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MGT502 Business Communication: Discussion Forum Report Assessment 2 Answer

Subject Code and Title
MGT502 Business Communication
Discussion Forum Report
900 words
Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following Subject Learning Outcomes:
  1. Apply research, academic and communication skills appropriate to the level of study and observe academic referencing requirements
  2. Critically analyse texts and/or multimedia material in botha business and academic context
  3. Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment
  4. Evaluate the use and importance of technology withina business environment

Total Marks
30 marks


Business communication can either be internal, within a business organisation, or external, between the organisation and its existing and potential customers. This assessment supports students in developing their skills and knowledge in selected business communication methods, including an examination of the theoretical underpinnings of communication in business.

This assessment has been designed to:

  • Appraise students’ ability to academically research and evaluate characteristics of effective business communication.
  • Apply critical thinking skills utilising supporting evidence to justify arguments.
  • Allow students to demonstrate practical understanding of application of business communication skills and their importance in professional development.


Assessment 2 consists of three (3) parts. You are required to:

  1. post a Discussion Forum Post (Module 2.1). The topic is decided by the learning facilitator and will be post on the Week 1 announcements;
  2. critique another student’s submission; and
  3. reflect on your learnings.

Part 1 Discussion Forum Post: Analyse characteristics of exemplary business communication (300 words)


Investigate the form of business communication chosen by the facilitator and research what makes it effective. Critically analyse specific characteristics and justify your choices. Consider using examples to back up your statements.

Key points to consider in your initial post:

  • Your post should analyse ideal characteristics of a specific type of businesscommunication.
  • Include justifications for your chosen characteristics.
  • Consider using one or more specific examples to add value to your post.
  • You must include reference to literature.

Use at least 2 in-text citations per post.

  • Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the referencelist.
  • You will need to include a copy of your post in the Report.

Part 2: Critique one peer post (300 words)

Despite the fact the world is besieged with the coronavirus eruption, most of the countries have applied protective measures. Colleges and schools are closed, groups are asked to shelter-in-place and numerous organizations have permitted their employees to work remotely. For this, video communication platforms are the day-to-day norm (businesswire, 2020). Al the usage and interest of these platforms' growths step by step in advance. For occurrence, checkpoint researches are permitted a threat to join active zoom meetings. Zoom operates is nothing but a business model with a group of 100 people for 40 minutes without any charge but they should pay 514.99 per month. Zoom communication platforms became an important part of several organizations M this quarantine. Al the same, it is important to consider a secure and safe zoom experience. Throughout the past few weeks, increase in new domain registration with Zoom which is one of the common video communication platforms. With the high spread of COVID-19, all universities and schools have been closed and they are conducting online classes through this platform (redseer, 2020). It is important to consider security and privacy at this stage. Due to the effect of security and privacy, some incidents may occur based on bomb goes off and zero-days see the daylight. To have a secure and safe experience, it is important to follow some tips to avoid our self from vulnerability for instance;
• Keep up to date - For better efficiency, it is important to upgrade regularly. • Use login and strong password - The password should be in a complex way yet easy to remember. • It is important to manage the participants during the call - Need to use a less secure link sharing option (Ornri Herscovici, 20201. • Take responsibility for what transpires M zoom does not break in zoom -This will permit to record video calls and export them into video immediately. 


Each student is required to critique an original post of a peer.

Your critique should include commentary on:

  • Whether the original post is comprehensive. Please identify missing components, if any, and provide constructive feedback.
  • Have all plausible characteristics been identified?
  • Are one or more examples provided? Provide a critique on the examples and their suitability in supporting statements.
  • You must include reference to literature.

Use at least 4 in-text citations per part.

  • Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the final referencelist.

Part 3: Summarise learning (300 words) Instructions:

Each student is required to reflect on:

  • How your views of effective business communication have changed since your original post.
  • What are the 3 key points you have learned from the discussions during this course and how you can apply that knowledge in the future.
  • Give one or more practical examples of how to apply peer review in your professional development.
  • You must include reference to the literature.

Use at least 4 in-text citations per part.

  • Reference the book, article, or document using APA 6th style in the final referencelist.


Part 2: Critique one peer post

After analysing the original post of a peer, I can critically say that the original post of the peer is almost complete. This is because the peer has perfectly demonstrated the fact that how COVID19 outbreak has changed the communication method. As stated by Slambert & Tangur (2020), due to lockdown, it is not possible in conducting a meeting in office and classes in university and school normally. Due to this reason, the video conferencing system is necessary (Malhotra, 2020). However, the peer has mainly focused on the Zoom communication platform. There is another virtual communication platform that offers a similar opportunity like Zoom but the peers have not mentioned about those virtual communication platforms. Moreover, the peer has not mentioned the features of teleconferencing communication which was one of the criteria of the discussion forum posts. The peer has provided some tips to get rid of the vulnerability issues in the teleconferencing system such as Zoom. Though there is not any requirement of the mitigation strategy of vulnerability issues but the inclusion of these tips has created a knowledge enriched discussion forum posts. According to Jena (2020), keeping the system up-to-date, use a strong password as well as login details, along with taking the responsibility in maintaining privacy in Zoom can offer safer and securer experience to the individual.

All the plausible characteristics have not been identified in the original post of the peer. It has been observed that the peer has not mentioned about the other communication platform except Zoom. Moreover, the peer has not demonstrated the clear feature of teleconferencing communication.  

The peer has not mentioned any examples but the peer has mentioned the perfect way to utilise the Zoom video conferencing system. According to Agrawal (2020), due to lockdown during COVID19 outbreak, different universities and schools have utilised the Zoom video conferencing app for online classes. Moreover, various organisations utilise the Zoom app for a virtual meeting. 

Part 3: Summarise learning

The original post has helped me in gaining an effective idea about a different mode of business communication. According to Coffelt, Baker & Corey (2016), business communication refers to the exchange of information for promoting the goals, aims, objectives and activities of the organization and increasing the profitability within the organisation. I have identified the fact that business communication is generally changed with external factors. During the COVID19 outbreak, the government of most of the country has lockdown their country. In this situation, business communication has also been changed (Yu, 2020). Previously, businesses maintain face-to-face communication, telephonic communication and video conferencing communication (Shakya, 2020). However, after the lockdown, most of the businesses have changed their communication to video conferencing communication for maintaining operation. Therefore, I have observed that external factors such as lockdown conditions have changed business communication. 

Three different key points that I have learnt from the discussion are:

  • Business communication is always dependent on the external environment
  • For maintaining business operation, regular communication is necessary. Therefore, during lockdown condition, proper communication method must be used (Pan, Cui & Qian, 2020).
  • For making economy operational and maintaining sustainability, maintaining business communication is necessary

I have learned from the above-mentioned fact that business communication is necessary for making the economy running. I can apply the above-mentioned knowledge in my future workplace. I have learnt about different business communication strategy that I can apply in my future organisation. I have learnt that external factors influences and changes the business communication. Therefore, in my future organisation, I can apply the business communication method according to the external environment.  

Peer has demonstrated how Zoom app can help school, universities and organisation that have helped me in gaining a better overview of the Zoom video conferencing app. This can improve my capability to improve video communication. 

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