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Job Interview Simulation for Talent and Culture Advisor Assessment 2 Answer

Assessment 2: Interview (Reflective Report)

Why this assessment

This assessment is designed to get you researching and thinking critically about contemporary issues in Talent & Culture in a hospitality and tourism context in the style of a recorded job application for a role in a Talent & Culture entry-level role.

Your Task  The Job Role

The assessment is a job interview simulation for the following job role:

Talent & Culture Advisor

The Rest Up Group is a leading provider of hotel services in Sydney & Melbourne. We are preparing to expand significantly over the next 12 months and so we are currently seeking applications from suitably experienced individuals for the role Talent & Culture Advisor.

This role will directly support the T&C Director to lead a workforce planning project to open new offices in every capital city in Australia.

Responsibilities and activities include but are not limited to:

  • Assist Operations to develop workforce plans for each capital city
  • Advise manager's on recruitment & selection strategies
  • Develop appropriate training and retention strategies

The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in achieving the Rest Up Group’s organisational objectives.

Your Task

There are two parts to this assessment

Part A  The Interview

  1. You are required to show your knowledge and understanding of current Talent & Culture topics by recording a job application.
  2. In a ten (10) minute recording, you will answer questions relating to the following T&C areas:
    • Manpower planning
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Talent Development & Retention.
  3. To demonstrate both a theoretical and practical understanding you are required to answer the following four key areas:
  4. Discuss at least two factors that could affect the Rest Up Group’s ability to develop a manpower (workforce) plan.
  5. Describe your approach to acquiring the necessary staff to open an office in each capital city for Rest Up Group.
  6. Discuss the value of training to an organisation.
  7. Describe the steps you would take to improve retention for Rest Up Group.
  8. The video should be a continuous recording. You may pause the recording after answering each question. No editing, special effects, visuals are required.

Part B – Preparation Research

  1. To prepare for the interview, you should write a background fact sheet for each of the topics. The maximum length of each fact sheet is one page.
  2. Your background fact sheet should be written in a report style with headings and bullet points.
  3. A minimum of one academic journals/ texts AND one industry sources per T&C research area are required.
  4. Remember to use correct in-text citations and Harvard Style Referencing.



Part A:

A. Job application

Rest Up Group is hiring Talent & Culture Advisor due to the expansion of the services of the Rest Up Group in the upcoming 12 years. 

Job description: 

Talent & Culture Advisor would support the activities of the Talent & Culture Director in the project of the workforce planning for the new offices in different capital city Australia. 

Job responsibilities: 

  • Supporting operations of the T&C Director for the development of the plans of the workforce for each capital city in Australia
  • Advising the managers on the strategies for recruitment and selection of new talent 
  • Development of appropriate strategies for training of the candidates 
  • To suggest strategies for the retention of the candidates recruited 
  • To help in the talent acquisition in the organization through appropriate support to the candidates 
  • To suggest strategies for the cultural diversity management in the workforce and communication management 


Graduate in any specialization

MBA degree preferred 


2-5 years of work experience


Full time 


All the candidates that can satisfy the requirements are eligible to apply for the job position of the Talent & Culture Advisor. The applicants are requested to fill in their applications and submit it along with supporting documents to the HR manager of the Rest Up Group. 

Other details of the job position shall be discussed after the recruitment process. Applicants open to send their applications. Any referral not welcomed for the application. The final decision shall be taken after the final interview.

C. Theoretical and practical understanding

Discuss at least two factors that could affect the Rest Up Group’s ability:

 I have examined two factors that affect the ability and efficiency of the Rest Up Group. These two factors are multicultural visitors, and lack of availability of local employees in the customer service provider team. By developing the manpower planning process the hotel can be enabled to sustain their performance.  

Multicultural visitors: In the Rest Up Group visitors of the multicultural background came to stay.  Hotel staffs face problem faced issues to communicate with the visitors. I have found that these issues negatively impacted on the performance management process of the hotel. Hotel staffs are not given proper training on the communication and these issues harm service providing a capacity of the hotel.  Furthermore, I have noticed that the internal culture of the hotel is not satisfactory where employees of multicultural background are not capable of discussing specific issues. Manpower planning is the process of estimating an optimum number of people who are required for completing the task and the goal within the period. In the business environment, the manpower planning process helps improve functionary efficiency of the company. Under the manpower planning process, human resources are required in the company with the efficiency of employee's skills.  Talent & Culture Advisor of Rest Up Group has to involve in the manpower planning activity by advising the recruitment and selection authority in order to deal with the proper selection process.  I think that Talent and Culture advisor of Rest Up Group has a responsibility to find out the suitable method of recruitment and selection so that best ability of the applicants can be finding out in this course of action. In the new office, we need a very skilled talent and culture advisor who can manage issues in the cross-cultural problem. In the recruitment and selection strategy, the talent and cultural advisor of Rest Up Group have to provide ideas after assessing the strength and weakness of the team.  Our advisor should have the capacity of understanding the present condition of the company to give a suitable decision about the manpower planning process.  

