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MBA404 Buying Behavior of Respondents Towards Full Cream Milk of Coals Assessment 2 Answer

Assessment 2 Information

Subject Code:
Subject Name:
Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Psychology
Assessment Title:
Validation Approval of Survey Sample and Analysis
Assessment Type: Length:
Written Analysis
Validation Approval of 10 Question Survey (10%) and Six-Page Analysis (25%)
Total of 35%
Total Marks: Submission:

Your task

Based on the analysis you conducted in Assessment 1, individually, you are required to create a 10 question survey, distribute it via Survey Monkey (a free online instrument) to collect data from 15 respondents and to provide six-page analysis of the gathered data.

Assessment Description

In this individual assignment, you will be given an opportunity to critically analyse and understand the driving forces of perception, attitudes, motivation, and cultural factors covered in weeks 3 to 5 that influence consumer behaviour and consequently consumers’ purchasing decisions. Please note that not all of these topics may apply to your chosen product or service.

Assessment Instructions

Your first task is to create a survey comprising of 10 questions that designed to examine why consumers decided to purchase your chosen product or service. These questions should inquire about perception, attitudes, motivation, and cultural factors. Please note that this survey should not ask participants questions about product or service quality/attributes and customer satisfaction.

By the end of week 6, you are required to provide the ten questions that you will use in Survey Monkey to survey 15 participants who purchased the chosen product/service in assessment 1 to your workshop facilitator via MyKBS, under ‘assessments tab’ > ‘Survey Questions and Objectives Verification’ icon. In providing the list of ten questions, you must also include theories/concepts that link to each of the questions, and objective/s of the questions in a nested table. This validation step is worth 10% of your grade for this assessment, and you will not be able to submit the 6-page survey analysis until your workshop facilitator has approved your questions, so be wise and don’t be late.

By the end of week 7, once your workshop facilitator has validated your survey questions, your next task is to seek “real” and valid participants who legitimately purchased the chosen product or service that you analysed in Assessment 1 and to invite them to take your survey. You only need to gather 15 responses, and it is recommended that you either distribute your survey to friends and family, colleagues or to social media groups that endorse the use of your chosen product/service. Please note that the fabrication of responses will yield an overall failing grade for this assessment.

Once you’ve created your survey and collected participants’ responses, you are required to provide a 6-page summary that addresses the following points:

  1. The purpose: the overall goal of your survey.
  2. An explanation of the administration processes: how was this survey distributed and why?
  3. A succinct summary of the survey results.
  4. An analysis of the survey results: analysis of emerging themes from gathered data.
  5. Reference List (not included in the page limit of this submission).
  6. Appendices (Your Survey Monkey login details and screenshots of Survey Monkey graphical representation of results - not included in the page limit of this submission).


Subject Code: MBA404

Subject Name: Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Assessment Title: Survey Sample and Analysis

Assessment Type: Length: Written Analysis

1. Purpose of the research:

The purpose of the study is to select 16 respondents and identification of the buying behavior of them towards the full cream milk of Coals. Focus on the perception, attitudes, motivation and cultural factors are implemented for the data collection survey questionnaire prepared for the accomplishment of the research. 

2. Development of the survey instrument:

Survey instrument increases the potentiality of data collection systems to fulfill the need for primary data in research. Based on primary data collection process the survey questionnaire has been framed to identify the perception of the customers towards the full cream milk by Coals. The objective fulfillment of the organization is conducted through the survey questionnaire mentioned below

Survey question
To understand the influential factors of buying full cream milk of Coals
To identify the reason for buying the full cream milk of Coals
To determine the frequency of the consumption of the product by the customers of the full cream milk of Coals
To identify the duration of the utilisation of the product by the customers
To recognise the motivation of the customers in purchasing the product
To highlight the level of quality of the product
To identify the value of the product in terms of its price
To understand the possible substitute of coals full cream milk
To demonstrate the significance of the milk in the local culture of the customer
To identify the major difference between the other brand milk and Coals full cream milk

3. Administrative process:

The administration process is a major need for research in which consideration of 16 individuals for the survey purpose enhances the data collection process. Formulation of the questionnaire has been developed based on the perception, attitudes, motivation, and cultural factors that can help to identify the actual interest of the research from the response of the respondents. Questionnaires are shared through different channels such as social media, email as well as on store that help to collect the information in an unbiased manner. Sharing the questionnaire has been taking place within the locality of the store. After the return of the survey forms from the respondent's manual format of the data has been prepared by the utilization of survey monkey application for the formulation of graphs and tables to generate a visual representation of the numerical information. 

