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MIS500 Review on Information System and Implementation in Fibre Fashion Australia Assessment Answer

Subject Code and Title
MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems
Individual Case Study
Part A – Individual report 2500 words +/- 10%
Part B – Individual  presentation 5 minutes
Learning Outcomes
The Subject Learning Outcomes demonstrated by successful completion of the task below include:

1. Apply business and IS knowledge and concepts to develop verifiable solutions and recommendations to address and support strategic goals of a business or an organisation.

2. Develop and communicate a collaborative strategy which embodies the principles of agile methodology to stakeholders of an organisation.

Part A: 25%
Part B: 15%
Total Marks
40 marks

Task Summary

You are to act as consultants hired by the company the case study is based on, to create an information system for your client.

Part A: In response to the case study provided, your will produce a report explaining the information system plan you develop for your client. The report should be no more than 2500 words.

Part B: You  will present your ideas  by submitting a video presentation.


The development of your professional skills includes researching information systems to assist with organisational issues that are encountered in contemporary business. You will be learning important ‘agile’ skills to assist in the workplace, such as scrum meetings.

Purpose: To conduct research in response to current business issues that your organisation will present. This project will require you to respond to a specific business issue that is presented to you and then design, collect, analyse, interpret, report and present data back to the business via your report. The case study is a real business.

Task Instructions

Part A Individual  report

  1. Fibre Fashion – Case Study

    To complete this assessment task you are required to design an information system for Fibre Fashion to assist with their business. You have discussed Porter’s Value Chain in class and you should understand the Primary and support activities within businesses. For this assessment you need to concentrate on the primary activities of Inbound Logistics, Operations and outbound logistics as well as the support activity of procurement. 
  2. Watch the case study video about Fibre Fashion (link below). This video will allow you to understand the business and where you, as consultants, can add value by improving their information systems in Inbound Logistics, Operations and outbound logistics as well as the support activity of procurement.
  3. For further details about current information systems of Fibre Fashion, please see the Assessment 2 Database document and the OneBrands Fibre Sales Figures Contacts spreadsheet in the Assessment 2 area of Blackboard.
  4. Based on the information provided as well as your own research (reading!) into information systems for SMEs (small to medium enterprise), write a report for Fibre Fashion to assist with their Inbound Logistics, Operations and outbound logistics as well as the support activity of procurement.

Structure of the report

Please structure the group report as follows:

  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • Background to the issue you plan to solve (e.g. the excel spreadsheet is inefficient). Identify a research question
  • Research the issue and present a literature review
  • Analysis of the literature including other examples
  • Recommended Solution – explain the information system and how it will assist the business. You may use visuals to represent your ideas
  • Conclusion
  • References (quality and correct method of presentation. You must have a minimum of 15 references
  • Appendices should include: research notes and agile contract 




In this evolving world for the success and efficiency of organization a system is developed i.e. information system which is a type of approach used by organization to collect, distribute, process and store data which is then used to work with efficiency. Many business firms or organization work is rely on the information system to handle their respective operation, make interaction with the suppliers and the consumers and stand in the competitive market. Information system and divulges its benefits for an organization to make decisions by turning the raw information of the organization into the valuable one. Here, this report is focusing on the Information system as it is becoming a crucial aspect of business in context of Fibre Fashion Australia. To know the importance of this report, first of all, the background of the issue is need to be discussed. This report is consist of a detailed literature review on Information system and its implementation in the business. Then few recommendation or suggestion to sort out this issue is mentioned in this report. 

Background of the problem

Fibre fashion is located in Victoria, Australia. It is count in one of the leading wholesaler fashion company. It comes in market 20 years ago and become brand in terms of woman fashion. Its beginning is simple but classic lines. Fibre fashion emphasizes on the statement piece that reflects the personality of customer. The clothing brand of the company includes Chocolat, Murkani, Miles From, Paqme, OBI, Bridge & Lord, Lisette L, Maiocchi, Wyse London, Coop, Trelise Cooper and many more. The company operate its business through both channels i.e. offline and online. In case of offline business, customer can visit its store and chose the cloth from its collection by taking the help of its knowledgeable staff. In the case of online business, customer can visit the official website of the brand where they sell their cloths and customer can chose cloth from that site. As in every organization, information system plays significant role in order to help and enhance the business of Fibre fashion. In the website of Fibre fashion they share the information of brands, about their clothes, design and many more to their customer. The information of Fibre fashion agency business is recorded by its database system. To analysis the growth of the company, information system is helpful for the analyst. Information identifies the latest trend of fashion in market as per the demand of the customers and also signify the up and down in the number of customers. Information system is beneficial in making the connection with the employees of Fibre fashion by which they maintain their business in a symmetrical, adequate and organized way.

