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MGT601 Gallup Strengths Finder And Its Importance: Self-Reflective Analysis Assessment 1 Part A Answer

Subject Code and Title
MGT601 Dynamic Leadership
Assessment 1, Part A: Self-Reflective Analysis
Up to 500 words
Learning Outcomes
a) Explore and reflect on self- development as a leader to build self-awareness
e) Demonstrate the technique of reflective and reflexive practice as a means of continuous learning and self-development.
Total Marks
20 marks


The learning design of this subject is to focus on your own leadership journey and not to study leadership as some remote, theoretical concept that applies to other people.

Assessment 1, Part A, starts to build self-awareness by analysing your results on the Gallup Strengths Finder psychometric instrument.

Assessment 1, Part B, increases your self-awareness through a reflexive journal, working with your partner, understanding your current capabilities and preparing a report on your leadership journey to the present time. Assessment 2 is a report on your plans for your continuing leadership development. The assessment reports should build on each other and should be seen as an integrated plan for your continuing personal and professional development.

Your Task:

Your task in Assessment 1, Part A, is to complete the Gallup Strengths Finder and submit a brief report on the results and their implications for your development as a leader.


1. Gallup StrengthsFinder and its importance 

The conceptual framework behind the development of the Gallup Strengths Finder (GSF) formerly known as Clifton StrengthsFinder was revealing 34 themes that help to improve the qualities of the leaders engaged in empowering people. The importance of GSF lies in the fact that it helps the individuals to know better and this has helped them to keep more engaged at work followed by increasing productivity of the roles and made them happier (Gallup, 2020). 

2. Description of the Results 

I have carried out the personality to assess my strength in performing the job which I has opted for. However, initially, there are two aspects which are considered, the first one is the confident and the second one is achievement driven. According to the GSP framework, an achiever is extremely talent and always engaged in hard work and possesses high range of stamina for being productive (Busch & Davis, 2018). My score in the achievement driven aspect is 6 which is shows that I do have inner drive for obtaining successful outcome but my focus is more on completing the task rather than attaining excellence (Appendix 1). My score in confidence is 5 which show that although I believe in my ability but I may lose it during the time of excessive pressure (Appendix 2). 

I also carried out test on emotional intelligence to show five distinct characteristics. My score in self-awareness is 39 which is strength, while in managing emotion is 28 and it needs to be improved. My motivation score is 36 and it is a strength for me, empathy score is 34 and social skill score is 26 (Appendix 3). 

3. Initial Reaction 

I was satisfied with my confident score but I was surprised to see the score of achievement driven as I was try to do work to attain excellence. However, the result has helped me to realise that I need to improve on my perfection skill so that I can attain the desired objectives. I know I am quite emotional for which I am unable to control myself during any excessive work pressure and I have to work on this skill. 

Nonetheless, I was quite surprised to see my empathy score. As per the GSP framework, people with empathy are able to understand feelings of others which are essentially important for leader as he or she should be empathetic with followers to make sure that they can attain the desired objectives (Busch & Davis, 2018). But, since I lack this skill I feel that I have to essentially improve on it. I feel one of the main reasons for this is my lack of social skill. Since, I am unable to properly interact with people misunderstanding increasing which can essentially hamper me in future. 

4. Implication on future 

Since I aspire to be a manager in future, I need to improve on my achievement driven, confidence and empathetic skill. I have decided to improve on my communication and socialising skill and better interact with people. I would take up challenging task and ensure leading a team to work on this shortcoming and become a successful leader in future. 

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