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MKT600 Presentation on Sustainable Marketing Assessment 3 Answer

Subject Code and Title
MKT600 Marketing
Assessment 3: Presentation on Sustainable Marketing
Betwen 5 and 10 minutes in class for F2F and video
recording for the online students.
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:
d) Reflect on the ethical issues that accompany with
marketing practices
Total Marks
20 marks


  • To enhance a clear understanding of the importance of contemporary issues surounding sustainability and their implicaitons in marketing practices in the modern era;
  • To provide an overview of sustainable marketing theory and their applications to

marketing strategies;

  • To acknowledge the importance of sustainable marketing;
  • To critically analyse all relevant factors associated with ethical consideration in marketing practice.

How the assessment fits into the subject/course:

Marketing in the 21st Century has profoundly evolved and has been a critical component of business organisations. While the design of marketing plan is integral to business organisation

to drive business growth, there is a strong call for marketing organisations to operate responsibly, considering both environment and social responsibilities in marketing practices. This assessment aims to develop an understanding and appricition about the importance of social responsibilities of marketing.

Linkages between Assessments 1, 2 and 3:

Assessment 3 is NOT related to the assessments 1 and 2. However, assessments 1 & 2 provide students with a thorough understanding of marketing theories and practices, and therefore, build the foundation for the assessment 3.


This assessment task builds on your understanding of sustainable marketing, ethical and environmental consideration of marketing practices. This assessment requires you to produce a 5 - 10 minutes presentation for presenting in class (F2F students) between week 11 and 12. The online students need to record a video to:

  • Demonstrate your understanding about ethical consideration in marketing practices;
  • Demonstrate your understanding about social and environmental responsibilitines in marketing practices.


The scenario in assessment 1 and assessment 2 is not relevant to this assessment. You are required to review the sustainable marketing practices within the same organisation that worked on in the assessment 1 and 2.


This assessment requires you to demonstrate understanding of contemporary issues of sustainable marketing, as there is a strong call for marketing organisations to practise a responsible marketing. Based on your research about this topic, you should now present a sustainable marketing topic that include:

  1. The issues of socially responsible marketing (ethical consideration);
  2. The issues of environmentally responsible marketing;
  3. A 5-10 minutes powerpoint presentation (for F2F students)/video recording (for online students) on the above topic.



As per the sustainable marketing, the main role is to focus on satisfying the customer needs and to have the ever-growing business which can expand. The customers and the business can collaborate to have a better future, that can help to create sustainable marketing that can help to develop the customer needs and the rising benefits for the businesses today which would continue to expand in the future. The sustainable marketing practices can help to derive an operated marketing system with consumers, originate with the companies having key public policymakers functioning, and can have the better responsibilities to have along with term goals accomplishment and sustainable goals. Sustainable marketing functions can also focus on ecological, social, and economic issues. Subsequently, it is essential to have sustainable marketing that can focus on enduring customer relationships.

Issues of socially responsible marketing (ethical consideration);

The issues of socially responsible marketing can be a major cause, that could lead to having a choice, which would not be damaging and would be a better developed long term customer relationship. 

The purpose of sustainability marketing and there can be a sense of purpose that could lead to bringing radical changes to the economic, social, and ecological issues. It is defined as how there can be implications that could be a major source, that would lead to building and maintaining sustainable relationships with the given environment and the people.

Socio-ecological issues

Consumer behavior

Sustainability marketing values and objectives

Sustainability marketing strategies

Sustainability marketing mix

Sustainability marketing transformation

To inculcate consumer behavior it is important to check the factors that could implicate further which are the macro-marketing environment. The company has to look forward to the key socio-ecological concerns, and it is important to understand the sustainable practices, that would be favorable for the market and overall. 

For the companies it is essential to look for the development phase and the practice strategic marketing decisions. It is also essential to have the substantial to relate with the consumers and the environment while focusing on production and consumption.

For example while producing there should be no negative externality, like making shoes, there should be no burning of leather or cutting it, causing pollution in the air and the soil.

sustainable marketing theory 

As per the theory, sustainability marketing should hold equal enticing opportunities that can bring accurate steps for green marketing, which can create a balance for the social and for the environmental investments along with holding the marketing strategy.  The company can bring sustainability marketing and also focus on how to build a customer relationship, that can make the business sustainable for future generations. the company must think about the below parameters -:

Degree of Compromise

The company should focus on the higher price paid and further can focus on sustainability. It is also subsequent opportunities that can allow making the product of lesser quality, convenience, or performance is purchased.

Degree of confidence

The degree of confidence consumers that can greater sustainability performance.

The company has to focus on consumer behavior and brings dynamic long-lasting green technology solutions. 

The issues of environmentally responsible marketing;

The company can create a long-lasting business solution, but some solutions like damaging the business environment and facing the consequences can be damaging. For example,  if the company is producing cold drinks, then if they fill the bottle with the plastic, it can cause the long term consequences on the environment. Due to the prolonged production of cold drinks in the plastic bottle, it can create long term damages and can cause damage to the environment. The plastics cannot be renewed and recycled to better used ways. The business would face the artist's protests and the subsequent banning from the government for causing environmental pollution. The better strategy would be to have sustainable products to the market, after understanding the changing customer behavior and can think of adapting with the new techniques which are long-lasting and can improve the environment. Some examples such as-:


Consciousness Consumers approach

Wastage focused

Currently constrained

Basic contributors

Long- Term restricted


Two Models for the Environmental Management

  • The compliance model
  • The strategic model

As per the compliance model, it is evident as to how there can be cascading impacts on the given environment and how it can have long-lasting impacts. The government can have the set government applicable regulation and laws, that can be used in the set manner and can help to derive the maximized model of the social and environmental strategy proactively which would further create a sustainable competitive advantage. As per the Marketing choice, it is important to also note the market that can have sustainable concerns and make product and can maintain the service for the market leader. To define the shift from satisfying customer need and how it can represent the functional solution and as per the product.

Strategic Model

  • Sustainable solution( the output)

To hold the Hybrid product system that can help to make the product less negative impact and how to have positive factors of sustainability, and further can lead to societal needs. The sustainable solution can also have the cascading the stakeholder engagement to bring the consumption and the production model.

  • Sustainable product design and development( the process)

To focus on the integrating sustainability issues and there can be a better solution to the development process, that can bring in the product launch and how it would lead to more process orientation that can create sustainable value to satisfy the shareholder and customer. 


To conclude, sustainable environmental practices can be the company's long term solution. It s important for the company to create a sustainable solution thinking about the future and further can judge as to how to collaborate with the customer and the company solutions.

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