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Levels of Analysis for Reflection Assessment 1 Answer

The readings for the Reflection are:

Textbook – Chapter 1

Levels of Analysis (question 1):

  • Passer, Smith and Norris (2016) pp. 13-14; 25-27
  • Lectures and tutorials from weeks 1-3.

Applying Levels of Analysis to your studying and learning (question 2):

NOTE: This is a template, meaning it includes all prescribed headings and some helpful tips on how to answer each aspect of the task. All instructions should, however, be deleted before submission. The instructions are provided in square brackets (i.e. [ ]). You must use this template to pass this assessment.

Assignment 1

1. Summary of the levels of analysis framework (approximately 300 words).

[Provide a summary of the 'levels of analysis' framework used in psychology to view and to understand human behaviour. Include a brief explanation of each ‘level of analysis’: the biological level, psychological level, and environmental / social level. 

In your summary, also explain why levels of analysis are used to help to understand human behaviour. The textbook will help you to address this, as will lectures and learning activities in tutorials.]

2. Using levels of analysis to reflect on my experiences of learning and studying (approximately 450 words).

[This is where you discuss the connections you have made between the levels of analysis and with your own learning and studying. It is up to you to choose what aspect of your learning to reflect on, but, you must directly refer to how the levels of analysis framework helped you to understand how you learn and study, or how you might re-think how you learn and study (i.e. how they represent a ‘learning challenge’). Your reflection must also be informed by the lecture content and the tutorial learning activities and resources.

Note: This assessment also marks for style, presentation, and for spelling and grammar.


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