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Managerial Skills for Empowering People Towards Standard Production Assessment Answer

Ahmed is working as the junior manager in Human Resource Department of a car manufacturing Company with 500 employees. He is entrusted with the formidable task of rejuvenating the company by encouraging the employees to work harder. His main functions include boosting the morale of the employees by motivating and communicating them towards the company objectives. He faced many challenges at work such as controlling the cost and expenses by increasing the productivity and boosting up employees who are hesitant to cooperate to the standards of the output. All are working harder and providing excellent performance to the company but three employees of are not able to perform as per the expectation of the company. This led to the lack of production of the company and many other organizational problems.

Though Ahmed is working at the junior level, he is well experienced with his previous employer. He was under a very good atmosphere in his previous employment as its culture offered him an integrated approach between the employee needs and the production standards. In the new company also Mr. Ahmed tried to pursue the same policy of a participative management showing equality in the matter of concern to people and production. He empowered his subordinates and facilitated a clear communication system which enabled to bring out their concerns. He could create positive atmosphere effectively ensuring a bright future for the company.


  1. Comment on the Managerial level at which Mr. Ahmed is currently working with and justify any of his two key skills at this manufacturing company for empowering the people towards standard production:
  2. Whom do you think is responsible for low production by the three employees, Ahmed/ employee/system? How Ahmed created a positive atmosphere in the company?
  3. If you were the manager in this company, what decisional role/s you will play [any two]:

Khamis graduated in the year 2017 in Human Resource Management from Al Musanna College of Technology. He worked at an organization for about 2 years as an HR Assistant and realized that he is not happy with the job and the environment. He decided to start his own business a Manpower Consultancy office in Muscat. He setup his goals and objectives and designed a methodology to achieve his dream. He is having some good savings from the income earned from his previous job. He makes use of that fund to set up his business. The main business is to establish link between various companies in various areas and the job-seekers. They help to reduce the chaos and make the companies comfortable in finding their right people.

Khamis plans to start work with Medium and Small enterprise at its initial stage and expand its operations later. One of the objectives of Khamis as a beginner is to earn at least ten percent revenues on the total amount invested in the first year. As the first step he registered his business and started collecting the information to have a database of the job vacancies available in Muscat. He has also fixed fees for his services to all the employers he contacted. He also thinks of joining the job fairs that would be conducted in Oman annually by many companies. Khamis is also passionate enough to visit all colleges and working professionals encouraging them to submit their job applications through him that would certainly help him to get potential candidates’ database.


  1. Identify and explain any four type of plans discussed in the above case with its time span:
  2. Determine the managerial function/s of management performed by Khamis to set up his business; evaluate them with appropriate links from the case:
  3. Explain the managerial role/s displayed by Khamis for the smooth functioning of his business:


A very big company which basically manufactures consumer products decided to produce additional type of products which are industrial and health care products. The company functions were mainly divided into various functions like Purchase, Production, Marketing, Finance, Quality Control and Human Resources. This organizational structure was enough structure without considering the new decision. Unfortunately, Health Care production failed and affected the productions of all product types.

This made the operations more complicated and the management could not easily understand due to various technicalities. Moreover workers were confused by a number of new instructions from different functional heads. This created imbalance because of the new change in production department which resulted in problems that required the management to reconsider the new decisions and think of restructuring the business. The management then decided to redesign the structure which can accommodate separate business units. They have decided to allocate authority and responsibility to persons who are in charge of business units. They also considered the structure should be self- contained as it will develop expertise related to the product lines.


  1. Identify and explain the organizational structure type followed by the company in the beginning; Explain its drawbacks:
  2. Suggest a new organization structure type that would help the company to successfully operate with the new change; Justify your answer:
  3. Draw the new organizational chart for this company based on your answer for (b):


When you hear the name Google, what worlds come to mind? Fun workplace? Creativity? Open communication? Financial support? Mobility within the Company? It’s so simple; Google has set it straight for Googlers (Google employees) – ‘We’ll take care of you while you take care of your work’. Google is one of the best examples when you ask people about their dream company want to join. Google is the biggest and the influential companies in the world; but there is another reason that matters. Google’s cultural features are focused on enhancing employee performance. It mainly focuses on motivating its employees by applying a buzzing company culture. It offers many welfare facilities to its employees such as free meals, employee engagement trips, games, gyms, laundry services etc.

Besides these; Google employs a chief happiness officer whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity. Unfortunately, few years ago, Google noticed that they had a high turnover rate for women. Company found that if given a short leave; women employees may decide not to return to office after the allowed time. They also noticed that high turnover wasn’t associated with all women—just new mothers. When Google increased paid maternity leave started offering 18 weeks of paid maternity leave consequently the rate at which new mothers quit dropped 50%.What separates Google from other companies is its prime focus on building a phenomenal organizational culture.


