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ICT 103 UML Diagram of Web Expert Courier Services Assessment 3 Answer


Assessment 3

Assessment type: Modelling assignment and report – Individual assessment. (1,000 words)

Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can analyse the given case study. Students are required to draw use case, Domain model, System Sequence modelling diagrams for the given case study, justify the choose of modelling tools, and explain the conclusions. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d.

Assessment topic: Creating UML Diagrams according to the case study

Task Details: The case study is the same for assessment 2 and 3 and is provided in assessment 2 details. In assignment 2 the requirement gathering step was completed with some requirement modelling. For assignment 3 you need to take the processes of system analysis and design further.

Report must contain at least the following sections:

  1. Use Cases: Provide name and complete descriptions of at least two use cases for the system discussed and draw use case diagrams.
  2. Activity Diagram: Provide activity diagrams for all use cases.
  3. Sequence Diagrams: Provide sequence diagrams for all use cases.
  4. Domain Model Class Diagram: Provide domain model class diagram
  5. State Machine Diagram: Provide at least one state machine diagram.
  6. User Interface: Provide a final user interface design by using dialogue and storyboard methods.
  7. Conclusion: provide a summary and recommendations.

In all UML diagrams such as Use Case, Class, Object and activity diagrams, clearly present your finding of the system interactions and use accurate technical language, abbreviations and symbols.



In this task, we will talk about the UML diagram of web expert courier services. Courier and postal service businesses acknowledge that their customers vary in their demand. The reusable envelope provides unique market advantages for targeted clients, including attorneys, mortgage lenders, and environmentally focused purchasers by enabling document exchanges. This expanded service option has already allowed courier and parcel service companies to catch new corporate accounts and draw new customers from their competitors to use the just-received package as the return product. Additional market improvements are likely from packaging that has been updated with the needs of the consumer in mind, resulting in many creative changes being implemented that encourage ease of use and improved functionality. These consumer advantages will improve brand recognition. Courier and delivery company companies' environmental leadership will help their overall brand value and consumer credibility. So are these services used by people sending packages from one location to the other, but they are also used to it and large degree by businesses, e-commerce used to be the biggest one.

Use case Diagram

This Case Diagram for Use is a graphic representation of the interactions between the Courier Management System components. It reflects the technique used for identification in system analysis. Confirm and arrange the Courier Management System specifications of the system. In this Use Case Diagram, the principal actors of the Courier Management System are: Super Admin. User of programmers Courier Boy, Client, who conducts various use cases such as Manage Courier, Manage Client, Manage Office, Manage Manager, Managing Delivery, Manage Distribution, Manage Transaction, Manage Users and Operations of the Complete Courier Management System. The image below shows significant elements of the UML use case diagram of the Courier Management System.(Fakhroutdinov, 2020)Use case Diagram

Activity Diagram 

Operation is a basic device process. Activity diagrams are not only used to visualize the complex existence of a system, but are often used using forward and providing technical techniques to build the executable system. In the activity diagram, the only missing item is the message component.

It does not mean any movement of messages from one operation to another. The flowchart is often called an operation diagram. Although the graphs look like a flowchart, they are not. It displays numerous movements, such as concurrent, branched, simultaneous, and single.(UML - Activity Diagrams - Tutorialspoint, 2020)Activity Diagram

Sequence Diagram

One other service needed by customers was to be able to monitor their packages' delivery status. From the first time the machine learned about the package before it was shipped, it needed to monitor the status of the package. It was necessary to have such conditions purchased as ready for selection, arrived at the factory, out for distribution, and shipped. Typically, a package would have all of the conditions, but a product would also within the same delivery run, to be picked up and shipped attributable the complexity scheduling and distribution process. For those shipments that were supposed to be picked up but ended up not being delivered, Bill also agreed to introduce a "cancelled" status.(What is Sequence Diagram?, 2020)Sequence Diagram

Class Diagram

The Courier Management System Class Diagram defines the structure and characteristics of the classes of a Courier Management System. Systems (or methods), and object relationships. Courier, Client, Company, Director, Shipment, Distribution are the key groups of the Courier control system. (UML 2 Class Diagrams: An Agile Introduction, 2020)

Class name for Expert courier services following below:

  • Customer
  • Office
  • Courier
  • Delivery
  • Manager
  • User
  • Payment
  • Booking

Class DiagramState Machine Diagram

The various states in which an object can be and the transfers among these states are described by UML system data structures. In fact, it is popular to call this type of diagram a state-transition diagram, or maybe even just a mind map. in other modeling languages. A process and system a level in the behavior pattern of an entity, and original stages and final stages, such as the UML sequence diagram, are likely to occur. An value obtained is also in which an object is when it is first created, also called a state of development, while an end result is one in which no transformations exist. A transformation is a transition switching from one state to the next, and an occurrence that is either domestic or international to the entity will cause it.(State Diagrams - Everything to Know about State Charts, 2020)

State Machine Diagram

User Interface Diagram

Software’s usability and user interface can be greatly affected by the design of user interfaces. If an interaction design is too complex or not appropriate, the customer may not even be able to find the data or utility they are looking for potential consumers. This can impact conversion rates in website design. The user interface design style should also be carefully thought out for users so that the user can locate items in a logical location.

By requesting via online, the customer requires to the delivery business to collect the box. Parcel details, such as the correct address, level of customer, package volume and shape. System calculates cost, pickup time anticipated and prints the delivery mark(Software User Interface Design - Tutorialspoint, 2020)

Login User Interface Diagram: login

Track User Interface Diagram: track

Parcel TrackingUser Interface Diagram: Parcel Tracking

Payment Method User Interface Diagram: Payment Method

FinalUser Interface Diagram: Final


Finally, the easy availability and use of their website is one primary advantage that courier and parcel service companies offer to their customers. Before any of its rivals did, postal and parcel service firms took advantage of the introduction of online platforms and applications. The Internet has made it possible for these businesses to provide more services and do financial business with a higher number of clients. The courier companies' website also helps consumers to monitor worldwide shipping rates and verify evidence of delivery.

It can be hypothesized that service providers have become very common because of the adequacy of working hours of courier service to people even during emergencies, fast delivery at customer's doorstep, reduction of time, rapid delivery and economic prices. Nevertheless, courier service agencies are also facing some problems such as the levying of further service fee, etc., which can be granted a lenient handling by the government for the courier company in our country.

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