To store the data and to manipulate the information in the decision-making process, organization uses spreadsheet. Spreadsheet is a type of electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of grid and can be manipulated and used in calculation. In the case of Fibre fashion, they also use the spreadsheet to organize and to categorize their business data. To plan for the future business, Fibre fashion generates a graphical representation of the store data with the help of spreadsheet. To record the details of the clothing brands, detail of the business, about consumers, details of the transaction made, about orders, profits and many more thing Fibre fashion uses this spreadsheet approach. With the record of above mention things Fibre fashion also maintain the record of their employees and managers. To identify about the latest trend and demand of customer is done by analysing the sales of the product of Fibre fashion with the help of spreadsheet. But it is noted that there is some fault in the information system of Fibre fashion. The issue which is faced by the Fibre fashion is that some information is automatically deleted from the spreadsheet. To resolve this issue and reduce the complexity of Fibre fashion business, there is a great need to make sure that its information system is up to date. To find out the issue the company is faces due to its poor information system, a research is performed (Goldstein, 2016).  The issues found in this research in context with the IT in the Fibre Fashion Company has been mentioned below:

  • Information system of Fibre fashion is a time-consuming step, it takes too much time to process the data in spreadsheet.
  • Fibre fashion agency does not have the sufficient and adequate information that’s why the company is not able to make the accurate decision.

Research question

  • What are the appropriate ways to strengthen the IT of the Fibre Fashion Company to expand the business in Australia?
  • To improve the Fibre fashion business in Australia, what are the adequate steps are taken to improve the information system of the company

Literature review

The literature review section of this research is focuses on the information system and its purpose in the business. There are various kind of information system but the organization use the information system according to their requirement. This research also consists of the merit and demerit of this information system. Information technology in huge organization greatly influence the development, use and application of the business (Jack, 2019). Information system that is based on computer technology is uses computer technology to perform its various task. The components of this system are mentioned below:

Hardware- In hardware the device which include are monitor, processor, printer and others which are used to process, store and show the data and information.

Software- It includes various program that allow the hardware to access data. 

Database- It includes collection of business information.

Networks- It is type of connecting system that allow various computer to share its data through it.

Procedures- It is a type of commands for integrating the above mentioned components to process the information and develop the output.

As suggested by Fredriksson, Vorberg, & Bromberger, (2018), it is depicted that information system are the integration system of computer hardware, software and network that is build by people and is used to collect, create, and distribute relevant data in the organization. Information system is implemented in an organization as per the requirement of the organization. Several type of information systems are mentioned below such as Transaction processing system, executive information system, enterprise resource system, online analytical processing, expert system, decision support system and management information system  

As stated by Stojmenovic, I., Wen, S., Huang, X., & Luan, H. (2016), it is divulged that Information system have a specific position in the business of the organization and software is used by an organization to automate the database management task, that software is database management. It is considered that database is a type of document which is collection of business information. Database needs to be used as organized form to access, manage and update the information. With the implementation of this information system, an organization can reduce the cost of administrative and enhance the performance of the organization.  