  1. Describe the organizational Culture at Google with specific mention on the levels of culture:
  2. Explain what could other organization learn from Google about the importance of organization culture: What’s making them so unique?
  3. Evaluate the problem faced by Google and state how they solve it; If you are the owner of the company how will you handle the situation; Justify your answer:


Mr. Khalid is a project manager in one of the famous companies in Oman. His studied his Major in Business Administration and he is working for this company for more than 10 years. He is has a very good vision, big picture thinking ability to multi-task and manage various project elements simultaneously. Because of this, he found himself trapped in a project that is targeted to complete within very short time. The executives were so much busy and did not have enough time to clear the objectives and strategies so they delegated the task to Khalid who is most qualified for it. The new project was not adequately explained to him so it posed a challenge for him.

Another challenge to mention, his team had already two other projects in hand, so he was concerned of the time limit and team’s work overload. But, though it was with many challenges, he was so confident with his team’s abilities, experience and skills; he decided to take up the challenge. So he studied about the new project pretty well; assessed its potential risks and initiated the plan. He had regular meetings with his team to communicate the project priorities. He sends them emails frequently to update the status of the work and monitor their performance. Not only this; he encourages his staff and make sure they understood their roles and guide them in how to achieve the plan. The team followed him because they respect and admire the way he lead them. He was involved in all the stages of the project till the end with his supervision and enthusiasm.


  1. Explain Khalid’s managerial level; identify and provide details on the type/s of plan he would prepares:
  2. Do you think Khalid is a leader? Justify your answer with the relevant traces from the case:
  3. In your own words, explain the main factors of Khalid’s success: If you were in Khalid’s position which all qualities who may display to influence our people:


Individual report
Question 1 

A. Ahmed is currently working as a junior manager of the human resource department in a car manufacturing company. He is well experienced as already he has worked as an employee in a company. 

Ahmed has utilized his previous work experience in maintaining the standard production of the company. The two  key skills at this manufacturing company that are identified in Ahmed for empowering people towards standard production are as follows:

Communication system

In order to address the recent low production issue of the company, as a junior manager of the HR department, Ahmed adopts a clear communication system in order to bring out the problem of those three employees. 

Participative management

Along with that, Ahmed has implemented the participative management policy in order to show equal concern for every employee. In this way, he has handled the standard production of his company.

B. It is evident from the cases that the system of the company is responsible for the low production of the three employees because as a junior manager of the human resource department, Mr Ahmed has tried hard to maintain all the employees. That is why it is the system that demotivated those three employees in their performance

From his previous work experience, Ahmed gained experience with the handling of the employee. In his new company, Mr Ahmed pursued the same policy that he experienced in his previous work of participation management in order to show equal concern for every employee. Thus, Ahmed created a positive atmosphere in the company.

C. If I were the manager of Mr Ahmed's company, then, I would definitely play the role of an entrepreneur and disturbance handler. As per the Mintzberg's management role, in the decisional area, a manager has to play different kinds of roles such as entrepreneur, resource allocator, disturbance handler, negotiator and others. However, my chosen roles are discussed below:


A manager has the responsibility to create changes and to control the changes in the organization. Therefore, a manager needs to have the ability to generate new ideas and implement them as well. 

Disturbance handler

If the organization faces any emergency situation, then, it is the responsibility of the manager to take charge and handle the situation. Considering the situation of Mr Ahmed's company, I have chosen this role.

Question 2

A. From the above case, four plans of Khamis regarding his business have been identified. In the below, they are mentioned with their time span of implementation.

To earn ten per cent revenue
Khamis has decided to earn ten per cent revenue from his total investment.
Minimum 1 year
Collecting the information
Khamis has planned to the information of various job vacancies and to maintain a database
6 months
Joining in the job fair
He has decided to join in the job fairs of Oman annually
1 year
To visit all colleges
Khamis has planned to visit the colleges in order to encourage them to submit their job applications
6 months

B. In order to set up his business, Khamis has to perform various managerial functions. They are discussed in the below:

Strategic planning of business functions

Khamis have to plan strategically about his business function in order to advance in the market. Khamis has an innovative plan to approach the working professionals to submit their job application in his company. 

Organizing business operations

There are a number of business operations in the newly set up business of Khamis. That is why Khamis have to organize all those operations properly, otherwise, the business will not be maintained appropriately.

Finance management

The family has decided to earn ten per cent revenue from his total investment in the first year. For this purpose, he needs to manage all the finance of his business and he can use financial analysis tools in this case.

C. From the case, it has been observed that Khamis has displayed few managerial roles to run his business. They are discussed in the below:

Set up business objectives

One of the major management functions in a business is to set up goals and objectives. At the initial stage of this business, Khamis has set up his aims and objectives regarding this business and also designed proper methodology in order to achieve his business goals.

Registering his business

Registering the business is the first and foremost stage of a business. This is performed by Khamis properly as he registered his business in Oman at first for a smooth running of the business.

Future plan of business

It is necessary to plan for the future of the business, otherwise, it will not be possible to develop the business. In this case, Khamis has planned properly about his business as he has decided to work with small and medium enterprise at first and he will expand his operations later.

Question 3

A. Identify and the explanation of the structure of the organization

In this case, the company was basically a manufacturing company who produces consumer products. The business function of the company is divided into many categories such as purchase, marketing, finance, quality control, HR and production. The existing organizational structure was designed for a similar group of production and related jobs.

