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ICT272 C Sharp Console Application For Calculation of Hotel Room Reservation Assessment Answer

T3 2021: ICT272 Web Design and Development Assignment 2  10%

Assessment topic: Create a basic C# console application. Individual assignment

Task details:

Sydney hotels offer several types of rooms for accommodation. Currently the hotel offers a type of rooms called “Deluxe rooms”. Customers can reserve the room at the counter for one or more nights. If the customer reserves more nights, then the price is lower. Room services cost 10% of the total price. Create a basic C# console application to calculate and display room reservations for N customers who reserve rooms from Sydney hotel. The prices of the rooms are shown below:

Number of nightsPrice (including tax)
1-3 nights$100 per night
4-10 nights$80.5 per night
More than 10 nights$75.3 per night

Specific requirements:

The application should ask the user to enter the customer’s name, the number of nights, and yes or no to indicate whether the customer needs room service. Room services cost 10% increase on the total price.

Assume that the number of nights is an integer type with the range between 1 and 20. An error message should be issued if a user enters a value beyond this range and re-entering is required.

The program makes a calculation of the reservation and displays the result of customer details and the total price as shown below. The program should be kept running with entering the next set of input data.

customer details of sydney hotel

After all N sets of input data are entered from the keyboard, your program will also display the information that includes the customer spending most, the customer spending least as shown in the below figuresummary of reservations

The application should be user-friendly by displaying appropriate welcome, exit and error messages.

Submission requirements details:

  1. All source files must be uploaded on Moodle as a zipped File.

  2. Create a user manual report to show how the program works. Also, you need to provide screenshots for test case when the user enters a number of nights less than 1 or greater than 20.
  3. Assignment cover, user manual, and test cases should be submitted in one word format report.


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