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MGT603 Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report Of Motorola Mobility Assessment 2 Answer

Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Report
Up to 1200 words
Learning Outcomes
b) Create a visual depiction of a multi-dimensional complex situation that represents differing views


We live in a dynamic world, which consists of various complex adaptive systems and requires today’s managers to take a holistic view of the business. In order to gain a holistic understanding, managers need to understand all the key internal and external stakeholders and the intended and unintended consequences of their decisions. To achieve this objective, managers need to learn and apply systems thinking tools and techniques. One such tool is “Rich Picture”. Rich Picture helps us express our own understanding of the world, the stakeholders to be considered and the impact that they may have our actions. Tools such as Rich Picture, CATWOE and Root Definition Reports, help us to understand others’ perspectives without getting involved in conflicting arguments of convincing one another about their own worldview.


 This assessment is linked to MGT603 Assessment 1 (Part A).

To successfully complete MGT603 Assessment 2, students will require to write a comprehensive report that helps resolve the problem that they have introduced in MGT603 Assessment 1 (Part A) for their selected case organisation.

Using the resulting discussion from MGT603 Assessment 1 (Part A), students are required to analyse and synthesise consequences of the selected case organisation’s issue/problem/challenge on various internal and external stakeholders involved while achieving the goals and objectives through policy implementation. There are two (2) important discussions to MGT603 Assessment 2.

  1. Rich Picture: Students are required to create/draw a Rich Picture of the identified problem/challenge/issue in MGT603 Assessment 1 (Part A). The Rich Picture can be hand drawn and should provide a concise overview of the complex system under review.
  2. Root Definition Report Using CATWOE: A “Root Definition Report” is a “structured analysis and description of the system being investigated”. A Root Definition Report explains, “what”, “how” and “why”. A CATOWE analysis can help in the development of a thorough Root Definition Report. CATWOE is a mnemonic that identifies all stakeholders in the system being analysed.

To successfully complete MGT603 Assessment 2 report, it must include:

  • Rich Picture
  • Root Definition Report Using CATWOE
  • And based on these tools (Rich Picture and Root Definition Report Using CATWOE), students will recommend two (2) optimal solutions to overcome the problem/issue/challenge identified in MGT603 Assessment 1 (Part A).



Motorola Mobility came into the picture in the year 2011, when it got separated from the company, Motorola got split into Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions. Currently, Motorola Mobility is a subsidiary of the Chinese company Lenovo. There is no secret that Motorola once ruled the American Market with its mobile phones. However, even after getting split and passing on from Google to Lenovo finally, in the year 2014, Motorola Mobility has not been able to create impressions on the minds of people. (Saran, 2018)

System Thinking is termed as an approach that is holistic and analyses how the organisation's system functions over time. The process is not limited to the research in businesses but has benefitted the human resource, political, educational, medical fields as well. (Gharajedaghi, 2011) In this report, an attempt has been made to illustrate a rich picture to discuss the issue that Motorola Mobility has been facing, and the CATWOE analysis would help in assessing the issue. Further, the recommendations shall be made, that would allow the company to overcome the issue it is facing.


Rich Picture

Figure 1: Rich Picture

(Source: Created by Author)

After thoroughly studying the past and current situation of the company, it can be said that the main issue that it is facing is Research & Development; that has happened due to lack of adoption of business models. The company lags behind many giant smartphone companies, some are even new in the market; due to its lack of innovation, expertise and dedicated software that most of the successful companies today, rely upon. (Zahran, 2020) the companies must keep on adapting the varied business models that suit their company, from time to time. It is imperative to run parallel to the dynamic world, especially with the advent of the internet. The business models can be of different types, but the common intent of each is to earn profit by caring about the customers. However, in the case of Motorola Mobility, the company has lacked behind in developing its business models that could in-turn lead to innovation, catering to the Research and Development that the company desperately needs. (Teece, 2010) In today's digitalised world, where the mobile phones cater to big, small, and minimal and absolute needs to the individuals, mobile manufacturing companies need to adhere to the latest trends in technology. However, more important is to bring in innovations in technology to amaze the customers, leading to creating a vast market. (Souto, 2015) To put in the words of Bill Gates, "I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research, and you learn the basic facts". (Denning, 2019) Innovation comes with Research and Development, and that is lacking way too behind when it comes to Motorola Mobility, under the Lenovo Company. As per the recent reports, the parent company Lenovo spends very minimally on the Research and Development, probably that’s what impacting the R&D of the subsidiary company, Motorola Mobility as well.