The drawback of the previous organizational structure

The major drawback of the previous organizational structure of the company was it is designed only for a similar group of production and related jobs. That is why when the company stated different types of products such as industrial and health-related products along with the consumer products, the business operations of the departments became complicated.

B. In order to consider this case, Functional organizational structure has been suggested to the company. Functional organizational structure is mainly used to organize the employees of the company. This structure will enable the company to avoid excessive specialization in tasks. This structure emphasizes the group based employees who have similar specific knowledge and skills in an area. Therefore, each department of the business can play the best role in order to achieve business goals. In this way, this new structure will help the company to restructure its business departments in order to compatible the departments with the new production of the company. This structure is suggested because the company has decided to allocate authority to the employees who have the responsibility to handle the business units.


Functional organizational culture

Figure 1:  Functional organizational culture

Source: Created by author

Question 4

A. Organizational culture of Google

Google is one of those companies in which employees want to join. The major reason for choosing Google as the workplace is the organizational culture of the company. Google emphasizes most to provide a suitable workplace in order to improve the performance of the employees. In the below, the details of Google's organizational culture are discussed:

Chief happiness officer

Google specifically employees a chief happiness officer in the company whose major responsibility is to maintain the happiness and wellbeing of the employees. In this way, the company is maintaining its productivity.

Buzzing company culture

The organizational culture of Google is designed to enhance the employee's performance. By implementing buzzing company culture, Google has focused on the motivation of the employees.

Phenomenal organizational culture

The phenomenal organizational culture of the company allows providing more leave and facility to the employees which make Google separate from other companies.

B. Google concentrates on the utmost wellbeing of the employees rather than thinking as a ‘slave’. There are many factors in the organizational culture of Google that other companies can learn. They are as follows:

  • Google provides a number of welfare facilities to their employees such as gymming, free meals, gaming, laundry service and others.
  • Recruitment of chief happiness officers who maintain the happiness of the employees.
  • Google offers paid maternity leave of 18 weeks to their female employees

The company primarily focuses on the wellbeing of the employees. For this purpose, they provide every possible facility to their employees, that is why this thing makes them ‘unique’ and separate from other organizations. In this way, Google concentrates on the building of phenomenal organizational culture.

C. Despite providing every possible facility to its employees, a few years ago, Google noticed that the female employee turnover rate of the colony is highest. They observed that they were providing short maternity leave to their employees, therefor after a few times employees had to join the office.

By the detailed investigation on this issue, Google discovered that the high turnover rate of the female employees is maximum because of the new mothers. Considering this issue, Google had decided to provide paid maternity leave to their female employees of 18 weeks. Thus, the company has decreased the female turnover rate by 50%.

If I were the owner of Google, then I would definitely choose Google's path. At first, I will analyse the reason behind the turnover in details. After that on the basis of the result, I will make my decision. If I found that female employee turnover rate is most on my company because of the gender inequality issue, then, I will implement policies to resolve this issue in order to decrease the female turnover rate of my company.

Question 5

A. Managerial level of Khalid

Khalid is the project manager in one of the popular companies in Oman. Khalid has been serving the company for more than 10 years. Khalid has the ability to handle different tasks and project elements at the same time. 

Identification and details of the Khalid’s plan

As an efficient project manager of the company, the authority has provided a new project to Mr Khalid, but the issue is the objectives and other strategies of the project are not clearly defined due to the busy schedule of authority. Therefore, the major plans that are adopted by Khalid to accomplish the goal are as follows:

Studying about the project:

At first, Khalid studied the new project very well which enabled him to assess the possible risks of this project. After that, he initiated the plan in order to keep the risk of the projects.

Arranging regular meetings:

Khalid arranged several meetings to maintain regular communication with his employees and discuss the project priorities with them.

Encouraging the employees

Khalid continuously encourages all his employees in their work to maintain the standard quality of the project and sends the email by considering their performance.

B. Yes, I feel that Mr Khalid is a leader because he has all the ability of leadership. The reason for this thinking is as follows:

  • Mr Khalid is possessed of good vision, multi-tasking ability and big picture thinking capability as well which is essential for a leader to handle projects.
  • Khalid is confident with his work and he trusts his employees and in their capabilities as well despite having many challenges.
  • Before starting any new project, Khalid studies about them very well which enables him to lead his employees in a proper direction.
  • He encourages all his employees in their work, therefore they can improve their skills and Khalid can maintain the quality of the project.

C. Main factors of Khalid’s success

I think that there are a number of factors that worked behind the success of Khalid in his job. They are discussed in the below:

  • Mr Khalid has vast experience in the area of job. Therefore, he has learnt several things and faced many situations which enables him to be successful.
  • Khalid is possessed of good vision, multi-tasking ability and others. In order to be successful, these skills are essentially required.
  • Khalid encourages and guides all his employees, therefore it helps him to achieve respect and trust from his employees and in this way by maintaining the project standard he is successful.

If I were in Khalid's position, then, I feel that the big picture thinking ability and confidence will influence people. As in this way, people will know that taking challenges with confidence is one of the ways of success.

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