Lack of availability of local employees:  To search for a talented employee, the hotel has not focused on recruiting local employees in the company.  In the case of talent acquisition, the hotel has to recruit local employees, to understand the current situation of the market. Talent acquisition is considered as the process of identifying and acquiring the skilled workers in the company.  To meet with the organizational need talent acquisition is the inevitable part of business management.  As per my understanding, talent acquisition team of the company is responsible for the management process of the team. The Talent and Culture Advisor advise talent acquisition team.  Therefore, for this post, Rest Up Group needs a manager who has an understanding of the cross-cultural diversity is very much essential for talent acquisition.  The Talent and culture advisor of Rest Up Group has the responsibility to develop appropriate training for the retention strategy.  I think that by influencing the people to deal with a cross-cultural barrier, the manager can be able to deal with the operation. Talent advisor, advice the managers to examine some areas while interviewing for the recruitment and selection. In the case of Rest Up Group, I think that the advisor should have a strong understanding of the cross-cultural barrier so that they can lead people as per the need of the company.

Describe your approach to acquiring the necessary staff to open an office

To develop the approach of acquiring necessary staffs for the office, the cultural advisor of the hotel has to take offline recruitment and selection process along with online selection.  I have understood that the offline approach of recruitment and selection by giving the applicants project allows the managers to understand their practical capacity of management. Talent acquisition can be possible in this way.  I have found that employees retention approach refers to give employees benefits in the new office. Talent Development & Retention is an important approach in the workforce, planning process, talent development and retention is a suitable method for management.  Under the talent development process and employee's retention, talent and cultural advisor plays a significant role in managing people by leading the managers. The talent and cultural advisor of Rest Up Group have to be careful to understand the value of the employees so that he or she can advise the managers to deal with them. Managing employee's retention in the cross-cultural base is the important portion.  Therefore, it can be said that the successful candidate for the post of the advisor should have the capacity of management and operation. For the talent and development management process, managers are given advise managing the employees in the company by effective recruitment and selection process.  Proper examination is required in this course of action for management and operational efficiency.  Knowledge and understanding of the cross-cultural issues are required for the talent and culture advisor.  In the approach, staffs of the hotels are given the training to develop their skills to deal with the visitors.  Furthermore, skills development training motivates them to work in hotels with satisfaction.  

Discuss the value of training to an organization

I have found that the value of training for talent management and workforce planning is a very necessary part. The Rest Up Group has to arrange a training session for the recruitment and selection managers along with the recruited employees to achieve the organizational value of service quality management. Along with the manpower planning, training is necessary for value management of the employees. The process allows the managers to conduct the recruitment and selection process very effectively.   Furthermore, by the talent management training employees are learned to handle the critical situation in the workplace.  Main issues have been identified in the Rest Up Group is lack of availability of the local employees. Under the training session, the cultural advisor of the Rest Up Group is told to give advice to the HR manager to give a chance to the local employees by training. I have understood that the Rest Up Group in their training and development approach should identify the strength and weakness of the employees.  Existing employees of the company are given training for language improvement to communicate with multicultural customers. The training approach in the company improves service delivery capacity. 

Describe the steps you would take to improve retention for Rest Up Group:

Step 1: Conduct a job analysis:  By conducting a job analysis, the managers of Rest Up Group can evaluate the role and responsibility of the assigned designation.  Capacity required in the job designation is examined.

Step 2: Implementation of well-designed selection: Based on the examination, the recruitment and selection process is designed in the Rest Up Group.  Both online and offline recruitment and selection process are taken for understanding existing skills and capacity of the employees. This process allows making effective employees base in the Rest Up Group. 

