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ICT203 Conducting User Experience And Competitor Analysis On Ecommerce Website Assessment 1 Answer

ICT203 User Centered Design Assessment 1

Assessment 1  Individual Assignment


You have been employed as a UX designer in SFTA company. Your responsibilities include the following tasks:

  • Plan and conduct user research and competitor analysis;
  • Interpret data through various research techniques;
  • Create prototypes and wireframes;
  • Conduct usability testing.

You must evaluate a website for any of the following industries/organisation types:

  1. Education
  2. Hospitality (hospital/Hotel/Tourism etc)
  3. Government Agencies
  4. Small Medium Enterprises
  5. Online Commerce

For assessment criteria, please refer to the Assessment details

Timelines and Expectations

Total Percentage Value of Task: 30%

Learning Outcomes Assessed

The following course learning outcomes are assessed by completing this assessment task:

LO1. apply an evidence-based approach to user-experience requirements elicitation, specification and evaluation;

LO2. plan, conduct, analyse and interpret the results of User Centred Design activities to model users, goals, tasks, system environment and domain;

LO3. plan, conduct and document usability tests of software systems;

LO4. construct prototype user interfaces demonstrating the application of user interface design principles and guidelines.

Assessment Details

For this assignment, you need to write a report with a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 1,500 words (excluding references, attached article pages, and title pages) to answer the below questions:

  1. Describe the website you are investigating and explain its two important values. (6 marks)
  2. Justify a research method that is appropriate to conduct your research findings on the user experience for the website. Provide sources of evidence from peer reviewed articles. (4 marks)
  3. Apply your research method and find 10-15 respondents to survey for their feedback on three bad user experiences and three good user experiences for using the website. You must attach the relevant documentation (e.g. survey form, interview scripts, etc) in the Appendix section. (10 marks)
  4. Show three website screens that need to improve on the user experience. Discuss what are the type of changes in detail and develop three prototype screens. (6 marks)
  5. Write a half-page of your conclusion on the investigation process. (4 marks)



In this assessment task, we are researching, conducting a user experience (UX) and competitor analysis on a selected e-commerce web site This web site is an online product selling web site. The product listed on this web site include – kids, men and women wear, gifts, kids and toddler wear, and many more types of clothing for all categories ("Target: Expect More. Pay Less.", 2020). They have so many offers for their customers on daily, weekly, and sale based best offers. This web site is analyzed for user experience requirements, specifications, and some improvements for a better user experience.

Web site description and values explanation

The selected web site,, is an e-commerce web site which is selling wearable products, gifts, toys, kid's accessories, and more products online in the USA. We analyze this web site for its value such as revenue, page views, and visits. The estimated visit at the web site per day is 14,840,000 and per day page view is 74,199,662 ("Target - Overview, News & Competitors |", 2020). The approx. the worth of the web site is $871,000,000 which is calculated based on their annual, weekly, and monthly revenue. They have estimated per day revenue is $222,598 and yearly will be $80,135,280. This revenue is calculated with the daily user traffic and advertising means. The web site has Alexa global rank is 229. The daily traffic rank graph and search visit percentage graph is shown below (Team, 2020) – Web site description and values explanation

Research methods description and provision of peer-reviewed evidence

The analysis of user experience (UX) in the context of a web site, is a process of design a web site that is useful, pleasing a user while engaging and easy to use by different categories of users. A good user experience provides satisfaction, value, and delight while viewing products at the web site ("The Complete Guide to UX Research Methods", 2020). The analysis is carried out with the use of different observation methods, user reviews, survey results, etc., keeping in mind the user's needs and mentality. There are two primary elements of user research: Quantitative Analysis and Qualitative Analysis. Quantitative research involves calculation-based statistics and data from different polls, online/offline surveys, and other findings, whereas qualitative analysis includes user-based behavioral observations and user mythologies.

For our study, we will be using a Quantitative Analysis this project. The analysis is focused on the facts and information observed by online/offline surveys, systematic analyses, interceptors of websites, and numerous other sources. This also involves the use of Google Analytics, which offers accessible information and helps in the analysis of data, the data collected with this is more number-oriented and less private they are based on mathematical formulae. The knowledge collected could be made more usable and efficient in working with Qualitative Research to improve user experience. User Interface Research is widely underestimated, but important aspects of website creation, some other kind of user research are: contextual interviews, card sorting, first click test, parallel design, prototyping, surveys, usability testing, and task analysis ("When to Use Which User-Experience Research Methods", 2020).

Discussion of user survey and feedback

To find out user response and their feedback on the selected web site, we have conducted an online and offline survey using a questionary (attached in Appendix section). This questionary is filled by 10 to 12 users and they give their feedback based on their user experience with the web site. After getting the user feedback, we use the data for analysis with the selected research method, the quantitative research method. We have received many positive and negative user feedbacks with the web site. The bad user experience is related to the listing of products, product categories, and limited prior details about the product and related offers. And the good user experience is related to the graphics used on the web pages, offers, and variety of products. Both these good and bad user feedbacks are also cross-checked and demand suggestions to overcome from them, from those users (Usability, 2020) ("Learning About Proximity In Web Design - Visual Hierarchy Blog", 2020). All the user survey documents are attached to this report in the Appendix section. 

User interface screen to improve proposed change and prototype screens

  1. Usability of the page – they currently using the web site with central alignment which looks like – Usability of the page
  2. Fewer categories to select at the front page – there is no proper categorization of products with a relevant product category that primarily a user will look and use –relevant product category
  3. Fewer product details with limited filter options – there are not enough product details listed on each web page of the web site – Fewer product details with limited filter optionsi. Prototype 1 – in this prototype, we have used the justify alignment of the web page. Now the web page will look like as shown below – Prototype 1ii. Prototype 2 – on the front web page, a complete listing of the product categories will be useful and have the good attention of a user.Prototype 2iii. Prototype 3 – proper categorization of products with good graphics, enough details, price, offers, discounts, comparison, and wish listing of the product will also a center of attraction. Prototype 3


In this assessment, we have conducted a user experience survey, analyze a web site, and prepare a UX design based on the feedback of that survey. For this purpose, we have taken a web site namely – which is an e-commerce web site, selling cloths, wearable accessories, and other related products online. The web site is analyzed based on the user experience with this web site (based on an online and offline survey). We have used online (web) tools for this analysis such as to get details of that web site like revenue, profit, user base, etc. Then, we research for relevant research methods to analyze the user feedback and have a proper conclusion based on their experience. In this analysis, we have taken ten to twelve feedback documents (questionary), analyze them using a quantitative research method, and have some recommendations to improve the web site. The user feedbacks are mostly related to usability, proximity, categorization of products, and the details of products and offers. These things should be maintained and make it proper to more attract existing and new customers. We have further analyzed these good and bad feedbacks, professionally, with the web site and have some points to be improved with the contents and web site/webpage designing. These improvements are listed in detail, in the improvement section of this report, as prototypes. The web site is overall delivering a good business but needs some improvements based on the user experience to more to enhance their productivity and revenue and have a better user experience in the future.  

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