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MIS609 Data Analytics for Organisational Decision Making Assessment 2 Answer

Subject Code and TitleMIS609 Data Management and Analytics
AssessmentCase Study Report: Data Analytics for Organisational Decision- Making
Length2000 words (+/- 10%)
Learning OutcomesThe Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the broad concepts of data management.
  2. Demonstrate how to manage data within organisations, teams and projects. Investigate techniques on how to collect, store, clean and manipulate data.
  3. Explore data management techniques and apply when and where applicable.
  4. Analyse and apply data issues in an organisational context.
  5. Effectively report and communicate findings to a business audience who are not necessarily IT professionals.

Task Summary

Using the concepts covered in Module 2 and 3, write a 2000 words case study report for a real scenario faced by an organisation of your choice.


This assessment gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of concepts covered in Module 2 and 3 including Configuration Management, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Cluster Computing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Use of Data for AI. In doing so, you are required to select an organisation and then analyse and evaluate how the above-mentioned concepts can be used to solve a real-life problem.

Task Instructions

Step 1: Select an organisation that you would like to investigate. You may seek the guidance of your facilitator when selecting an appropriate organisation. When choosing the organisation, make sure that you are able to access data from the organisation easily, or the data is available on the web.

Step 2: Write a case study report outlining how the selected organisation has used the concepts covered in Module 2 and 3 to successfully solve a problem faced by the organisation. The report should consist of the following structure:

Section #What is typically contained in this section?
Title pageInclude the subject code and name, assignment title, student name,
student number, and name of the learning facilitator.
Section 1: Introduction to the OrganisationPlease address the following three points in this section:
  1. Introduce the organisation that you are about to study.
  2. Why have you chosen this organisation?
  3. What is the typical business of the chosen organisation?
Section 2: Introduction to the concept of Data AnalysisExamples of ‘concept’ include (but are not limited to) Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Cluster Computing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Use of Data for AI. This concept is what is being applied by the organisation that you have picked in the ‘Step 1’. Write a brief about this concept that shows the facilitator that you understand this
concept inside out.
Section 3: Data SourcesList the sources from where you collected the information for this assessment. These sources can be interviews, videos, documents, website
Section 4: AnalysisPlease address the following four points in this section:
  1. What was the original problem being faced by the organisation that you chose?
  2. How did the organisation implement the concept that you have identified in Section 2?
  3. What were the problems faced by the organisation in implementing the new change?
  4. How was this change beneficial for the organisation?
Section 5: Conclusions, Findings and
Conclude your report explaining what you learned from this analysis. What were the core findings and what are your recommendations for the organisation that you selected?


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