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Reflective Journal 2 on Nursing Care under Clinical Experience Assessment Answer

Journal 2 - on nursing care in Australia under clinical experience cane be either medication error or drug calculation


Situation description

As a registered nurse, my day to day activities involves medication administration to the patient which require complete situational analysis including understanding the history of the patient (Yarmohammadian et al, 2014).  A 55 years man with pulmonary fibrosis was admitted for acute exacerbation of chest infection. The patient improved and was planned for discharge. The doctor prescribed him medication furosemide and azathioprine. The patient was already taking allopurinol for gout, the potential interaction of the medication with azathioprine was not recognised. It was noticed by a GP two weeks later. The patient has been advised to discontinue allopurinol immediately, and blood count was advised (Bari et al, 2016). The patient was then counselled regarding the probable consequences.


Once the error was noticed I felt disappointed and frustrated by the senior doctor and system which could not detect the error. Also, anxious about the potential consequences, but later felt relieved as all the blood scan were normal.


I felt guilt after the incidence, self-questioned regarding my knowledge and ability to handle patients. I also felt how such errors remain unnoticed highlighting the weakness of the healthcare system. I also felt relieved as the condition of the patient is stable and he has not done any formal complaint.


How a single error potentially harms the patient wellbeing. 


The importance of communication, responsibility and supportive environment was highlight through the incidence.

Action plan

In future, if any such patent gets admitted in the ward, I will never rush into the administration of medicine to the patient but thoroughly understand the medicinal history to the patient (Nute, 2014).

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