Step 3: Employee training program after recruitment and selection, the training session is designed based on the employee's designation.  The training and development program is a necessary part of determining the success of the hotel.  This process has an effective impact on the operational efficiency of the employees. Talent and culture advisor is involved in the training session. 

Step 4: Employee relationship management: Employee relationship management is a necessary part of this course of action.  This process is designed for the employee’s retention process of Rest Up Group.  In this way employees, the turnover rate in the hotel can be reduced.  

Part B

Factsheet for manpower planning

Manpower planning Facts 
Factors affecting manpower planning 
  • Two factors: multicultural visitors and shortage of local staffs
  • Diversity in visitors increased by one-third due to increased tourism
  • Growth in holiday tourism in Australia in 2019 by 5% (Direct, 2020)
  • Expenditure planning on holiday tourism increased by 8% with a record of $12.7 billion (Direct, 2020)
  • Increased demand for  manpower planning due to increased tourism by 30% in the hotel
  • Manpower recruitment to be increased by 20% of around 50 hotel staffs and 10 executive staffs and managers
Approach to the acquisition of staff
  • Job advertisements for 50 staffs and 10 executive staffs and managers
  • Job application to be released on 5 selected recruitment websites in Australia
  • 3 important  agencies for recruitment in the hospitality industry approached for recruiting hotels staffs
  • 5 managers from other departments promoted to higher posts to assist the Talent & Culture Director
Value for training 
  • 30% training gap noted in the employee survey conducted among staffs  in the hotel
  • 20% training gap noted in the administrative level staffs in the hotel
  • 2 training groups would be formed consisting of 10 staffs each for training and development 
Steps for improvement of retention 
  • Employee retention issue in the hotel industry in Australia
  • The turnover rate in the hospitality industry reported to be 16% in Australia:
 turnover rate in the hospitality industry
Figure 1: turnover rate in the hospitality industry

  • Employee turnover in Rest Up Group increased by 20% annually in the last 5 years
  • Manpower retention to be achieved through the recruitment of 2 coordinators
  • 3 supervisors would be appointed from the executive department for monitoring the retention of the manpower recruited

Factsheet for Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition Facts 
Factors affecting talent acquisition
  • Factors noted: identification of right talent and ineffective information technology (Pasha and Ahmed, 2017)
  • Talent acquisition reduced by 20% in the Rest Up Group as per a survey conducted on managers since the last year
  • 70% of the recruitment process handled manually and lack of use of technology 
  • Only 10% recruitment done by Rest Up Group by using technology such as from websites of job portal or digital media use 
Approach to the acquisition of talent
  • Job application for 10 regional staffs with the regional and international service experience
  • Job application to be given on selected online job portals for better access to talent (Koong, Liu and Liu, 2020)
  • Application for 10 job positions in the talent and culture department placed on Facebook 
  • Application for talented and skilled staffs with minimum 2-5 years experience given in job boards, networking events and academic programs for the recruitment of 10 staffs at the regional level
Value for training 
  • Training needs to be increased by more than 30% in Rest Up Group due to lack of skilled talent
  • Investment in the training programs to be increased by 40% after the acquisition of new candidates and talent management 
Steps for improvement of retention 
  • For retention of new talent, investment in rewards to be increased by 30%

Factsheet for talent development and retention

Talent development and retention Facts 
Factors affecting talent development and retention
  • According to an employee survey conducted in Rest Up Group, talent development and retention of candidates reduced by 40%
  • This is attributed to internal recruitment and lack of use of external sources for talent acquisition (Walford-Wright and Scott-Jackson, 2018)
  • Talent development to be supported in Rest Up Group by recruiting 20% staff in the HR department from external agencies 
Approach to Talent development and retention
  • In a survey, 32% CEO had thought that it is hard to retain talent   (The employee retention strategies used by Australian CEOs, 2020)
  • Long term goals set to enhance the talent development programs by 40% in the Rest Up Group
  • Retention programs to be supported by reward investment to be increased by 30% increased investment in rewards for new talents
  • Career development programs to be arranged at least in 6 months in Rest Up Group
Value for training 
  • 30% training gap noted in the employee survey conducted among staffs  in the hotel
  • Investment in the induction of the newly recruited talent to be increased by 60% 
Steps for improvement of retention 
  • Award ceremonies to be arranged in every 1 year for awarding new talent
  • Workshops to be arranged at least once in every 1-2 months for talent management 
  • Incentives for the newly recruited employees to be increased by at least 15-20%

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