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MBA401 Understanding Industry Guest Speaker: Reflection on Versatile Leadership Assessment 3 Answer

Assessment 3 Information

Subject Code:MBA401
Subject Name:People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership
Assessment Title:Individual Reflections

Assessment Type:
Two Individual In-Class Activities Reflection One (Week 6)
Reflection Two (Week 12)
Word Count:2,000Words(+/-10%)
Reflection One (15%)
Reflection Two (25%)
Total Marks:40

Your Task

To create TWO (2) individualreflections that apply the People, Culture and Contemporary Leadership theories and concepts that have been covered in the subject. Both reflections will be completed as in- class activities.

Assessment Description

An important part of undertaking postgraduate study, is that you actively reflect on what you’ve been learning and how you could apply it to assist your own professional development and/or future career.

Reflection One will be conducted in-class in Week 6, and will be based on the Industry Guest Speaker the link between theory and practice), attendance at this class is a requirement in order to complete the assessment. Discussions, participation and self-analysis activities will be conducted in class. You will have 48 hours from the date of the class that they are enrolled in to complete their reflections which will be based on the in-class discussion to submit via Moodle

Reflection Two will be conducted in Week 12 and be a self-analysis of your leadership style and ways that you can develop your own leadership skills? You will be required to use the range of self-analysis and self-assessment tools to support your leadership development, that have been covered in the subject. Attendance at this class is a requirement in order to complete the assessment. Discussions, participation and self-analysis activities will be conducted in class. You will then be required to upload your final submission on Monday, Week 13 @11.55pm.

Assessment Instructions

Attendance at these classes is required in order to complete these reflections.

To assist you in developing your reflections, you should be writing weekly diary notes recording your experiences (both positive and negative), on the topics and discussions.

To ensure the success of your Reflective Journal make certain that you incorporate the following:

·At least one (1) example that was most relevant to you from your chosen topics

·Paragraphs that don’t just describe your experiences but critically analyse them as well

You should refer to at least three(3) relevant theories that you have covered during the subject to support your responses.


Reflection one 

The video as shared and be spoken by the Industry guest speaker Kylie Bishop has helped me in understanding a lot more about the differences in theory and practices and what a versatile leadership could prove out if any men. The first thing which I firmly addressed and understood through the speech of the guest speaker is that on the fickle mindedness of people and how choosing a career is not depended upon wishes but mostly based on opportunities. One of the most relevant examples that I found is how Kylie turned down her wish of becoming a teacher due to lack of opportunities and went onto become a CEO. Besides such facts, one of the most strategic thing which I quite well understood was the varied branches in which leadership is based upon. Kylie quite well made it clear that there is certainly a huge difference between mentoring and coaching (Bass, M.,  Riggio, & E., 2006). Coaching helps in developing stronger skills whereas mentoring is a long term relationship about developing such skills. I quite well agree to these agendas stated by Kylie but yet as per the fact which I analyzed mentoring and coaching have not quite much difference but accurate and sheer resemblance. The fact for this is that both of them are depended on developing skills and thus should ensure for a long term relationship.

Another most important fact that I have quite well acknowledged through Kylie Bishop’s speech is that developing people and their culture is quite depended on their education. It is when somebody told Kylie that the way to help people succeed is to help to educate them. This statement could stand quite vulnerable as because I agree to this up till a certain limit but what I understand is that besides education there are also certain things like he morals and principals which can surely develop a child’s culture. One of the most agreeable statements claimed by Kylie according to me is that most people are followers and thus what I understand is that it is certainly one of the most stronger deceive of any people that everybody starts following a new trend or new thinking as soon as it gets developed without comprehending or anticipating upon it. Besides such propagandas stated by the guest speaker I also understand and agree upon a certain fact that leaders often make mistakes. According to the perspective that I consider it is not solely based upon the leader to make things correct but it should be the whole team’s performance comprising of all its people (Burns & M., 2012). To me, Kylie was quite true in sharing her thoughts upon the culture where she tells that for building a culture of trust it requires the feedback from the common people. I completely agree to this and feel that when every other personality is solely responsible towards a sole responsibility it enhances the propaganda as well as the operations of that entity.

Yet major facts to which Kylie shared her views are quite agreeable but there are also certain things upon which I have certain different opinions. The fact is that Kylie states that students should be simple, repeatable and consistent. This hugely formulates one of the major links between theory and practice. Consistency depends on performance as because every student differ on intellect. I set forth a different point of view of the suggested three of Kylie that students should be simple, repeatable and consistent. The thing which I understand is that more of being repeatable and consistent students should be more focused on improving performances. Consistency comes with improving performances and thus I agree to the fact that leading a way ahead is much better than being repeatable.

One such particular point that I agree up is that when Kylie tells that the common challenge is to figure out what the business needs and how the people are doing their job. I analyze it on the basis of management of people and leaders to inbuilt a better score on management should reciprocate upon the facts on enhancing an ethnic culture to diversify the communications and the operations among the people under the banner of the particular entity (Hargreaves  & A, 2012). I contemplate that the management of people could well stimulate addressing to certain strategic functioning that could be adopted by the leaders to reduce fewer tensions and complications during major operations. Talking to the team, determining the goal, organizing the team with inducing ethical culture as well as rewarding intrapreneurship are some of the best ways of management. I agree to one of the most synchronized point stated by Kylie where she claims that in building a great strategy can’t be possible without a great culture and the best strategy is effective communication. This is where I certainly agree upon because effective communication leads to better organizing a team with its people achieving desirable goals. I find some of my interpretations upon the factors that Kylie claimed that to be a leader one surely needs to be high on authenticity and credibility. It is certainly true but alongside what I interpret is that leadership requires experience and thus to enhance to goals of the organization is a more strategic manner it is to be obvious that experience on that particular field is highly commendable.

The points and the factors presented by Kylie is quite true and significant but yet there are strands which can well be interpreted such as that many times particularly we feel that we are one the right path of technology and thus it is the mindset shift of the leaders which requires to expertise the technical factors. I analyze and understand that a correct mindset on developing propagandas along with a proper study could be relevant in expertizing technical factors. I conclude the whole agenda of this leadership, culture and people agreeing to most of the significant points presented by the guest lecture but yet there are factors which should be a rethink and analyzed in a proper structure to formulate a bigger and a new definition.                         

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