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ITECH1001 Research on Game-Based Learning Assessment 2 Answer

Assessment Specification for ITECH1001 

Assignment 2Individual Report

Course Objectives

The assessment tasks specified in this document address a number of the objectives of this course; these being:

  • use a range of effective communication strategies;
  • deliver effective oral presentations to an audience;
  • write professional letters, memos and reports using correct grammar and spelling;
  • work independently and in teams; and
  • adapt a communication strategy to suit the audience.


Choose one topic from the following list: 

  1. Compare and contrast the usefulness for group collaboration of the software products Trello and Microsoft Teams. 
  2. Discuss the privacy and security similarities and differences between a company using a networked mainframe solution or a cloud-based infrastructure.
  3. Research the different kinds of educational online games, aimed at children, and suggest which are the most useful. 

Individual Report


In many situations of your future work life, you could be required to do some fact-finding or an investigation into a specific topic given to you by your line-manager. This assignment is to mimic such a task, to develop skills in researching a chosen subject, gathering information, summarising it, and presenting your educated points of view concerning the investigation. Depending on your chosen task you may have to make an informed recommendation of which product or solution is preferred.


This is an individual piece of work. You are required to complete a report on your chosen subject. The report should be between 1000 and 1500 words long and should include the main ideas and concepts in the

field, including appropriate referencing. Marks will be awarded for completeness and presentation of the submission, for currency and relevance of discussion, correct use of paraphrasing and referencing and English expression, grammar and spelling.

The final submission should include the following:

  • title page giving the student name and chosen topic
  • table of contents
  • A table of figures/graphs/illustrations etc (if required)
  • The introduction to the overall report
  • A mind map on the topic that you have chosen.  The mind map will be basis for your report.  
  • Main body of the report detailing concepts and ideas. This will contain material summarised from the references that you have read, correctly citing those references.
  • time estimation (at start) for this assessment and reflection (at end) on the accuracy and

effectiveness of this estimation. The time estimation is based on the exercise in Tutorial 1, on the estimated time to complete the tasks and how long the tasks actually took. Include a discussion of the effectiveness of using a time estimation sheet, how it impacted on the way you undertook the tasks, what you would change if you had to do it again, etc

  • conclusion to the overall report
  • A full reference list in APA format.

Template for time estimation task

Note that the number of sub-tasks (rows in the table) are for example only and have no relationship to the actual number of tasks you consider appropriate.

Time estimation for individual reflection

Best time (OD)
Worst Time (PD)
Estimated time (ED)

Note this exercise was part of the Week 1 tutorial.  Please review the activity from Week 1 to help you complete this part of the assignment. 

Formula for time taken (Duration = D):

D = ((1 * OD) + (4 * ED) + (1 * PD))/6


Research the different kinds of educational online games, aimed at children, and suggest which are the most useful.


Game-based learning can help the children to understand how one can be in native, challenging, and even exercise their brain how to work in the time-based condition (Gunter, 2019). The main advantage of online games is to make the children understand the techniques, ways and even the techniques to understand how there can be better ideas and creating activity to approach the task diligently. For example, if it is a regular word based game, to increase the vocabulary and also learn the new words and applies the use of the learned words in some other forms. The student also learns to mix and match the activity-based online game and would feel motivated, engaged, and even inculcates an idea on how to use a real-life application that can consistently help to motivate, engage, challenge and be adopting an effective approach for the learning objective as a foundation.

The use of online games helps as an effective learning pedagogical tool which can help to benefit the students’ learning process (De Wilde, 2020). Subsequent, it would also help in applying to the current study and also adequately use it in the premises of the study that can relate with the game playing intention but using it effectively on the learning subject material (Benton,  2019) 


As identified, how the online games, can help the students to connect as it uses the fascinating content, color, and the materials, keeping the student sneaked and even derive the key learning. The students also can apply in the different forms of life. The online games can also help the children the survival tricks, techniques and how it would impact the overall students (Sandbank, et al,  2020)  The challenge is it can cause fascination and addiction but the advantage can be how the children would learn to secure a well-planned tried trick, in the course of life. The online games have to be challenged, to think beyond the regular rules, needs to be innovative, engaging, and draw a meaningful life. For example, if it is a car operating business game, it might sound like overusing the skills of how to run the business and even can show an individual his own identity such as to be spending thrift or conservative, while reinvesting and reengaging the same resources. The student can also learn and apply online games, in their academy and the learning environment. The students can immediately connect in how to derive the plans of action, have a rationalized approach, and how to use it effectively (Hutzler, 2019). The fascinated students can even derive a sense of engagement and how it should be through game-based learning. It would be effective to derive a curriculum established objectives along with the contents. The real-life game application can be used which would be an advantage to applying and even deliver the lessons, which can help to deliver the wide lessons and further it would be an interesting way to engage and be effective. The games can be a learning factor that can help in exercising problem-solving skills, can help in deriving critical thinking skills, and consecutively provide the mediate feedback to learners leading to an understanding of the learner's action in guidance. The online games can also help the children, to draw a contextual sell assessment learner’s score and can reach high levels through the learners to reach solutions and also fine-tuning oneself with adequate knowledge and skills (Kassai 2019).

Mind map Mind map

Source  (Mayer,  2019).

A time estimation 

The online games like the “Business”, "Monopoly" and " The Game of Life" can be engaging and even an engaging experience. The time estimation should be 1 day or a few hours. It should help the learner to understand how to make the decisions, how to rationalize, one own approach, how to derive the criticality of the situation. For example, in the “business” online game, the children can learn whether to buy a new house or a new business and the mathematical calculation such as how much to invest in and how much would be the derived benefit. Through the game, the children would get an understanding of how the "real life" business can operate, under what circumstances how much to save and to use the "Math’s –numeracy” in a constructive manner (Jones, 2019). This would further help the learner to understand how to place their resources in the best fit manner in the business and how to use them judiciously to survive in the business. The time estimation can be 1 day to a few hours, and it should not beyond, to avoid addiction and causing complexities in life. Further, the problem of the time the estimated game is how the learner is able to relate and how to see the final result and the outcome in the set manner (Mayer,  2019). 


In my view, the games which can derive judicial learning can help the children to relate how to use it practically. In my view the game can be a learning experience, but certain "online games" like the blue shark or the web-based challenges, can be deemed inappropriate for the age-wise (Stewart, 2019). The games should be restricted to the age-based access and should be strictly under parental guidance. The online gaming has even become more challenging and even rewarding when used globally. It is also important to benefit from online games that are free of cost and has some social objective in it. Online games can help to increase one own skills, talents, and even understand how the other person would apply with the given strategy. Overall the online games can lead to the conflicts of opinion causing addiction and can also lead to the misuse of the resources, but overall it can be rewarding and constructive, if it is judiciously used in a line to the practical research applied notions. Certain Apps such as the BYJU also use the contents of the online game and the cartoon characters, that detail how the academic session would begin, what we are learning, and how to use them in any form (Sandbank et al, 2020). The other online games like painting, music, and food cooking, would help the learners to understand what can be an advantage and the learning experience if used in a constructive manner. It can help to lead as an example and the experience. 


To conclude, how the online learning game experience can be rewarding and enticing depending on the user preference and the children's requirements. While all games may not be suitable for all age-related children, the gaming content, the mode to detail the games, and the types of engagements used should be a learning experience for the children. It should be researched well to gain an advantage for the children. The moral values, social advantage, and the rationality approach need to be research, experiment, and be applied when using in such gaming scenarios. It would benefit the users and the children to the best-applied approaches. 

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