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MBB7007M Reflective Commentary on Practice Assessment 1 Answer

Module CodeMBB7007M
Module TitleGlobal Business Strategy
Level7Credit Value of Module20
Assessment TaskReflective Commentary on Practice
Word Count3500
Assessment No1of1Weighting100%
Type of SubmissionIndividual Report
Learning Outcomes
LO1. Explain the principles of strategic management and how strategists apply them to organisations
LO2. Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding of strategy development in contemporary management contexts
LO3. Apply a range of strategic management tools and models to business and management
LO4. Deploy critical evaluation techniques in organisational strategy contexts
LO5. Apply strategic concepts to analyse environment of organisations
LO6. Critically evaluate strategic options with detailed defence of recommendations
Assignment Description

Individual Report (3,500 word) (100%) (Deadline, 3 May 2022)
  • Identify a public organisation of your choice from the private, government or third sectors that has not performed as successfully as they had planned over the past 3 years.
The activity is to produce a formal Management Report.
The Report word count is 3500 words.
This assessment will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your new knowledge and skills. 
The pass mark is 50%.
Key dates for submission and completion already announced.
Additional Information
Suggested Structure
  • 400-word Executive Summary (20% of assessment mark) that recommends the best strategic actions for the organisation to complete over the next 3 to 5years.
  • 500-word Strategic Audit of your chosen organisation’s financial and business performance over the past 3 years (15% of assessment mark).
  • 1750-word Analysis (30% of assessment mark) that explains and justifies the strategic actions you have identified in the Executive Summary.
  • 350-word Critical Reflection (15% of assessment mark) on what you have learnt whilst completing the management report. This will must reflect your written preparation for each weekly tutorial.
  • 500 word of your recommendation and conclusion (20% of assessment mark).
 Please Note:
A Management Report is not an essay. Detailed advice on the structure and content of Management Reports is on Moodle for your reference and discussion during the weekly tutorials. Any essay submissions will lead to a resit during the next examination period.
An analytical, critical, formal Business English writing style that uses evidence to support or challenge your recommendations is required. 
Advice on how to undertake and write up your critical reflection during the weekly seminar and notes are available on Moodle.
Submit only one Appendix of the extensive Library references you have read that reflects the study allocated to this learning and assessment. The Appendix is not included in the word count.
You must use the Harvard referencing style, of the sources of all the information used. 


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