As stated by Spencer, P. (2019), to manage the information, organization mainly uses four type of database management system that are mentioned such as relational database management system. Hierarchical database management system, network database management system, object oriented database management system. An advanced data processing system is office information system (OIS). This type of information system is based on computer technology and come in implementation to operate and monitor the business function. By using this information system, organization can work with full efficiency and smoothly to achieve its desired goal. As suggested by Cho, Kirkewoog & Daim, (2018) it is divulged that to maintain the communication with the employees and with different department, this information system is of great use. A system is beneficial in the decision-making approach of organization, that system is known as decision support system. It is a type of computerized system which analysis the action of the organization to determine the business decision. As stated by Raman, & Goya, (2017) it is revealed that decision support system is used to make the business decision of organization by analysing a huge data in a single time and compile that information to support the business decision. Decision support system includes manual system, decision support software, hybrid software and many more. Besides helping in decision making this system is also helpful to sort out the issues of the organization too.  However, there are several merits and demerits of this information system are mentioned such as it can store the information which can be used by the organization in future and makes the business process easy. It can enhance the business operation and can measure the data of its business. Nonetheless, to determine the growth of the business, organization can measure and compare it from the past. It can bring higher profit to the organization by enhancing the function of the business. This system includes such software which will enhance the quality of decision-making process of business and can analysis a lot of data in single time and examines them. It can make the task of manager simpler by giving them correct choice and also helpful to stand in market by achieve the competitive advantage. Organization can make the changes as per need by compare their business with competitor and also beneficial in order to launch a new product or service in the market. It can analysis the condition of the market. It is helpful to reduce the irrelevant productivity. 

As stated by Singh, R., & Gulwani, S. (2016) to implement this system in the organization, the company have to spend a huge amount of money in this and run this system, there is a great amount is required for software and hardware which is needed. To operate this system, company required skilled employees and proper training is also given to the employees at regular intervals.  In this system, security issue is also linked and hackers can hack the data of company as it is stored in the information system. By this section of literature review, it reveals that the importance of information system in the organization and benefit to the organization and advantages and disadvantages of the information system (Barton, Tejay, Lane, & Terrell, 2016).

Analysis of the literature

From the above discussion it is seen that Fibre fashion is facing issue to maintain the information of its company because they follow the traditional method. In this evolving technology world, Fibre fashion have to implement the new and improved information systemThis system is crucial part of an organization, therefore, Fibre fashion should focus on this area adequately to stand in this competitive market of Australia. The current method of information system of Fibre fashion agency is slower than many other companies. Along with this thing, the company also face the issue of deleting some information automatically by not updating the information system. To sort out these issues, it is clear that Fibre fashion has to adopt the adequate information system (Defacqz, & Dupuy, 2020).  From the literature review, it reveals that database management system is a type of information system that can sort out the decision-making challenge of the organization. As suggested by (Lin, Yeh, & Chen, 2018), it is divulged that decision support system is able to analysis bulk information in a single time which is helpful to the organization to make adequate decision. After researching the issue of Fibre fashion, the company is also facing problem in the decision-making process too. This problem is also arise because of information system. Decision support system can analyse the data of business information and can make the adequate decision. In this way, information system is providing various kind of benefits to the organization therefore adequate information system is necessary. It can be stated that by implementing the modern information system, Fibre fashion can enhance the processing time and save the time of the organization. And also help in making adequate decision.    


This section is considering few recommendations to sort out the information system issues of Fibre fashion.

Review the data: Fibre fashion should review their current information data to implement the information system adequately. By reviewing the data, Fibre fashion marketer will know about the information system that what is right and needed to sort out the issue which is faced by the organization. This reviewing activity is also beneficial to reduce the irrelevant investment that is done in the information system (Heinrich, Merkle, Henss,  & Paech, 2017).

Secure the data: while implementing the information system, company should focus on the limitation of this system also i.e. security issue of this system. Hacker can theft the information business data of the company which will affects the company dynamically. That’s why before implementing the information system, Fibre fashion needs to focus on the security of the data of the company.

Database management: database is collection of business information and the company needs to implement this system to enhance the information system. While taking the issue of Fibre fashion, database management is beneficial to sort out the issue and it will enhance the business information therefore, the database is helpful to overall betterment of Fibre fashion (Aydiner, et al. 2019).


From the above research, it is concluded that information system is become a crucial aspect of organization nowadays. Information system is a type of approach which is used to collect, store and processing and providing information, knowledge and digital products. In each and every type of business, information system taking a specific position and enhances their performance. That’s the reason any mistake or fault in information system will affects the organization negatively. There are various types of information system, organization implement the information system according to the requirement. To stand in this competitive market, company uses the information system as it make the process easy and faster. Information system also beneficial in making the decision adequately. It is concluded that in the given case of Fibre fashion, information system will provide various benefits if it is implemented adequately in the business operation. This report also consists of literature review and merits and demerits of the information system. 

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