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Impact of Leadership Communication on Organizational Performance Change Management Assessment 2 Answer

Assessment 2: Essay (Individual) (2,000 words)

In this assignment students will be required to demonstrate an understanding of communications theory and the importance of effective communications within an organisational context. 

Essay Question:

Discuss how leadership communication may impact upon organisational performance in the context of change management due to globalisation? Please draw upon Communication theory and use examples to support your claims.

General advice

The question asks you to discuss the statement. This means that you need to consider all of the views in the academic literature on this topic (leadership communication) and, on the basis of the evidence, draw on conclusion as to whether you agree or disagree. You will find helpful advice on how to answer an essay which requires you to 'discuss' in the WIN Essay Writing Guide, which is on this Moodle site. In addition, this guide will give you very useful advice on how to organise your ideas, how to organise and structure your written answer, and how to use your own 'voice' and avoid potential plagiarism issues. Please read through the guide before you start on the essay.

The main issues in the essay are set out in topic 6.  Please draw upon the  Ruben & Gigliotti reading on Moodle which is a good place to start, as it will give you a good idea of the key issues and the different approaches to them. It will give you some key points to use in your literature research on the topic.

In order to demonstrate a full knowledge of the theoretical issues, you will need to read at least 6-8 quality academic references. Academic references include both textbooks and academic journal articles but more engagement with journal articles will demonstrate a deeper engagement with subject theory. The best way to find academic journal articles  is to use the library database which is available to all students on moodle. Simply typing in keywords from the question will bring up a selection of relevant journal article which are available on line.

Length: 2000 words 


Leadership communication may impact organizational performance change management during the globalization?


It has been identified that during the crucial times, the role of the leader is to bring certainty and even out the best possible solution for the organization's performance during the times of change management. As the change is versatile and during the global environment, the leader brings a better transition of coping up with the changes, whether it is in the process, people, or even in the procedures. Due to globalization, it has helped to build closeness and even help in better coordination, when dealing with the counterparts, but still, the key issues are how to manage the changes and even withstand the ongoing solution (Song, 2016). As the leader has to be dynamic, who has to foresee the new scenarios, situation to have a better response procedure to the changing times (Suwandana,  2019) The role of the leaders is to balance the organization and the performance of the employees while changing. The changes can be the opening of the new office, new hiring of the global counterparts, or even the new changes bought due to the change in the technologies. The leader by suing the communication style such as authoritative, democratize, or choosing the laissez-faire style, can help the employees to withstand changes and even make them more adaptable (Ruben, 2019). The leaders at the time of the crises have to suit the communication style which can be transparent, unbiased, or completely are  authoritative and coerced.

Leadership communication 

Leadership can have an influential impact on organizational performance and to generate success. The leader role during the time of the situation change is to understand the employee changing morals, the futuristic views, and even how to bring in the change tolerance to motivate the employees (Ruben, 2016). The institutional strategies can bring in the key execution and the effectiveness in the system. The leaders in any situation have to think about the effectiveness of the organization with better success plans. The leader also has to influence its followers to bring in better amendments in the organization so that the performance is not affected (Ruben, 2017). The leadership role in the organization is to support the adequate services and to provide fair effectiveness that can provide better resource allocation and even provide better transparency of the services offered.  The role of the leaders is to provide the key benefits of the people materials and to prove the key experiences that would be beneficial. 


The autocratic leader makes the other person work, through coercion way or in a dictating way. The leaders do not hear much and are always thinking of authorities' rules (Lynn-Sze, 2017). The leaders are inexperienced with the leaders up thrust and also be presented with the new findings and involved with the people management. The leaders are also aimed at forcing the followers to follow the strategies and to aim in identifying how to make the organization look for better ways. Such leaders can aim for success but in a coerced manner (Ji, 2019)


Bureaucratic leaders are more central to the organization's goals that can provide better plans in executions plans and even aim to integrate the better objectivity plans. Bureaucratic leaders also aim to have better transparency, as they believe in making the individual also perform and at the same time the organization not getting affected. The policies central to the process, procedures, and overall, can help to benefit the organization's goals (Holth, 2017). The bureaucratic leaders are more government styled, that provides adequate consistency plans, and even can implement the policies, even without verifying ways. Such leaders are more motivated to support senior management, then to think about the motivating ways of the junior employees (Johansson, 2017)


The leaders are democratic, which beliefs in allowing liberal views and even aims to support a large set of people. The leader can also provide group support to the leaders and the democratic leaders believe in bringing transparency to everyday affairs. They believe in everyone adopting their style and bring out desirable results. But such leadership is a slow process. (Jamal, 2017)


The leaders are more driven with the charismatic style and the leaders believe in having a clear vision and aim to motivate the followers. the leaders are happy people who have the set aims to bring in the creativity, innovation, and even providing the goals orientation,  The leaders aim to have followers follow the league and to note a set style, that can bring in the better transparency. The leadership style can help to bring in a better transaction (Jamal, 2017).