4. Analysis of Data

As reflected from the table, this is the recommendations from friends which influence the perceptions of most of the respondents (81.25%) for buying full cream milk from Coles. This is followed by advertising by the company that has influenced the purchasing decision of 12.50% of respondents. However, only 6.25% have been influenced by the store promotions made by Coles for buying the full cream milk. This is clear from the table that perception and attitude of the respondents are mostly influenced by recommendations and therefore, the customers of this particular product of Coles highly depend on recommendations rather than advertising. The in-store promotion has minimum impacts on purchasing decision, whereas, the website has no effects at all on their perception

As reflected from the table, product perception of the respondents is mostly influenced by the quality of the full cream milk offered by Coles as 56.25% of respondents are affected by the higher quality of the product. 31.25% of respondents are influenced by value for money of the Coles product, which is quite low when compared to the influence of the quality standard of the product. On the other hand, the brand name has the least impact of the motivation of the customers for purchasing Coles full cream milk. This depicts that brand name has the lowest impact on the perception of respondents regarding Coles full cream milk. 

While 56.25% of the respondents bought Coles full cream milk last time in the last week, 37.50% bought this on the day of conduction of the survey, followed by purchasing of the product one month ago by only 6.25% respondents. This simply indicates that consumers are largely influenced by the necessity of considering the aspects of quality, money value and others, based on which their perception of the Coles full cream milk is developed. 

However, most of the respondents (over 43%) are using the product for 2-3 years, which is followed by one year (25%) and 4 years or longer (18.75%). Only 12.50% of respondents have used the product for less than one year. While 43.75% respondents are availing Coles full cream milk for 2-3 years, this reflects their interests on high quality and monetary value of the product, where effects of advertising are minimum on their perception with this regard. 25% of respondents have been newly introduced to the product driving them continuing with the products for one year. Possibly, high quality and monetary value are the drivers triggering intention of 18.75% respondents for continuing with the product for 4 years or longer. 

The table clarifies that usability based attitude is an important driver influencing the purchasing decision making of Coles full cream milk. Most of the respondents (50%) find milk their daily diet, followed by 25% finding the importance of household use of milk and 12.50% is influenced by health reasons. Therefore, this is apparent that diet-related awareness is the motivation for a greater number of respondents for buying Coles full cream milk and 25% gives priority to household use of milk. Compared to household and diet reasons, impacts of cooking and health reason is lower on motivation for purchasing it. 

Quality is a primal influencer of consumer behaviour and buying decision-making. In case of Coles full cream milk, almost over 87% respondents rate it as high quality, among which 12.50% rates the milk as very high quality. Interestingly, none has rated this as very low quality and only almost 13% rated medium and low quality. Thus, quality is a single most important factor affecting the purchasing of the product mostly. 

While 43.75% finds the excellent value of Coles full cream milk in terms of money, 37.50% finds the value above average and only 12.50% rates this average. Therefore, a higher value of the product in terms of money motivates the customers mostly for buying the product. While 12.50% finds money value average and 37.50% finds above average, clearly further scope is there for enhancement of the money value of Coles full cream milk. However, many substitutes as milk powder, pure milk, Coles Longlife and Soya Milk are available in the market as a substitute for Coles full cream milk that affects the decision-making of the respondents.

The highest number of respondents (62.5%) finds drinking milk as a part of their health in daily life, while 18.75% relates its cultural importance in terms of cooking. 12.5% finds it important to give milk to their family. Thus, health-associated cultural impact milk is the most influential driver for raising their interests to Coles full cream milk, followed by its important for cooking. However, helping the family with milk is another significant factor also contributing to the cultural importance of milk. 

 Most respondents (37.50%) finds price as the largest difference between Coles full cream milk and other brands, whereas, hygiene and quality have been selected by 31.25% for each. Thus, along with price, the other two factors also add to the differences between these, which influence the purchasing intention of respondents. 

5. Findings:

From the 10 different questions of the survey in the study different factors for the selection of the full cream milk by Coles has been identified. From 16 different individuals the response was collected and it helps to obtain their views on the product from different aspects such as perception, attitudes, motivation, and cultural factors that has major impact on the purchase (Tien, Rivas and Liao, 2019). 

Word of mouth is exhibiting a very effective way of marketing for the product among the other process such as advertisement, website and in store promotion. Recommendations from one friend to another influences the value sharing of the product that affects on the sales increasing. People responded that due to good quality they like to purchase the full cream milk apart from any other factor (Wong and Ho, 2019).  It has been found that stable number of daily buyers of full cream milk is there however, people purchase it in a week to satisfy their need.  Long-term uses of the product reflect that people are happily using it more than 3years (Barbopoulos and Johansson, 2016). 

Every day consumption possibility of the milk influences the customers to purchase it more in the comparison with the household interest, health reason and use in cooking purpose. In the question of rating the product, the most of the respondents mentioned that high quality makes the product perfect (Yadav and Rahman, 2017). In the question of product value the customers rated it nearly equal for excellent and above average in terms of cost effectiveness. It has been found in case of unavailability of the product people like to use powder milk (Zhu et al., 2019). It has been found that daily consumption for health reason makes the product much sellable goods in the market. People mentioned that price is the major difference between the full cream milk of Coals and other milk brands.

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