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MBA651 Service Blueprint Proposal of Crown Towers Hotel Assessment 1 Answer

Assessment 1 Information

Subject Code:MBA651
Subject Name:Managing Service-Based Industries
Assessment Title: 
Assessment Type: 
Service Blueprint Proposal
Individual Written Analysis and Poster 
1200 words (+/- 10% allowable range)

Your Task

Individually, you are required to write a 1200 word service blueprint proposal for a tourism and hospitality organisation of your choice. Please note that you will be required to use the chosen organisation in your second and third assessments.

Assessment Description

The purpose of this individual assessment is to foster students’ ability to evaluate the use of service design and service-dominant logic in the delivery of service experiences by justifying the most effective characteristics of service-based industries and the service economy.

Assessment Instructions

Before making a choice, please conduct preliminary research first to determine the availability of information. If you find that the number of sources about your chosen tourism and hospitality organisation is limited, please consult your workshop facilitator to discuss an alternative organisation.

Once you have chosen a tourism and hospitality organisation, you are to undertake an analysis of the following aspects:

  • Provide a concise overview of the chosen organisation and its total service offering.
  • Critically evaluate the organisational use of service design and service-dominant logic and provide detailed suggestions for improvement.
  • Based on the suggestions for improvement, propose an alternative service blueprint by creating a detailed visual representation of the total service over time - showing the user’s journey, all the different touchpoints and channels, as well as the behind the scenes parts of a service that make it work. You may wish to use Canva or PowerPoint to create the service blueprint. This part is not included in the word limit of your submission.

The findings presented in this proposal must be based on scholarly, peer-reviewed and commercial sources of information that were published no longer than 5 years ago. In composing the proposal, you must incorporate theories and concepts discussed in the topics from weeks 1 to 5. You are required to use at least 10 sources of information and reference these in accordance with Kaplan Harvard Referencing Style. Wikipedia and other ‘popular’ sites are not to be used.


Individual Written Analysis

Service design is a fundamental way to incorporate various aspects of developing services that are easy and desirable. Its strategic and holistic approach is to ensure up to date design by simultaneously creating and managing customer experiences. It helps to innovate and develop improvements in the existing services by making it usable, efficient and desirable for the customers. It also is entirely sufficient for organisations. Even though the term design can refer to the look and feel of a particular product, it also stands for describing a process of shaping customer experience through valuable and necessary customer experience. (Stickdorn, M., & Schwarzenberger, K. 2020).

Crown Towers Hotel provides a valuable service to its customers in terms of luxurious stay and warm hospitality. Services can be determined as what is usable and what pleases the customers or users. In this aspect, customers or visitors staying at the Crown Towers Hotel expects a friendly and comfortable atmosphere of stay where they can spend time in their own way. Tourism service design is usually done keeping in mind the customers, what they expect from the hotel and how the hotel can surpass their expectation from various aspects such as quality maintenance, polite staff behaviour, amenities and much more.

Similarly, the service design for Crown Towers Hotel is dependant upon several touchpoints such as defining the type of service users such as the customers, staff and suppliers. It is essential for the hotel to ascertain their behaviour, their likes, their needs and also create new solutions as and when needed. The experience of the hotel's offering is filtered by the perception of customer behaviour, their expertise, processes, systems and tools. It is only through a compilation of all the layers of offerings, and the customers are attracted to a service. (Stickdorn, Hormesis, Lawrence, & Schneider. 2020).

Crown Towers Hotel in Melbourne is a premium property that provides luxury accommodation, leisure and other impeccable facilities that a visitor would cherish. It is one of Australia's top features that believes in delivering outstanding services and boosts of the Melbourne city skyline and also the Philip Bay. ( 2020).  The service offering of the hotel depends on essential factors such as funding mechanism and how the service excellence is paid, employee management system and their future in the times of success, and last but not least, customer management system where it can be determined how customers are managed and trained. The tourism industry is dependent on these factors that determine whether the business is going to go upward or downward in terms of service offering.  

Crown Towers Hotel has got several types of rooms to offer to its customers right from the king or twin room, studio room, suites, villas and even more segregation within these broad categories. The vital most thing to consider is that for a hotel to run successfully, and it is equally important to understand the funding mechanism behind it. Without a proper plan, the services offered could be hampered. Similarly, employee management also plays a crucial role here. It is the responsibility of the organisation to distinguish between their skilled employees and employees who have an urge to learn. The experienced employees are the ones who should be retained and would be able to guide the learners, and together with teamwork, they would be able to provide outstanding service to the customers. This is precisely where a customer management system should be made more reliable, and the hotel as a whole unit should be able to provide extraordinary services to the customers. In situations of the complaint and unsatisfactory service submitted, the hotel should have their risk management team ready for severe customer service. Therefore, it can be said that service offerings are created by complex service systems which are a combination of people, technologies and other several resources required to interact with various other service systems to ultimately co-create value. (Trischler, J., Pervan, S., Kelly, S., & Scott, D.2017).

Service dominant logic or S-D logic is entirely based on the value creation aspect for the customers and service providers to together co-create value. It is the value that is co-created when there is an interaction with the customer and the service provider who provides the service for exchange. In the service-dominant logic, service is a perspective that is required to understand the behaviour and nature of exchange all throughout various sectors, including tourism and hospitality rather than creating limitations to the relevance of the service. (Vargo, Huotari, & Vink. 2020). Crown Towers Hotel can imply the service-dominant logic which can be divided into stages such as developing of macro-environmental factors and consumer culture changes followed by motivational development that could allow consumers to engage in further co-creation of value. It is then that the co-creation value or cost is calculated, and then there is activation where consumers engage ultimately into co-creation activities. The last stage is where the outputs are generated, and the co-creation process is evaluated. Tourists' co-creation of value is often based on organisations that can manage to provide higher quality service satisfaction and brand loyalty as well. Thus, it can be said that customers possess value pursuing goals that the hotel should aim to reveal to co-create value more effectively. (Rihova, Buhalis, Gouthro, & Moital. 2020).

Service design is the process of solving problems through a service response through unlocking and magnifying various forms of the value of stakeholders in the value chain. The entire process involves designing, then evaluating, measuring and then again redesigning if needed. Each service is focussed both on the creative as well as the functional aspects. It is the role of the designer to translate these intangible experiences into tangible forms through journey mapping, experience prototypes, service blueprints, storyboards and scenarios. This approach can give rise to innovation, customer satisfaction, firm effectiveness and an edge in the competitive tourism market. (Prendeville, & Bocken. 2020).

Visual service blueprints allow a better understanding of different moving parts of the service such as interconnections, dependencies and also breakdowns. This allows organisation to have a clear idea about the functioning of the service. By first ascertaining the double diamond design process, of discover, define, develop and deliver, the Crown Towers Hotel can improve their service-dominant logic. The hotel can improve its current amenities by upgrading to the latest technologies. By training the staff and making them fluent in a few more common languages, the hotel can improve the interaction process. A customer is always looking for easy and hassle-free access to everything within the hotel premises. If there are certain restrictions or limitations or any rule that needs to be conveyed to them, it can be done through various signboards, pamphlets, etc. so that the customer doesn't get overwhelmed and is well acquainted by the rules of the hotel. If there are no complimentary services available, it should be incorporated as a welcome gift to the customers. After all, customer satisfaction is the key to improving the goodwill of the hotel and its services.

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