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Impact of Cold, Damp And Mould In The Housing Assessment Answer

Subject: Blog (cold, damp and mould )

500 words 

And please cover these five points in blog 

Topic - cold, damp and mould how does this really effect you at home.

1. How does damp and cold effect your health.

2. What are the statistics of people living in cold/damp homes in uk. 

3. What could be done to reduce damp/cold in homes.

4. Why do people live in damp/cold in uk.

5. Interventions.




The houses of the United Kingdom are so elegant in most parts of the countryside. The cities, however, do not kindle the same sort of elegance in the same manner. Most parts of the cities are densely populated and are thick with the concrete jungles and slum areas with little space to breathe. 

Discussion on the damp and cold affecting the health

The population of the cities and the enormous amount of people working in low economic conditions are the main reason behind these (Jennings et al., 2019). The fuel poverty in households and the energy efficiency of the lower demographic strata of people tend the people to conserve their economic resources by stringently utilizing and sometimes being miserly on the fuel consumption disregarding the eagerness to have a warm household.

Statistics of people living in cold and damp homes in the UK

The statistics of people living in the cold and damp homes comprise of 17.1% who are vulnerable to the climatic conditions of the United Kingdom.

Evaluating the process of reduction of damp and cold

The major issues faced by these types of homes are mostly caused by low-income levels, energy efficiency, non-opening of doors and windows due to constrained spaces, drying clothes inside the houses and cold climatic conditions (Marmot, 2020). The majority of the people have to stay in such dingy home environments due to non-availability of heating apparatus, which are also energy-efficient or fuel-efficient. The heating up of such types of apartments or rooms cause a considerable energy loss as well as massive pollution. 

Discussion on the place to live in the damp and cold in the UK

The fuel low of the country consists of at least ten per cent of the population, which is mainly caused due to the high cost of living and wellbeing. Only in London alone, one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions are caused due to home heating (Pollard et al., 2019).  The significant issues of cold, damp and mouldy homes are associated with hard-to-heat families. Generally, they can be categorized into three main categories, namely condensation, penetration and rising damp. Rt. Penetration damp is caused due to water seeping through the cracked roof or ledges and leak in concealed pipelines. This isn't easy to monitor and get rid of quickly. Rising damp is caused due to the groundwater levels rising through the walls. 


The government and local agencies are striving hard to assess and eradicate this problem through innovative approaches like insulation of houses. People's efficiency and sincerity are also required to achieve the same (Taylor, 2020). These aspects are prevalent and even very sensitive as the government has analyzed these and discovered that the cold, damp, and mouldy households are more prone to diseases affecting not only health but also mental condition


The illnesses which occur in cold moist and mouldy houses are chronic and tend to reappear in short intervals due to the unhygienic conditions of the dwelling unit caused by dampness. Hence it can be concluded that the government must take innovative approaches to reduce the cold and damp in the construction of buildings.  

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