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ISY2004 Project Planning and Implementation Assessment 4 Answer

Unit Name/CodeISY2004 Information Systems Project Management
Assessment TypeEssay – Group Work
Assessment NumberFour
Assessment NameProject Planning and Implementation
Unit Learning Outcomes AssessedULO1: Demonstrate comprehension of the different phases of the project life cycle and design, planning, costing, scheduling
and controlling.
ULO2: Explain the role of the project manager and create the functions and operations of project teams and groups.
ULO3: Demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding of ley project management software applications tools and techniques, including critical path analysis, and PERT and Gantt Charts.
ULO5: Apply the principles and tools to monitor and evaluate IT projects. 
Assessment DescriptionThis part follows on from the previous Assessment 2; where the project sponsor has approved your Initial Project Plan and associated documents. You may now proceed to the planning and implementation phase of the project using agile methodology by writing an essay based on the following project planning documents. Make any appropriate assumptions needed to enable the successful completion of the project; making sure these assumptions are made explicit. Use screen shots from your project scheduling file. It is mandatory that you use a project scheduling software (eg. ProjectLibre). It is an open source software available for download for free. Required
  1. Gantt chart
  2. Network Diagram (Critical path diagram)
  3. Identify at least six milestones for this project using SMART criteria.
  4. Resources table
  5. Project budget
  6. RACI Table
  7. Identify 5 potential risks for this project and write the risk register for all of them. Ensure one of your risks is a positive risk.
  8. Construct the Probability/ Impact Matrix for those 5 potential risks


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