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INT103 Life Event From Personal Experience: Relation with Development Theory Assessment 4 Answer

Assignment 4

Individual Assessment (25%)

Choose one life event from your own experience e.g. welcoming a new sibling, moving into a new house, attending high school, coming to Australia.

Using two theories of development, Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory and

one other Developmental Theory from the list below

  • Bowlby-Ainsworth Attachment Theory,
  • Maslow’s Hierarch of Needs or
  • Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory,

explain the impact of your chosen life event on your development. (A short discussion of the 2 theories before applying them would be beneficial).

Remember to consider your situation when discussing the theories; the assessor knows the generic models of the theories, but you need to discuss them for your context. What were the elements in your microsystem? Which needs were most urgent for you at that time? Who was your attachment figure?

Your written essay should include at least 7 currents (less than 10 years old) scholarly journal articles, in addition to textbook references. Adherence to the course formatting guidelines is essential (e.g. spacing, font, coversheet, word count); these are listed under the Assessment tab on your unit site. APA referencing both in-text and in the Reference List is required – please see resources on the library site for information.



This assignment explores my own life event. Additionally, this assignment is considered two development theories based on the life event. This assignment is completed based on when I was coming to Australia for the first time for higher education purpose. At this moment I need a job to survive in Australia. I can compare my experience in development theory. To comprehend the human development, there are a number of diverse theories of human development have occurred to explore numerous aspects of human development. In this context, it is considered that people were often considered as version of grown-ups and paid to the many improvements in language usage, perceptive abilities, physical development that arise during adolescence and childhood (Diab, Palosaari, & Punamäki, 2018). In this assignment, I am applying the Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory and Maslow’s hierarch of need. Human development focuses on enlightening the lives people lead rather than pretentious that economic development. In addition, human development is providing people more freedom to lives they value. 

Life Event

The most important event of my life is when I was coming to Australia for higher education. I arrived in Sydney Australia. At that moment I need a job to survive in Australia and get an education. I was worried about my needs and want to get a job. I was reached in Australia and after one month I went to a job agency and an agent interviewed me and the next day he sent me to a multinational company for an interview. I did very well in my interview and I achieve the job. The environment and culture of Australia help me to get the job. Additionally, I have experienced that life in Australia is the most exciting and crazier thing that I have ever lived. On the other hand, at an early time in Australia without my family and friends and I am totally out from my comfort zone. In addition, it is inescapable creating huge images of what is my life going to be in a place where I have never been to before. Moreover, I was also preparing myself in every single aspect to face my biggest fear. After joining in my job I can control my fear.

Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Theory

Bronfenbrenner’s theory based on how the social atmosphere affects human development has an extensive impact on psychosomatic research. In addition, this theory is one of the most accepted explanations in terms of the influence of the social environment on human development (Diab, Palosaari, & Punamäki, 2018). On the other hand, this theory discusses the atmospheres in which people grow up which distresses every aspect of the life of the people. Moreover, social factor determines the way of thinking, likes and dislike of people and emotions which feel by the people. According to this theory, the nature of the child is contingent on the background they cultivated up in (Eriksson, Ghazinour, & Hammarström, 2018). Moreover, this theory measured that the situation was made up of four consistent structures. In this theory, five systems are consistent, the inspiration of one system on the child development which is contingent on the relationship with other people. The microsystem is made by the group which have direct contact with the child (Hertler, Figueredo, Penaherrera-Aguirre, & Fernandes, 2018). School and family are some of the most important and there can be many other groups. On the other hand, the beliefs of parents affect who the child will end up attractive. On the other hand, the child is accomplished changing their belief of their family. The setting of the microsystem is directly environment in their life. According to this theory, friends, family, teachers, classmates, neighbours and other people have direct contact with the people which are included in the microsystem of the people (Soyer, 2019). Additionally, the microsystem is the setting in which people have direct social interaction with the other social agent. Moreover, this theory identified that people are not mere recipients of the experience that the people have socialising with these people in the microsystem environment and people are contributing to the construction of the development.  
Mental health is an essential part of well-being which is explored as the state of happiness in which a discrete feel about the stress of life and can work productively and people also able to variety an influence to his communal. On the other hand, mental health is more than the absence of mental disabilities and disorder but can lead to a good superiority of life. When I am coming to Australia for the first time I have observed that this theory is applicable in this scenario (Diab, Palosaari, & Punamäki, 2018). When I was preparing myself for education and job I was suffering from mental health. According to this theory, it is observed that mental illness is increasing global public health problem. In addition, unhappiness alone explanations for the global problem of illness and is among the biggest single reasons of incapacity international. After getting a job I have control over my mental illness.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is to explore human motivation based on the pursuit of different level of needs. According to this theory, individuals are inspired to accomplish basic needs before affecting on to meet higher-level development needs (Acevedo, 2018). In addition, in this theory, most of the needs displayed as a hierarchical pyramid with five levels. The five levels are physiological, safety, esteem, social and self-actualisation. Additionally, the basis of motivation theory is being been motivated by unsatisfied that certain lower requirement to be satisfied before higher needs can be addressed (Bridgman, Cummings, & Ballard, 2019). On the other hand, requirements at the bottommost of the pyramid are basic essential including the essential for air, food, water and sleep. Moreover, this theory believed that all people are motivated to move up towards the level of self-actualization (Dohlman, DiMeglio, Hajj, & Laudanski, 2019). This theory believed that people cannot become self-actualisation if people starving for food are still seeking affection and love from others. According to this theory, physiological needs deal with the preservation of the human body (Fallatah & Syed, 2018). In addition, the lowermost group includes the most basic obligation that is viral to subsistence such as the requirement for sleep, food, air and water. On the other hand, the safety and security requirement is needed to safe from damage. These requirements include health, job security, shelter, safe environment etc. (Goede & Boshuizenvan Burken, 2019). In this context, security requirements are significant for endurance but not as important basic physical requirement. Social needs required for love, belonging and affection and relationship with friends, family and companionship. Furthermore, esteem requirement is basic needs and have been fulfilled (Yousaf, Amin, & C Santos, 2018). These needs include confidence, respect, accomplishment, achievement, recognition etc. 

This theory can be implemented in my scenario. When I was coming to Australia I was suffering due to lack of motivation. I need a job to survive in Australia. At this time, I have applied the motivation theory to motivate me to stay in Australia. At the initial time, I need a job to meet my physical needs, safety and security needs. In addition, this theory needs to meet self-actualisation needs (Hertler, Figueredo, Peñaherrera-Aguirre, & Fernandes, 2018). By this theory, I need to be self-actualization to influence the top level of this motivational theory which explored that I must understand my abilities, skills, and capability to handing (Soyer, 2019). It is also identified that the ability to identify my requirement and makes sure that these requirements are fulfilled positively and help to grow the probabilities of accomplishment. I realise that when I feel maintained, safe, self-actualisation and a sense of belonging then my attitude can influence in the workplace (Eriksson, Ghazinour, & Hammarström, 2018). At this time, I can prepare myself for self-development for the higher study and job in Australia. On the other hand, according to this theory, it is identified that motivation and engagement are often team-based attitudes so that the team of the individual to feel their wants are being met and generate a more engaged culture, positive in the organisation. According to this theory, employers with low appointment rates often have higher business rates and concerns related to the unhappy and low morale workforces (Fallatah & Syed, 2018). This theory can increase gratification, motivation and increasing appointment which eventually impacted on productivity.  


This assignment has explored life event from my own experience during I have been coming to Australia. I have come to Australia for the purpose of higher education and job. This event has related to the development theory such as Bronfenner’s ecological theory and Maslow's Hierarchy theory. This theory has explored that child development is affected by the social relationship. The microsystem is made which have direct contact with the child. In addition, this research has identified that microsystem comprises school or day-care, daily home, community and peer group. On the other hand, the Maslow theory has explored that high-level self-actualisation and motivation to occur more fundamental.

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