The theories are as follows-:

Authoritarian Theory

The theories that can support the change in the organization's performance are the authoritarian style that can influence the followers. The theory propagates as to how one can adjust and can communicate effectively. The advocacy can transform with a complete dictatorship (Clohisy, 2017). The theory states the communication that can be better be understood in the hierarchical superior and can coerce their style.

Social Responsibility Theory

The communication style with the social responsibility theory, can aim to provide a better responsible role for the community. It is mainly for the benefit of the organization as they are part of the community that has pure libertarianism views (Cardon, 2019).

Communication Theory

The theory asserts to have clear findings, transparency, and even aim to provide support roles to develop. The communication can be formal or informal and can be free from the grapevine situation (Boe, 2017).

Importance to adapt communication style 

The leader can be versatile, dynamic, or maybe slow in adapting to the new process, depends on the model of the communication he can chooses. If the leader is transitional then the leadership style would be open and transparent, that the followers can easily follow. But if it is the authorization type leader, then the communication style would be restricted with unclear directions and forced situations. Depending on the situation, leaders should adopt the leader style and the communication method (Arendt, 2019). A leader is in between the top to bottom communication and also vice versa, that can be followed and managed effectively. Similarly, the leader should be free from the unbiased views, from the grapevines or the rumors (Clohisy, 2017)

Transparent communication-: The leader style aims to adopt an effective style of communication that would be engaging and make the employees understand what is required. A good communication style can be transparent even if it is verbal or written and make the employees follow what is required. 

 Equality -: The communication should be at par and followed with the same standard, such as if it is the 10% increase in the sales revenue of the sales department then the marketing department should adopt the set styles, that would help to increase the 10% growth and even make the finance, admin and the legal/HR to understand the objective and fund, budget and hire the people it the similar vision (Fortunato 2017). All should be at one standard and par and the leader needs to adopt the equality clause of transparent communication. The skills, performance, and can design the job. 

Competence, inspiring, and motivating -: The leader can be adoptive and be more dynamic, at the same time inspire the future. The leader can be based on the competency and be ethical in her approach. The leader can make the same followers believe the competency and also enact with the same enigma and better approach. The qualities of the leader should be presented in the same manner and should not overshadow the employee performance (Fortunato 2017).

Globalization on organizational change

As every organization is approaching the global standards, the role of the leaders has to be consistent with the organization styles of operation, and even the communication plans. For example, when Bill Gates who propounded the idea of Microsoft, has been an inspiration and be more focused on better ideas. The global leader can bring in better vision and make an inspiration change. The Bill Gates, who has the idea of Microsoft, the same vision should be transited into the global employees who would aim for the same vision and work hard; the same would be then inspired by the clients, vendors, and the customers (Cardon, 2019). The Microsoft leader would transit the same innovative ideas and is presented in the same manner, the organization changes can help to provide the transitional changes in the same manner as the leader has viewed his organization performance to behave in the similar position. A leader knows how to innovate and brings changes; it can be due to his inspiration behavior or the attitude which is out of the box. The same can be viewed by the other external and the internal stakeholders (Clohisy, 2017). A leader knows to talk and discuss things with the Asian people or while working with Australia, as not only they are adaptable but accept and bring a force to overcome the resistance to change. The same technique can help to overcome the barriers and allow a smooth flow of transistor changes to be absorbed by the people (Arendt, 2019).

Critical Analysis

A leader can bring changes with the way they visualize the changes or through their skills, styles, and ideologies. The same can be viewed similarly but interpreted differently. For example, if the change is about the process or the procedures, there can be resistance to change or people would withhold the new ideas. The leader can have informal or formal talks with the teams and can even document the transaction, which would purely be dependent on the leader style to approach things. Arendt (2019) mentions the change management can be a critical issue for the leader, but on the global level it can be problematic and challenging, depends on the situation. The skills, traits, and behavior can be inspiring, but still, employees can absorb or resist, depends on how they are influential a leader can be. Boe (2017) has mentioned that the leader has a very inspirational role to balance the organization's performance with minimized interference and can aim to provide better changes. As the leader can provide a swift decision as he is visionary to provide a better course of direction. 

Jamal (2017) has identified the leader traits can help to make the organization adopt a better style, by understanding the behavior, action plans, and even influential communication styles. For example, if the leader has to communicate to the Chinese counterpart who is heading the subsidiary part, the leader has to provide the adopt the communication style which would be formal, informal both following the orally and even written ways. Johansson (2017) has asserted the actions and the behavior should be just, that can help the cross counterpart to understand what is exactly required by him and how he has to approach the matter. The working environment can be encouraging and even think of the out of the box, to bring innovation changes


It is concluded that the leadership can aim to provide the different roles and to provide support to the organization and people. The current leadership theories that can be applied in the influence and power, that can achieve the key objectives. The leader's traits have to be specific with the autocratic, democratic, and are identified to be bureaucratic or charismatic. The leader by suing the communication style such as authoritative, democratize, or choosing the laissez-faire style, can help the employees to withstand changes and even make them more adaptable. While understanding the leadership role, it is important to exchange power and there can be a better way to secure the outcomes, that could support secure situational, transactional, or transformational. The leadership style is influential that can understand the relative impact and the usefulness.

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