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MIS605 Application of Human Interface Design Skills: Video Collage Assessment 3 Answer

Subject Code and Title
MIS605 Systems Analysis and Design
Assessment 3 – Video Collage
15 minutes
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:
(d) Demonstrate team work skills and empathy while maintaining high level of ethical and legal behaviour and standards as a professional.
Total Marks
100 marks

Task Summary

For the given case study provided with assessment 1, apply human interface design skills and design a prototype, either as a web application or a mobile application. Create a short video explaining your prototype to a hypothetical client.


In assessment 1 and 2, you conducted requirement analysis and made a high-level design for the given case study. Using the human interface design principles and techniques, now it is time for you to develop a prototype for the case study provided in assessment 1. You have to consider a scenario in which you are selling your prototype to your potential client with your team. Certainly, you would have to show the interfaces to the clients. You would also have to explain to the client how this prototype caters all the functional and the non-functional requirements that were part of the original case.

Task Instructions

Group formation

  • Form groups of 2 - 4 members.
  • Please read the attached MIS605_Assessment 3_Group Working Guide document for more information about group formation.

Case scenario

  • Please read case study provided with assessment 1. Please note that every piece of information provided in this case study serves a purpose.

Complete the following tasks:

Part A  The Prototype

Based on the case study as well as the requirement analysis and design specification you completed for Assessment 1 and Assessment 2 respectively, develop a prototype for the System. The prototype must address the following criteria:

  • conform to human interface design guidelines in Module 5
  • reflect all major functional requirements in the case and additional requirements in Assignment 1
  • be in a digital form, viz. Please note that hand drawn on a piece of paper is not acceptable
  • enable all actors of the System to perform their designated task
  • be designed as either a web application or as a mobile app. (60 marks)

Part B - Video

Record a video of all group members presenting the prototype that your group built in Task 1 to a hypothetical client. The length of the video should be between 13 – 15 minutes. As a minimum, your group needs to demonstrate:

  • how the prototype/IS solution meets the business requirement of the given case
  • the advantages of the type of application of choice over the other. For example, if the prototype is a mobile app, demonstrate advantages of a mobile app over a web application
  • how each actor in the System will interact with the System, viz. how they would be able to complete their tasks through the System

(40 marks)

Part C – Peer Evaluation

  • It is required that each individual student complete a confidential peer evaluation on the other team members.
  • Please see documents Group Work Guidelines and Group Participation Matrix found in Assessment 3 link via main navigation menu.


It is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing if needed.


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