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ICT 103 Modeling and Assessment Report: Creating UML Diagrams Assessment 3 Answer


Assessment 3

Assessment type: Modelling assignment and report – Individual assessment. (1,000 words)

Purpose: This assessment will allow students to demonstrate that they can analyse the given case study. Students are required to draw use case, Domain model, System Sequence modelling diagrams for the given case study, justify the choose of modelling tools, and explain the conclusions. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d.

Value: 20%

Assessment topic: Creating UML Diagrams according to the case study

Task Details: The case study is the same for assessment 2 and 3 and is provided in assessment 2 details. In assignment 2 the requirement gathering step was completed with some requirement modelling. For assignment 3 you need to take the processes of system analysis and design further.

Report must contain at least the following sections:

  1. Use Cases: Provide name and complete descriptions of at least two use cases for the system discussed and draw use case diagrams
  2. Activity Diagram: Provide activity diagrams for all use cases.
  3. Sequence Diagrams: Provide sequence diagrams for all use cases.
  4. Domain Model Class Diagram: Provide domain model class diagram
  5. State Machine Diagram: Provide at least one state machine diagram.
  6. User Interface: Provide a final user interface design by using dialogue and storyboard methods.
  7. Conclusion: provide a summary and recommendations.

In all UML diagrams such as Use Case, Class, Object and activity diagrams, clearly present your finding of the system interactions and use accurate technical language, abbreviations and symbols.


Assessment 3: Modeling and Assessment Report


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USE CASE Diagram

This case diagram is the graphical overview of the relationship between the components of the Expert Courier system. It is the approach used to define, explain and coordinate system specifications of the Expertise Courier system in system analysis. In this use proposed system, the key actors of the Expert Courier System are: owner, customer, retailer, buyer, conducting the deferred type of use case such as Expertise Management, Product Management, Payment Management, Inventory Management, User Management and Complete Expert Courier System Service. Major UML use case model components of the Specialist Courier System.

The connections between the participants as well as between them and the use of the Expertise Courier System:

Owner: Owner's use case is Control Professional, expense tracking, Bill Management , Inventory Management, Users Management and Full Professional Courier SystemCase of systemClient:  Use case of system Client is Manage order placing, mange pickup time, Manage Payment, Manage Inventory.


This other important social graph in the UML graph to represent complex parts of the system is the operation diagram. Basically, the action graph is a serious type of stream graph that shows the channel from one action towards the next action.

It is possible to interpret the operation diagram as a form of ordered flowchart attached to a normal data stream chart. Popular flowchart methods need to be developed to convey competitiveness. The join and break images in motion, however, outlines only this decision for simple cases; the model's meaning is not obvious when they are personality-assertively connected with choices or loops. A movement map will have a start (an originating state) and an end (a final state) in both instances.ACTIVITY Diagram


It diagrams are correspondence graphs describing the execution of operations. In terms of a concerted effort, they capture the connation between objects. Grouping diagrams are time centers that show the link request externally by using the graph's visual hub to talk about the time notifications are sent and when.

  1. The party that exists in a concerted effort that either understands a case of use or an operation
  2. High-level coordination between the application client and the application, between the application and various frameworks, or between subsystems (now and then referred to as the framework Sequence Diagram)SEQUENCE Diagram

DOMAIN Model   Class Diagram

A conceptual framework of the region that incorporates both behavior and knowledge is the domain model. A region model is a proper representation of an information space with thoughts, work, data types, individuals, and rules in metaphysics construction, regularly based on a representation rationale. The Domain model just as the Use Case graph is made in the underlying period of programming improvement. It's a type of the class outline. I accept I don't need to make reference to that our framework will be modified in the article arranged habits and subsequently planned utilizing the item situated methodology. The fundamental substance is a class. 

Classes of the space model are rearranged. They have just significant ascribes and no strategies. In the event that your language utilizes any uncommon complement characters, don't hesitate to utilize them in the names of classes, credits, and different identifiers of this outline. The area model is a sketch of the rudimentary elements of the framework and the connections between them. It is stage autonomous (not planned for a particular programming language) and characteristics don't have information types.

STATE Machine Diagram

The different conditions of a material are displayed by State Machine Diagrams (or referred to as a state diagram, state machine or state graph under certain cases). The outlines STATE Machine Diagramof state machines may also demonstrate how an element responds to various occasions by moving from one state to the next. The State Machine Graph is a UML chart used to show the complex definition of a system.

The State Machine Graph is a behavioral graph that demonstrates discrete actions by restricted state advances of a component of planned system. State machine graphs can also be used to express part of a process framework usage convention. Two sorts of state machines characterized in UML are 

  • social state machine, and 
  • Convention state machine.State Machine Graph

USER Interface Diagram

Stream graphs of USER INTERFACE are typically used for one of two purposes. To starting with, they are used to demonstrate customers' agreement with your manufactured goods, as defined in a case of retiring use. For instance, a utilization case can allude to a few screens and gives understanding into how they are utilized. With this data in mind, you can create a UI stream graph that parallels the behavioral perspective on the single service. Second, as you find in Figure 1 they empower you to increase a significant level outline of the UI for your application. This outline is adequately the blend of the apparent multitude of conduct sees got from your utilization cases, the outcome being known as the structural perspective on your UI (Constantine and Lockwood 1999). I like to adopt the elevated level outline strategy, additionally alluded to as the design approach, since it empowers me to comprehend the total UI for a framework.

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