different times of approach and dispersing of completed things.

It is a general complaint of clients that the heated great kitchen things are not of better quality. This circumstance has not been helped much even with the presentation of baking sector progression (Lou et al. 2019). Dismissing the way that the filtered through Sector prepared great baking industries which have had the decision to accomplish the target of critical worth control yet at the same time much ought to be done to battle in International markets. 

Regardless no unmistakable change in the strategies for creation for quality improvement has occurred in medium and little part heated great shop units of the business. As such because of nonappearance of critical worth control rehearses these units are commonly uncompetitive (DuBois, 2019). The R&D attempts in the bread shop industry recently have along these lines, recognized new estimations with making care among the purchasers about the quality, whole and cost. In the quality engineering exertion, inside and outside clients and their needs are seen. Nonexclusive thing joins that are typical for client needs are seen, likewise as related quality goals (Grimmer, 2017)

A quantity control process for rebranding is then expected to meet or beat thing nuances, including thing quality particulars. The constraint of the technique to make the proposed outcome is then settled, and this prompts the ideal quality improvement. Present-day prepared great kitchens, for the most part, utilized a drawn-out structure, which was assessed for extended length perspectives or points of view like quality philosophy, request and market circumstance. They either bought harsh materials themselves or by techniques for their exchanging organization. 

Perceived quality is another valuation of the brand to push the customer to buy things. Brand building has been around for an impressive time frame as an approach to perceive the results of one producer from those of another. The soonest signs of checking in Europe were the medieval associations' need that craftspeople put trademarks on their things to guarantee themselves and clients against inferior quality. In expressive expressions, stamping began with skilled workers denoting their works. Brands today play different critical occupations that improve customers' lives and overhaul the cash related estimation of firms. Brand care and brand evident quality as the immense factors to make and keep up brand esteem. There is a certain relationship among brand care, see the quality and brand esteem. The elevating program affects improving the seen idea of the brand for different customers (John & McDonald, 2020)

3. Theory 2

Theory of Brand Equity

It joins the introduction of machines and devices, yet moreover new mixes of different obligations for planning plans, the ideal degree of warming and cooling, fitting packaging and quality control from the point the material is purchased till it is changed over into the finished goods (Lettice et al. 2018).  The utilization of warmed incredible kitchen progress amasses the usage of most present-day machines and new systems for methodology assignments for improving and assembling progressively conspicuous and better yield at any rate creation cost (Varma & Ravi, 2017). According to a market research by IBISWorld (2019), the growth of the bakery industry in Australia from 2014 to 2019 has been negative estimated at -1%. However, while the typical Australian families used to buy few pounds of white bread produced at factories only one per week in the past, present consumers are more likely to purchase from shops that have a wide range of fresh-baked bread-based offerings.

Modernization in arranged extraordinarily for the baking industry like Pure Life Bakery to ring improvement. By far most of the present plants and machines in basically nothing, medium and gigantic units are either old or outdated including essential costs of upkeep. Outdated and agreeable procedure for creation further results in inefficient exercises. Along these lines, it has been telling upon the intensity of the business on the planet markets (Bronnenberg & Dubé, 2017). The phenomenal cost of Australian bread products and inferior quality is the fundamental drivers for the declining consequently winning from arranged extraordinary kitchen products for whole half in a significant drawn-out period. Branding strategy for Pure Life Bakery has proposed to import new or old baking products and other essential equipment which would interface at that point to reduce the manufacturing cost of evacuating obsolete sorts of mechanical get together (Bronnenberg & Dubé, 2017). In any case, these sorts of mechanical gathering are down and out upon strong custom obligations. The complete cost of contraption becomes prohibitive for any unit making game-arrangements for modernization and expansion. 

In this theory, it may be raised that both area and private markets are unflinchingly related. To dispatch any new thing the private market from the beginning changes into any test key and readies that thing for the pass on. Therefore, creation with imported machines will give food both to the family unit and complete markets financially.

For instance, lacking temperature control of desserts store containing for example cream, new basic thing or meat causes progression of humbler degree living things, which can understand security issues, thing disappointments and client objections. Lacking sorting out of creation and dispersal causes either overproduction, accomplishing loss of materials, or things not being accessible, requiring extra creation and developments and inciting client grumblings and disappointment costs. To stay away from thwarted expectations because of wrong association of food creation practices and uncouth techniques for structure, use and improvement, the approach ought to be available to make quality assurance frameworks reasonable for unequivocal conditions. 

A more prominent multifaceted nature of reasonable parts was identified with a lower creation quality, yet quality broadened when the degree of huge worth the directors improved (Bronnenberg & Dubé, 2017). Notwithstanding, the assessment didn't choose how parties to prepared great shops that contrast inappropriate fragments play out their food quality association. Hence, a resulting evaluation is critical that reviews the degree of food quality association performed by prepared great kitchens separating in significant segments. 

In the case of the rebranding of the cost of the product is one of the requesting fragments concerning picking a buy choice. It, for the most part, anticipate a major action in picking the client's image decision while picking a thing. Customers analyze the cost while making a purchasing choice and check whether it is inside their reasonable cutoff centres. This causes them to develop the short utility that they gain from the buy. The purchasers give relative centrality to both cost and quality, so while picking a brand they pick a decision steady with the relative vitality joined to the two properties.

4. Conclusion and recommendations

The recommendations that can be made to overcome the problems faced by Pure Life Bakery for rebranding and developing a new brand identity can be studied from the followings:

Recommendation 1: Building a self-brand identity

This includes framing and designing of the brand logo and name using innovative colour templates to attract the customers.

Recommendation 2: By building the websites and online presence

Creating websites stands out being always an innovative tool to attract customers like cosmos to dahlia. Almost every company who wants to develop a profitable growth in their firm opts for developing websites to build the framework of the organization.

Recommendation 3: By creating a brand-building plan

The brand-building plan would not only enhance but it would also strengthen and promote the new branding strategy of Pure Life Bakery.

Considering, the mechanised way of baking products in Pure Life Bakery is performed under quality practices at a checked level than non-current bread kitchens because of their drawn-out perspective and improvement. Non-mechanical baking sectors performed at a lower level because of less appraisal and improvement and considering the way that their quality organization relied upon comprehension. The dynamic by and large talking outside advancement from and to our nation and the deluge of multinationals and their food social requests have improved the preparing business. The Food Safety Regulations, rivalry in the business, energy for progressively current things and the need to endure have pushed each head to offer overall measures and quality and selection of things to fulfil the sentiment of the taste of each client.

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