Lenovo Revenue and R&D Spend

Figure 2: Lenovo Revenue and R&D Spend

(Source: McLellan, 2019)

However, these issues are perceived and to some extent, limited to the analysis in this report and holding some uncertainty, the use of the rich diagram illustrated above, has been done. 


As per Checkland and Scholes, (1990) the CATWOE analysis refers to a pictorial representation that helps in determining the elements of an organisation. The CATWOE Analysis helps the organisations identify the issues, propose the solutions and project the objectives of the company that can help in influencing the stakeholders. The immediate benefit of the framework is that it is developed keeping in mind various perspectives.

The CATWOE Framework

Figure 3: The CATWOE Framework

(Source: Elmansy, 2015)

Under this section, the utmost use of CATWOE framework for the company Motorola Mobility will be done; that is headed under the parent company Lenovo and understand the issues of Research and Development that the company is facing.

CATWOE ElementsAnalyses and Discussions
CustomersThe customers are the ones who avail the services of a system and also, constitute the essential elements of the CATWOE Framework. They significantly benefit the organisations and have a crucial role to play in their processions. The customers of Motorola Mobility have been disaffected lately due to delay in its mobile phone launches and lack of the benefits that the mobile phones offer. The parent company Lenovo is hesitant to prioritise the android updates, which are significant in all the mobile phones these days. (Zahran, 2020) The company, if it caters to the basic requirements of the users, it can revive its position, as customers loved buying the Motorola phones.
ActorsActors are the people who are responsible for the management and progression of the company, the employees. (Elmansy, 2015) As it has been discussed already that the company is lagging due to lack of innovation, the workforce of the company is essential to learn the latest trends and technologies. As the employees are the soul of any organisation, there is little doubt that appropriate measures would help the company solve its issue.
Transformation ProcessThe transformation process can be referred to as the change that takes place in the existing system of the organisation. The appropriate change can lead to finding the solution to the issues that the organisations face. Considering the company Motorola Mobility, only the transformation can help them gain back the market share in mobile phones, which they shared in l990s and early 2000s. (Hall, 2017) The updates on technological advancements, the requirements of the customers based on age, their geographical extent and their expectations from the brand.  
World ViewThis element of CATWOE offers a broader scope to the companies. At the same time, they aim to analyse the organisation, its stakeholders and allows companies to picture the world while resolving the issues. (Elmansy, 2015) The market analysis is key to this element. For that, the company's marketing analysis teams along with close coordination of stakeholders can understand the implications of the transformation approach that the company is aiming to bring. 
OwnerThe owners under the CATWOE refer to the entrepreneurs, higher authorities, investors and shareholders. The owner of the company has a huge role to play in the transformational process as everything would depend upon his consent. The owner of Motorola Mobility is Lenovo, a Chinese company. The parent company must realise the importance of transformation in the way of innovation and help the brand relive its old charm. (Zahran, 2020)
EnvironmentThis element refers to the constraints that exist internally and externally and analyses their impact on the company's progression. This may include ethical issues, legislations and resources. (Elmansy, 2015) The Motorola Mobility must keep into consideration the environment as an essential element due to the pitching of sustainable practices in the world presently.  


The report has highlighted the issue of Research and Development that the company is facing, based on that, some recommendations have been given:

  1. Create an Effective R&D Process: The first and foremost suggestion underlines the formation of a robust structure of Research and Development. A dedicated team of engineers and technologists must only focus on researching and analysing the implications of the research.
  2. Prototypes and Trials: Following the brainstorming and developing ideas, the research team must work in close coordination with the production department to understand how an idea can become real. As prototyping refers to the building of a model of a system that has been proposed, this will help the company experiment, discover, learn how it can bring the much-needed reform to the company. (Luenendonk, 2019)


It can be said that Motorola Mobility has huge potential in the market. It can relive its old charm by catering to the needs and expectations of the customers. It must invest in its Research & Development, in order to gain a sizeable market share.

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